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Immigrate to Canada

How to immigrate to Canada

Canada is a coveted option for skilled workers to make it their home and Indians are on top of the list of these migrants. Canada also seems desirous to offer citizenship to the permanent residents of the Country. That’s why Canada has become the eighth largest Indian diaspora on earth.

Canada has been an attractive working place for skilled professionals for years. Its growing economy has endless opportunities for technical and non-technical professionals. India has been one of the biggest sources of Canada for immigrants.

Canadian immigration has introduced various pathways to immigrate to the country. Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is the department that evaluates the immigration application in Canada.

If you think of Canada as your dreamland then the country has more than a hundred immigration options for you. So, let’s break out the code of Canada’s immigration system and find out the best way to immigrate to Canada from India.

Express Entry System

Canada gets most of the immigrants through its express entry system. With this immigration system, the applicants send their application online where it gets evaluated by the authorities in less possible time. The system helps Canada to offer its Permanent Residence visa visa to the best applicants.

The express entry system manages the following three programs; Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled trade program, and Canadian Experience Class.

In the Express Entry System, the candidates enter their qualifications, age, experience, language proficiency, and other details and get a CRS score. The skill evaluation is done based on the National Occupational Classification (NOC). In this system, all the skills are categorized in 0, A, or B levels, and a score is assigned to each skill.

The score of applicants is based on the Comprehensive Ranking System. Candidates get an invitation to apply based on various factors including the Comprehensive Ranking System score.

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Provincial Nominee Program

Every Canadian territory has its own priorities and goals associated with immigrants. Each Canadian province has its own social and economic challenges so they may need specified skilled workers to contribute to the province’s economy. In PNP all Canadian provinces participate except Quebec and Nunavut.

The PNP is the best way for you to immigrate to Canada from India if you have the skills required by a particular province and you want to live in it.

In PNP two types of programs are available; Enhanced program (aligned with Express Entry) and Base program (Non Express Stream).

In the Enhanced program, you can contact the province and then apply under the Express Entry system. The province can pull your application, and you will get an additional 600 CRS points. It will bring your application on top, and you can migrate to Canada.

The Base PNP is your gateway to get entry into Canada when you are not eligible for the Express entry system. For Base PNP, you have to apply offline with all the hard copies of your certificates and other documents.

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