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1 - Canada PR Visa Fees in Indian Rupee

Canada is opening the gate to success for skilled workers. In the last immigration plan released by the IRCC on November 1, the government announced to invite nearly 1.45 by 2025. Canada is on the hunt for skilled workers throughout the world. Skilled workers, especially from IT....

Url: https://www.dss-hr.com/canada-pr-visa-fees-in-indian-rupees
2 - Canada PR Point Based System

Canada, the finest country, becomes the home for thousands of people annually. People from different nations immigrate to Canada to restart their careers. After the pandemic, Canada has been uplifting its target for Canadian PR each year. In the recent immigration plan....

Url: https://www.dss-hr.com/canada-pr-point-based-system
3 - Is Consultant Required for Canada Immigration?

Canada is a country with many opportunities and a nation that is constantly strengthening on both an economic and cultural level. Numerous people are invited to the nation each year to invest in businesses or real estate or to fill open positions. Numerous...

Url: https://www.dss-hr.com/is-consultant-required-for-canada-immigration
4 - List Of Documents Required For Canada PR From India

Thousands of hopefuls immigrate to Canada yearly for better living standards and career growth. Canada stands out as one of the best immigrant-friendly countries that welcome immigrants cordially. Candidates from across the world opt for a Canada PR visa to immigrate...

Url: https://www.dss-hr.com/list-of-documents-required-for-canada-pr-from-india
5 - Which Consultancy is Best for Canada PR?

Wondering why you need to consult for obtaining Canada PR? Let’s see! First of all, every year, Canada tends to surprise the world by increasing the amount of immigrant intake annually. Canada is a place, sometimes also known as the ‘paradise for immigrants due to the welcoming...

Url: https://www.dss-hr.com/which-consultancy-is-best-for-canada-pr
6 - How To Apply Canada PR Visa From India in 2023

Are you thinking how to apply Canada PR Visa from India in 2023? Canada has become one of the popular destinations to get settled as a permanent resident. Getting a Canadian PR visa is quite straightforward. Therefore, thousands of people from different nations immigrate...

Url: https://www.dss-hr.com/how-to-apply-canada-pr-visa-from-india
7 - Canada Immigration Age Limit

Since the coronavirus penetrated human civilization, everything has taken a drastic change. However, one thing remained constant before and after the coronavirus, i.e., Canada immigration. Canada has been inviting immigrants under its umbrella before the pandemic....

Url: https://www.dss-hr.com/canada-immigration-age-limit
8 - Minimum IELTS Score for anada Express Entry in 2023

Canada stands out as one of the best livable countries with a growing economy and stable political system. In this country, Permanent residents and Canadian citizens get extraordinary benefits that are rare to find elsewhere. Therefore, people across ....

Url: https://www.dss-hr.com/minimum-ielts-score-for-canada-express-entry
9 - How to Move to Canada from India in 2023?

Moving to Canada from India is an exciting and rewarding experience that can open up a world of possibilities. Whether you are an Indian student looking to expand your educational opportunities, an entrepreneur looking to start a business, or an established professional looking for a new job, Canada offers unparalleled opportunities for success....

Url: https://www.dss-hr.com/how-to-move-to-canada-from-india
10 - How to Immigrate to Canada From India in 2023?

Canada immigration in 2023 can serve you the opportunities you are looking for. Yes, you heard it right. By immigrating to Canada in 2023, you can bring yourself closer to infinite success and a stable life. Canada stands out as the sole country which serves permanent residents....

Url: https://www.dss-hr.com/how-to-immigrate-to-canada-from-india-in-2023
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