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About Us 45 Years old... 45 Years young

Dynamic Staffing Services (DSS) is an International Recruitment Services provider incorporated in the UK, with its office network strategically located in areas of rapid construction which gives us access to the best in class talent. A team of 315+ members spread across the UK, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, KSA, India, Romania, Slovenia & Croatia are experts in their craft of talent identification and international placement.

Our 45 years in the recruitment industry has not made us any older, but given us an edge in experience and knowledge. We stand as a vibrant organization constantly striving to provide you with innovative and tailor-made solutions through our core services that include Recruitment, Executive Search, Consulting and Virtual Staffing. Unlike just a business associate, we do not only promise to deliver you the best, but as a friend, we take the pains to understand your vision, goals and changing business needs to provide you with the best talent from different parts of the world.

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Company Name not sell, share, or trade student information. Your privacy is very important to us.

Our Unfair Advantage

A recruitment network from South East Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe, gives us access to highly experienced talent from over 20 nationalities who have worked on all types of engineering projects, encompassing the newest technologies, with the highest safety standards and a state-of-the-art final product.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to try and solve skill shortages and curtail attrition rates in various sectors within the UK.

Our forte is that we don’t do recruitment from the same pond, which means we don’t recruit from within the country. We recruit the most qualified candidates from overseas with the best matching skill sets in the most cost-effective way.

Industries we recruit For

Industries we recruit For

We're able to help our clients avoid delays in their projects due to unfulfilled vacancies. We have access to a strong database of highly qualified candidates for white collar & blue collar positions

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Contractors & Sub-contractors
  • Retail
  • Oil & Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics & Haulage
  • Hospitality

Seven Step Plan for Successful International Recruitment

Pre-Arrival - Prior to Departure

During this process, we contact the candidate via phone or video call and discuss the process in detail depending on his knowledge about living and working in the UK.

  • Time Zone and time difference.
  • Location of employment - e.g., Birmingham, Manchester, or London.
  • Location of Airports about the location of employment.
  • Asimple guide for an individual living in the UK, Bank and Public Holidays, etc.
  • Possible accommodation options and approximate costs - Shared or single, furnished or unfurnished, etc.
  • Typical rental agreements for accommodation and Candidates’ responsibilities.
  • How to set up a bank account if required.
  • Information on costs of - Gas, Electric, Water, Broadband / Wifi, Council Tax, etc., and set up.
  • Mobile phone - one that will work in the UK on arrival for the first week. And then from where and how to get one-cost, etc.

Post Arrival

On boarder will have located accommodation as agreed with the candidate pre-arrival initially for one week. The candidate could extend this if they wish so until other alternatives are finalized. We provide post arrival assistance to all the candidates to make sure they settle in the new country and new job smoothly:

  • On boarder to contact and ensure safe arrival.
  • Ensure the candidate has a Helpline contact number, should the candidate require assistance.
  • Written directions and transport options to and from accommodation to the candidate's place of work.
  • Once the candidate has been provided with the location of employment, on boarder provide options on potential longer-term accommodation, contact details of agents, etc.
  • A weekly phone call to check on candidates' settling in' for the first four weeks- ensure any assistance/ guidance within the required reason can be provided.
  • Written feedback questionnaire to be completed by the candidate after one month in the country.

Recruitment and Immigration Process

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