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How To Get ProvincialNomination For Canada Express Entry?

Canada has evolved as one of the best immigrant-friendly countries in the world over the last couple of years. This maple country becomes the abode of millions of aspirants every year. Regarding immigration pathways, this nation offers you a wide range of streamlined immigration pathways. Each Canadian immigration pathway demands a different set of eligibility criteria. It means you have multiple options to choose from for “Canadian immigration 2023."

On a note of comparison, the number of immigration pathways Canada offers to its aspirants with a simplified process is rare to find anywhere else. Therefore, Canada tops as the best immigrant-friendly country in the world. In the year 2023, Canada will welcome approximately 465,000 immigrants through its wide range of immigration pathways. And from 2023 to 2025, Canada intends to bring 1.5 lac new immigrants from across the world. However, skilled workers would be highly desired over these three years. Inviting skilled workers improves economic bandwidth and fills skill shortages across Canada.

As mentioned earlier, Canada comes up with a wide range of immigration pathways. Some of the popular immigration pathways are Express Entry System, Provincial Nominee Program, Family Sponsorship Program, etc. However, over these years, the highest number of entries will be taken via Provincial Nominee Program. PNP will dominate from 2023 to 2025 as the leading source of bringing immigrants to Canada. The federal government has given the highest allocation to PNPs. By the end of 2023, 117,500 ex-pats will only come to Canada on a PR visa through PNPs. Let’s check how to get provincial nomination for Canada Express Entry.

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What is Provincial Nominee Program?

Canada offers its immigrants multiple immigration gateways to choose from. Provincial Nominee Program is also one of the immigration pathways via which aspirants can immigrate to Canada. This was launched back in 1998 to spread the benefits of immigration across Canada. Before releasing this pathway, most immigrants used to settle in some of the popular provinces such as Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, etc. To spread immigration benefits throughout Canada, the PNP immigration pathway was brought to light.

In Canada, every province and territory has its own PNP programs except Quebec and Nunavut. There are multiple streams and sub-streams operated under each PNP. However, you must note that each stream and sub-stream set different eligibility criteria. Therefore, before you opt for any particular stream or sub-stream, make sure you check its eligibility criteria. If standing in line with the eligibility criteria, you may apply through the same.

Provincial Nominee Program is considered effective and suitable for candidates willing to settle in any particular Canadian province or territory. Conversely, when you apply through the Express Entry for Canadian PR, you can settle down wherever you wish. Although when you apply through the Provincial Nominee Program, you are bound to settle in a province that nominates you for a nomination certificate.

Applying for a PR visa via PNP stands out as a two-step process. Kindly refer to the below-listed –procedure to know how it is a two-step process:

  1. In order to move to Canada on a PR visa through this program, you need to apply for a provincial nomination certificate. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you might be approved by the province/territory with a Nomination or Certificate.
  2. After receiving the nomination at the provincial level, you need to submit your application along with the certificate to the federal government. You will receive a Confirmation of Permanent Residency (CoPR) if approved.

How can you apply for the ProvincialNomination Certificate through Express Entry in 2023?

If you wish to settle in any specific province or territory of Canada, you can opt for the Provincial Nominee Program. As listed earlier, each province/territory operates multiple streams and sub-streams under its Provincial Nominee Program.

Almost every Canadian province/territory participating in PNP have got at least one stream connected with the Express Entry Systems. Stream/sub-streams connected with the Express Entry System are known as Enhanced streams. While streams/sub-streams that accept applications outside the Express Entry are commonly known as Base streams.

If you wish to apply for a provincial nomination through Express Entry, you must create an Express Entry profile first through any program that exists under it. There are three programs under the EE named FSWP, FSTP, and CEC. You must be eligible for at least one program to get into the applicants’ pool.

Each program under Express Entry demands a different set of eligibility criteria. Before you create the profile, make sure you are supporting its eligibility criteria. Above all, FSWP is perceived as one of the easiest pathways as it doesn’t ask for a Canadian job offer. So, if you are immigrating from India, you must create a profile via FSWP for the PNP nomination.

However, it is considered that Canada PR aspirants must apply through the Enhanced streams as it has multiple benefits, including:

  • 600 Additional CRS points: The core benefit of having a provincial nomination certificate is 600 additional CRS points. Getting a PNP nomination is a great choice if you are not competent to meet the cut-off to get an ITA due to any circumstances. Once you have got the nomination, 600 CRS points will be added to your CRS.
  • Quicker Processing Time: When you apply for a PR visa through an express-entry linked stream, the federal government may take up to 6 to 8 months to process your application post-submission. On the other hand, when you submit an application through a non-express-linked stream, the processing time ranges between 18 to 20 months post-submission.
  • Easy to Apply: Applying for an enhanced stream is easy and straightforward. In order to apply, all you need is an Express Entry Profile to get the EOI from the province/territory. If accepted, you will have to submit your application to the province for the nomination. You will get 600 additional CRS points if approved, guaranteeing an ITA in the subsequent draw.

Note: Once you are in the EE pool, you might get an NOI for the nomination from the provinces. However, you must note that Provinces/territories send you NOI only when you meet its eligibility criteria. If accepted, you will have to submit the application to the province and if it gets approved, you will get a nomination. As soon as you get the nomination from the provinces, 600 additional CRS points will be added to your CRS.

Provinces and territories usually send NOI to those candidates who can contribute to the labour market and demographic goals. So, if you have work experience in any in-demand occupation, you have a higher chance of getting an NOI. And the list of the in-demand occupation may vary from one province to another. Therefore, you must check the list of in-demand occupations before initiating the process.

What are the ExpressEntry Linked Streams?

In Canada, almost every Canadian province and territory has at least one express entry linked stream except Quebec and Nunavut. Quebec has its own immigration pathway with different eligibility criteria. Streams that are linked with the Express Entry have other eligibility criteria. Therefore, before you pick any stream for your Canada immigration process from India, ensure you align with its requirements.

PNP Express Entry Linked Streams Non-Express Entry Linked Streams
Alberta Advantage Immigration Program Express Entry
Accelerated Tech Pathway
Rural Renewal Stream
Opportunity Stream
Rural Entrepreneur Stream
Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
Farm Stream
British Columbia Nominee Program EEBC – Skilled Worker
EE BC – Health Authority
EEBC – International Graduate
EEBC – International Post-Graduate
SI – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled
Skills Immigration (SI) – Skilled Worker
Health Authority
SI – International Graduate
SI – International Post-Graduate
Entrepreneur Regional Pilot
Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Skilled Workers
Overseas: Express Entry Pathway
Skilled Workers Overseas
Skilled Workers Overseas: Human Capital Pathway
Skilled Workers in Manitoba
Skilled Workers in Manitoba: Work Experience Pathway
SWM: Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway
Career Employment Pathway (International Education Stream)*
Graduate Internship Pathway (International Education Stream)
Student Entrepreneur Pathway (International Education Stream)
Business Investor Stream: Entrepreneur
Business Investor Stream: Farm Investor
Morden Community-Drive Initiative
New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program Express Entry Labour Market Stream Skilled Worker With Employer Support
Post-Graduate Entrepreneur
Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program Express Entry Skilled Worker Priority Skills — In-Demand Occupation stream
Priority Skills — Education stream
Skilled Worker
International Graduate**
International Graduate Entrepreneur
International Entrepreneur
Northwest Territories Nominee Program Express Entry Skilled Workers
Critical Impact
Business Stream
Nova Scotia Nominee Program Nova Scotia Experience: (Express Entry)
Express Entry Labour Market Priorities
Labour Market Priorities for Physician
Skilled Worker
International Graduate Entrepreneur
International Graduates In Demand
Occupations in Demand
Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Human Capital Priorities
French-Speaking Skilled Worker
Skilled Trades
Foreign Worker
International Student
In-Demand Skills
Masters Graduates
PhD Graduates
Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program Express Entry Skilled Worker outside Canada (Labour Impact)
Skilled Worker in PEI (Labour Impact)
Critical Worker (Labour Impact)
International Graduate (Labour Impact)
Occupations In Demand
Business Work Permit Entrepreneur
**Quebec Immigration Program** - Quebec Skilled Worker Program
Quebec Experience Program: Foreign workers
Quebec Experience Program: Students & graduates
Entrepreneur Program
Self-Employed Program
Investor Program
Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program International Skilled Worker: Express Entry International Skilled Worker: Occupations In-Demand
Tech Talent Pathway
International Skilled Worker: Employment Offer
Saskatchewan Experience: Existing Work Permits & Health Professionals
Saskatchewan Experience: Students
Saskatchewan Experience: Hospitality Workers
Saskatchewan Experience: Long Haul Truck Drivers
Saskatchewan Experience: Semi-skilled Agriculture Worker with Existing Work Permit
Farm Owner and Operator
International Graduate Entrepreneur
Hard-To-Fill Skills Pilot
Yukon Nominee Program Express Entry Skilled Worker
Critical Impact Worker
Business Nominee

How does Canada’sPNP Process Work?

The PNP process will rely on the stream through which you are applying for the nomination. There are broadly three processes involved in the PNP nomination. The exact process will depend on the stream through which you apply, such as:

Expression of Interest: There are several streams under the PNP where qualified candidates are required to submit an EOI to the Express Entry Pool. Later, the respective province operates EOI draw wherein candidates receive an invitation for the nomination. You must note that candidates who align with the criteria receive the nomination. The respective province may change the criteria from one draw to another. Examples of such streams are:

  • Ontario Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream
  • Prince Edward Island Express Entry
  • Saskatchewan In-demand occupation
  • Manitoba’s Skilled Workers Stream

Notification of Interest: Most provinces and territories come to the Express Entry pool to nominate candidates who can support the local labor market needs. Candidates with experience in in-demand occupations can expect higher possibilities of getting an NOI while being in the EE pool. In order to get a NOI, you don’t need to apply anywhere. If you meet the requirements of any particular stream, you will get an NOI automatically from the respective province. Some of the popular streams that send NOIs to EE candidates are:

  • Human Capital Priorities Stream Under OINP
  • French Speaker Stream under OINP
  • Alberta’s Express Entry Streams

Applying Directly to the Program: There are several streams via which you can directly apply for the nomination. Streams that are not accessible by Express Entry are also known as Base Streams. Before you start the process, ensure you meet the requirements of the streams. Examples of such streams are:

  • International Post Graduate under British Columbia Stream
  • Alberta Opportunity Stream
  • Skilled Worker Stream under New Brunswick PNP

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