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Canadian Business Immigration

Entrepreneurs, investors, and self-employed people can immigrate to Canada through various pathways. Provincial and territory administrations operate these pathways.

Canadian Business Immigration Overview

Canada's business immigration schemes aim to attract economic contributors. These programs are designed to attract investors, entrepreneurs, and self-employed persons with sufficient venture capital, business acumen, and entrepreneurial abilities.

These programs aim to strengthen Canada's access to burgeoning international markets by accepting immigrants familiar with those markets' standards and customs.

If business immigration fits your experience and goals, you have many options. Depending on where you plan to live, you may apply through a province's business immigration program or the federal government.

Available Business Immigration Programs

  • Investors: The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) is available to anyone who meets certain net worth requirements and has enough assets to invest in the Quebec economy.
  • Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Canada can apply for a number of immigration programs offered by the nation’s provinces and territories.
  • Self-employed: Self-employed individuals with substantial expertise in specific trades or professions can apply for permanent resident status in Canada through these programs.
  • Start-up visas: Individuals who have a proposal for a unique business and are supported by a qualified Canadian organization may be able to get permanent residency in Canada.
  • Provincial nomination: The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) permits all Canadian provinces and territories to accept business owners and independent contractors.
  • Work permits: Canada provides temporary work permits to qualified people who want to launch or run a business.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1) I have a substantial net worth and am willing to invest in a Canadian company.

There may be a variety of possibilities accessible to you depending on the amount of money you have available to invest in Canada. Individuals can enter Canada through the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, for example, by making a passive investment that is guaranteed by the federal government.

Entrepreneur and Provincial Nominee programs for immigration demand you to invest in and run a business in Canada if you're seeking for a more hands-on approach. The Entrepreneur Start-Up Visa Program may also be of interest to you. We encourage you to fill out a free evaluation to take advantage of our significant experience and discuss your options with a specialist because there are so many options accessible to you.

2) I intend to establish a business in Canada.

Your experience in running and owning a business may make you eligible for a number of entrepreneur categories in the Provincial Nominee Programs and at the federal level, as well as for Quebec's business immigration programs.

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3) I would prefer to relocate to one of Canada's other provinces.

Through their Provincial Nominee Programs, each province promotes the immigration of company owners and executives. These programs require you to actively invest funds or management skills in a Canadian province-based firm. There are a variety of programs available based on which Canadian province you choose to call home. We encourage you to begin your free evaluation so that we can identify the best course of action for you.

4) I am self-employed and prominent in my field.

On the basis of their success and reputation in their respective sectors, Canada welcomes self-employed persons from a variety of industries. These sectors include agriculture, athletics, and the arts. Start your free evaluation today to determine if your self-employment history qualifies you for one of the Self-Employed Immigration Programs.

5) How can I demonstrate that my net worth was acquired legally

You must provide trustworthy, independent documentary proof of the beginning and growth of your wealth, such as tax records, pay stubs, deeds of purchase and sale, stockbroker statements, business and real estate assessments, etc.

You must be able to show that your assets were acquired legally, such as through gifts or inherited property.

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