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Canada PR Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

The province of Ontario is where most immigrants from around the world choose to settle in Canada. 

Nearly 40% of all Canadians reside in Ontario, the province with the highest population in the country. Toronto, Canada's largest city, and Ottawa, its capital, are both located in Ontario. Ontario is, in many respects, the hub of Canadian politics, society, and the economy. The most popular destination for immigrants to Canada is by far Ontario. One-third of all new arrivals arrive in the province each year. Ontario's job prospects, high income, and diversified population attracted people to settle there. In reality, more than half of Toronto's population is non-Canadian. 

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is the name of Ontario's Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) (OINP). 

Through this program, potential immigrants who possess the qualifications and experience sought after by the province may be granted a provincial nomination by Ontario, following which they can submit an application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for permanent residence in Canada (IRCC).

An overview of the Ontario PNP 

In 2007, the Ontario PNP, officially known as the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP), was established. 

The primary aims of the OINP are to address skill shortages in certain sectors, facilitate investment in Ontario, and encourage the settlement and integration of newcomers. 

Initially, the Ontario PNP was only permitted to nominate up to one thousand newcomers. Today, Ontario nominates approximately 8,000 immigrants annually. 

Some immigration streams in Ontario are basic, while others are enhanced. 

Streams that are aligned with the Express Entry system are enhanced. This is the federal immigration system used by Canada to administer applications for permanent residency through its three primary economic class immigration programs. 

An applicant is assigned a score based on the Comprehensive Ranking System through this system (CRS). The candidates with the best scores are then asked to apply for permanent residency. 

Those with a nomination through an expanded provincial program receive 600 more points, practically assuring an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency. In addition, their nomination is obtained through their Express Entry profile. 

Base streams are streams not aligned with Express Entry systems. Those who receive a province nomination must submit an application directly to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Ontario Immigration Categories 

If you desire to immigrate to Ontario, you can choose between three categories: 

    ✓    Human Capital Category
    ✓    Master's Degree or Doctorate Category
    ✓    Employer Job Offer Category
    ✓    Business Category

The Human Capital Category includes skilled workers, skilled French speakers, and tradespeople. It is also for international graduates with a Master's or doctorate from an Ontario university. There is no requirement for a job offer to apply under this category. 

The Employer Job Offer Category is for candidates who have been offered an eligible job in Ontario by an employer who is prepared to nominate them.

Human Capital Category 

Two sub-streams make up the Human Capital Category itself. Ontario Express Entry is one of them. This sub stream programs are enhanced. They are therefore connected to the Express Entry program. 

The following initiatives belong to the category of human capital: 

Ontario Express Entry Substreams –

Human Capital Priorities

The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) and the Canadian Experience Class fall under this category (CEC). 

Skilled Trades

For anyone with appropriate Ontario work experience in a qualifying trade occupation. 

French-Speaking Skilled Worker 

Like Human Capital Priorities, French-Speaking Skilled Worker functions through FSWP and CEC. Candidates for the position of French-Speaking Skilled Worker must be fluent in both French and English. 

You will be informed if you are nominated through Ontario Express Entry. You, the candidate, will then have the option of accepting or rejecting the nomination. You will receive 600 more CRS points for accepting the nomination. This indicates that you will be given an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in the upcoming Express Entry draw for all programs.

PhD and Masters Category

The following initiatives do not align with Express Entry. A candidate must register an expression of interest (EOI) and build a profile: 

Graduates with a Master’s degree from an Ontario university may apply to this stream. 

Graduates with a PhD from an Ontario university are eligible to apply as well.

Note: The Ontario Expression of Interest (EOI) system is used by both the Masters Graduate Stream and the PhD Graduate Stream. 

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Economic Immigration Fees-

There are several economic programs available in Canada under which you can obtain PR. The most popular economic immigration pathways are the Express Entry System and PNP. However, there are three streams under the Express Entry System; FSWP, FSTP, AND CEC. Below listed table is the fee for these economic immigration pathways-

Application Fees (In CAD) Fees (In Indian Rupees)
Application processing fee per applicant $850 INR 51736
Fee per dependent child $230 INR 14000
Right of permanent resident fees per adult only $515 INR 31346
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Family Sponsorship Processing Fees-

You can now sponsor your family as well for Canadian PR. However, you are mandated to pay the following fees-

Application Fees (In CAD) Fees (In Indian Rupees)
Spouse or common-law partner (Principal applicant fee and sponsorship fee) $565 INR 34390
Fee per dependent child $155 INR 9434
Right of permanent resident fees per adult only $515 INR 31346

You have the privilege of sponsoring your parents and grandparents under the family sponsorship program. If you want to sponsor your parent or grandparent, you will have to pay the following fees-

Application Fees (In CAD) Fees (In Indian Rupees)
Parent or grandparent (Principal applicant fee and sponsorship fee) $565 INR 34390
Per dependent child of parent & grandparent $155 INR 9434
Right of permanent resident fees per adult only $515 INR 31346

What are the Fees in addition to the Canada PR Visa Fees?

There are other fees apart from the permanent resident fee that an applicant needs to pay during the process. Below are the following fees that one needs to pay while getting Canadian PR-

Education Credential Assessment (ECA) Fees-

ECA report is also a mandatory document you must submit to get Canadian PR from India. There are multiple ECA organizations available in Canada. However, each esteemed ECA organization has a different processing time and fees. The charges depend on the type of organization you choose to process with.

  • The ECA report may cost you around $230 to $1100 (INR 14000 to INR 66953). However, the final charges will depend upon the organization you choose to go with.
ECA Organizations Approximate Processing Time
World Education Services (WES) 4 Weeks
Comparative Education Service (CES) 14 Weeks
International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES) 12 Weeks
International Qualification Assessment Service (IQAS) 15 Weeks
International Credential Assessment of Service of Canada (ICAS) 13 Weeks

Language Proficiency Test Fees-

Canada is an English-speaking nation. Therefore, you must have good proficiency in English for communication purposes. You will have to appear for an English proficiency test like IELTS to prove your English is up to recommended parameters. This exam is divided into four major segments; speaking, listening, reading, and writing. You will have to pass each segment to prove your English proficiency. Securing a good band in IELTS increases your overall CRS score as well.

  • In India, this exam is cost you around INR 15,500. In case you plan to reappear to improve your score, you will have to repay the entire fee.
  • Also, it is not possible to appear for one segment; likewise, in OET, you will have to appear for all segments in IELTS.

Biometric fees-

Applicants are required to pay the biometric fee during their application submission. Also, the biometric for CAD 85 (INR 5173) per person. In case you are immigrating to Canada with your family, you can opt for a family plan that will cost you CAD 170 (INR 10347).

Biometric fees-

Applicants are required to pay the biometric fee during their application submission. Also, the biometric for CAD 85 (INR 5173) per person. In case you are immigrating to Canada with your family, you can opt for a family plan that will cost you CAD 170 (INR 10347).

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Fees-

Applicants are obliged to submit the police clearance certificate as the required document for Canada PR from India. This certificate justifies that you don’t have any criminal background. Besides, if you are accompanying your spouse or any dependents, you must also submit their PCC. You can get the PCC from the police station of your location. In case if you have ever been convicted, you will have to explain the reason.

  • This certificate will cost you around INR 500 to 1000.

Medical Certificate Fees-

In addition to Canada PR visa fees, applicants will have to undergo medical tests. You must be mentally and physically active in your reports. Once you have the report that proves you are a healthy person, compile it with other required documents. Also, there are several panel physicians by the IRCC; you can acquire a medical certificate from them.

  • The cost of this medical certificate will cost you approximately INR 5000.

Proof of Funds-

Along with Canada PR visa fees, submitting proof of funds is also a prerequisite. You will have to compile this report with your other documents while sending your application to IRCC. Showing proof of funds is mandatory in all programs, such as-

  • Federal skilled worker
  • Federal skilled trades

The proof of funds ensures that the applicant can sustain all the living costs and other expenditures. Your application may go on hold if you don’t compile the proof of funds with the required documents for Canada PR.

The prime objective of proof of funds is that you are financially stable to support your family and yourself. Also, you won't have to submit proof of funds if you hold a job offer letter from a Canadian organization. Applicants will have to submit the job offer letter in place of proof of funds while sending the application.

The funds should be with you throughout the process of Canada PR. Also, borrowed funds, equity, real estate, etc., are not considered proof of funds. On the other hand, you can submit a bank statement as proof of funds. Also, you will have to submit the following details too with a bank statement-

  • The letterhead of the financial institution
  • Contact details of the financial institution
  • A List of all the unsettled loans and debts
Number of Family Members Required Funds (in Canadian dollars) Required Funds (in INR approx.)
1 $13,757 INR 8,28,094
2 $17,127 INR 10,30,949
3 $21,055 INR 12,67,393
4 $25,564 INR 15,38,810
5 $28,994 INR 17,45,276
6 $32,700 INR 19,68,357
7 $36,407 INR 21,91,498
For each additional family member $3,706 INR 2,23,080

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