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Our Services

There is a huge shortage of skilled manpower in Poland. And with the intention to solve the skill shortage and bring highly talented people in Poland, we have entered the recruitment market. We provide recruitment solution, for both blue- and white-collar talent, that is time-effective and comes with low financial risks for the companies. We recently entered the Polish market with a promise to be one of the best recruitment agencies there soon. Our main working model is permanent recruitment when working with clients overseas.

Sectors of Focus

Civil Construction

Road Construction


Facility Management



7 SevenStep Plan for Successful International Recruitment



What is Dynamic Staffing Services, and how can it help with the skilled labor shortage in Poland?-

Dynamic Staffing Services is a recruitment agency focused on providing staffing solutions to businesses worldwide. This approach is particularly effective in addressing skilled labor shortages, as seen in Poland. We operate by matching qualified professionals with companies in need of their specific skill sets, especially in industries where there's a high demand but a low supply of skilled workers. By doing this, employers may access a larger talent pool without the long-term commitment that comes with traditional employment, and qualified individuals can work in a variety of settings, expanding their experience and skill set. This strategy helps mitigate the skilled labor shortage by efficiently bridging the gap between demand and supply of skilled labor. We have been in this business since 1977 and are still growing strong.

How does Dynamic Staffing Services identify and provide the best talent to employers in Poland? -

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How does Dynamic Staffing Services ensure the compatibility of foreign talent with Polish business culture and standards? -

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Can Dynamic Staffing Services provide customized staffing solutions for specific projects or needs in Poland? -

How does Dynamic Staffing Services maintain the quality and reliability of its talent pool for Poland? -

What kind of post-placement support does Dynamic Staffing Services offer to both employers and employees in Poland? -

Can Dynamic Staffing Services help with temporary as well as permanent staffing needs in Poland? -

What makes Dynamic Staffing Services different from other staffing agencies operating in Poland? -

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