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How to Get PermanentResidency in Canada?

Are you looking for a professional guide on how to get permanent residency in Canada? Is the information out there on the internet confusing, and you are not able to connect the dots well? If the answer is yes, this article is probably all you need at the moment.

As you already know, every year, Canada extends a warm welcome to new immigrants. However, after the pandemic, immigrants are becoming more and more of a target.

Canada recently unveiled its Immigration Levels Plan for 2023–2025, which projects that 465,000 new immigrants are expected to enter the country in 2023. In 2024 and 2025, the goal will increase to 485,000 and 500,000 new immigrants.

Canada's Large-scale immigration is impacted by various obvious factors, possibly including workforce shortage, ageing population, and lower birth rates. Immigrants aid in the economic and social development of the Canadian government. Therefore, responsible authorities are constantly looking for ways to attract talent from abroad to their nation.

Also, to attract more immigrants, Canada offers various immigration pathways to make the process easier. Multiple pathways and eligibility criteria exist to get permanent residency in Canada.

If you want to know all in-depth, continue reading here, as it will help you figure out which immigration program will be the best for you and how to get permanent residency in Canada.

What are the Different Pathways to GetPermanent Residency in Canada?

To immigrate to Canada in 2023, there are more than 100+ different immigration routes available. Each immigration route, however, has unique eligibility, documentation, and payment requirements. Therefore, you should select the one matching to your personal objectives. Additionally, processing times for applications vary depending on the pathway.

The Express Entry System is regarded as the quickest immigration path to Canadian permanent residence. Let's take a closer look at the Express Entry System to learn more about it:

Express Entry System
The Express Entry System was introduced by IRCC in 2015. This system's primary responsibility is managing the applications of the three main federal economic programs. FSWP, FSTP and CEC are the three available economic immigration paths. These are all the Express Entry-linked immigration pathways that will still be open for people to immigrate to Canada in 2023.

You can only receive permanent residency in Canada if you follow one of the pathways. Each pathway under the EE has its own set of eligibility requirements. Make sure you fulfil the qualifications before applying for the position.

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⇒ FSWP - Federal Skilled Worker Program is referred to as FSWP. It is one of the most frequently suggested routes for immigrating to Canada. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) determines the ranking in this program.

Regarding requirements for this program, you must receive 67 out of a possible 100 points to be accepted. And you should have a minimum of one year of continuous full-time job experience in the NOC TEER categories.

In addition to the above requirements, you need a proof of funds report to demonstrate that you can cover your expenses once you get to Canada. You must be fluent in Canada's official language to meet the eligibility requirements.

Last but not least, to apply via this program, you must have a graduate degree from a Canadian university or an international equivalent.

⇒ FSTP -FSTP stands for The Federal Skilled Trades Program. In the Express Entry pool, applicants are ranked according to CRS scores in this program. It is the only federal program that prioritizes trade occupation workers when applying for permanent residency in Canada.
To be eligible to apply through this program, you must keep in file the Canadian employer's job offer letter for at least a year. Also, you must acquire at least 2 years of experience in Canadian skill trade within the previous five years.

Additionally, to apply through this program, you should acquire a minimum CLB 5 in speaking and listening and CLB 4 in writing and reading from a Canadian ECA organization.

⇒ CEC - CEC refers to the Canadian Experience Class Program. This program adheres to the CRS score system. Applicants with at least one year of work experience in Canada are eligible for the program to apply for a Canada PR visa.

Regarding requirements for this program, you must have at least a year's experience of full-time, paid employment in Canada in the last three years before you apply. And your line of work should be listed in the NOC TEER list.

What are the Upcoming Categories inthe Express Entry System?

These categories will serve as the basis for the IRCC's next draws. The federal government will benefit from these groups' assistance in addressing the labour shortfall. The workforce shortfall must be resolved. To fill the labour shortage gap, the Canadian government is seeking applicants in the below-listed categories:

⇒ Experienced applicants in in-demand occupations - The IRCC will give top consideration to applicants in 2023 who can help the economy by reducing the labour shortage. Applicants will have a distinct advantage if they have practical experience in the sectors and professions with a shortage of qualified workers.

⇒ International students - A unique category for students seeking a highly sought-after degree or diploma would exist. It will assist in reducing the labour shortage if international students are made permanent residents of Canada. Given their proficiency in official languages, talents, and employment experience, international students can significantly contribute to the labour shortfall.

⇒ Temporary foreign workers - For Canada's economy to grow faster, temporary foreign workers are essential. Employers can access various temporary foreign worker programs to tap talent abroad. They can add to the scarcity of workers.

⇒ Applicants with proficiency in the French language - The IRCC will favour candidates fluent in French to preserve Canada's reputation as a bilingual nation. Applicants with proficiency in French from all segments will be invited for the Canadian PR under this category.

If you want to immigrate to a specific province, then you should definitely know about PNP. It is a pathway to get permanent residency in Canada for applicants who want to immigrate to a particular Canadian province or territory. Each Canadian province and territory runs a separate PNP tailored to its unique economic and demographic requirements.

One of the popular program is Quebec Skilled Worker Program. You can immigrate more quickly through the Quebec Skilled Worker program if you eligible for this. You need one year of full-time professional experience in a Quebec high-demand profession to qualify for this program and French proficiency.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program
If you are one of those applicants who do not acquire a job offer from a Canadian employer, this is the best program for you to consider to get a permanent residency in Canada. Quebec Skilled Worker Program, also known as QSWP, is one of the skilled immigration programs offered by the province of Quebec. Except for the job letter, there are certain other requirements that you must align with to apply through this program.

  • You must possess a minimum of 1 year of full-time experience in a skilled occupation.
  • You must possess a degree or diploma from a Canadian institution or an institution outside Canada equivalent to a Canadian degree or diploma.
  • You must possess language proficiency as required.
  • You must have an adequate amount to support yourself and your family.

Apply for Canadian Work Permit
Finding an employer willing to offer a job and then apply for a work permit is one of the most common ways for Indians to immigrate to Canada. Also, you can apply for your work visa online or on paper if you already have a job offer from a Canadian employer.

It is anticipated that processing times for online applications can be up to five times faster than paper applications. Create an account with the Government of Canada and fill out the application form to submit it online. Once you have finished, submit the necessary documentation and await approval.

To be eligible to get a work permit, you must fulfil certain educational, professional, and linguistic standards. Depending on where you are from, you could additionally require a medical check and a police clearance. Once your application has been accepted, a clearance letter from Immigration Canada detailing the next steps will be sent to your employer.

Pursuing Education in Canada
More Indians than Americans choose to study abroad, according to statistics from the Ministry of External Affairs of India. The numerous employment prospects during and after graduation are among the main factors influencing Indian nationals' decision to study in Canada.

There are numerous immigration options for permanent residency for foreign graduates after receiving a degree from Canada. Numerous immigration programs in Canada also call for some professional experience.

However, many international students from Canadian universities can qualify for a graduate work permit. The work permit allows International grads to work anywhere in Canada and acquire job experience.

Get a Permanent Residency with Family Sponsorship
You can apply for family sponsorship if you have relatives who are citizens or permanent residents of Canada. By using this pathway, family members of Canadian citizens or permanent residents can apply for permanent residency on behalf of their sponsors and immigrate to Canada easily.

To immigrate through this pathway, you and any dependent must be financially supported by the family members sponsoring you throughout the application procedure. If they cannot do so or do not match the criteria, you will not be eligible to apply under this category.

This program requires a lot of paperwork and filing expenses. Therefore, it is advised that the applicant should go for legal counselling and help before submitting this kind of application.

If you plan to apply through this program, you can contact Dynamic Group, the best Global mobility and Resettlement Company since 1977. You can contact today at 011-41170411 or email consultation@dss-hr.com for help and assistance with your application.

How to Apply to get PermanentResidency in Canada?

If you want to know how to get permanent residency in Canada, you should follow the below-listed steps:

  • Canada has several Immigration programs, including Business Immigration, Family sponsorship categories. Therefore, you must first determine your eligibility to apply for a program.
  • Gather all the necessary documents, such as your passport, certificates of your academic and professional experience, results of your language tests, and any additional documents that might be required for the program you are applying for.
  • Submit the application with the most accurate and legitimate documents and then await a response. The type of program and the number of applications processed can affect the processing timelines.

How can Dynamic Group help you in acquiring a Permanent Residency in Canada?

Dynamic Group is among the best and most famous global mobility and resettlement leaders. "Building the lives of the people" is our sole purpose.

We have helped more than 4,00,000 clients realize their aspirations of living abroad over the course of over 45 years. We've been the greatest immigration consultants in India for more than 45 years, and for that, the credit goes to our unwavering commitment, diligence and consistency.

We have immigration consultants with more than 15 years of experience that can help you in every step of the way. You can avail of several advantages by hiring us as your immigration consultant, including assistance with your immigration application, proper guidance on how to get permanent residency in Canada, help to choose the right immigration pathway, and, most importantly, understanding the immigration process.

In 2023, with our support, you can immigrate to Canada. You can live up to your dream of living a secure life and getting global exposure by immigrating to Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you get Permanent Residency in Canada in 2023?

There are multiple pathways that allow you to get permanent residency in Canada in 2023. Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program, Family Sponsorship, Quebec Immigration, etc., are programs through which you can become Canada’s permanent resident. You should opt for a pathway with which you stand in line.

Among all programs, the most popular, easiest, and straightforward is Express Entry. In order to immigrate to Canada via Express Entry, there are some requirements that you need to align with. If you align with those requirements, you can submit your application for Canada permanent residency through it. Express Entry is responsible for managing three economic programs named FSWP, FSTP, and CEC. To be qualified for Express Entry, you need to meet the requirement of any of these three programs. Once you meet the requirements of the program, you will be added to the pool of applicants.

How to get a Canadian PR visa through Express Entry in 2023?

If you are a skilled worker willing to settle in Canada with your family on a PR visa, Express Entry comes out as one of the best programs for you. Express Entry functions to manage the applications of three economic programs popular as FSWP, FSTP, and CEC. All these three programs set different eligibility criteria to pick the different groups of skilled workers.

PR aspirants need to align with one of the programs to be qualified for EE. FSWP is considered the best program because it doesn’t demand Canadian work experience or job offers. However, two other programs, except FSWP, require a Canadian job offer and work experience. For instance:

  • If you wish to apply through FSTP, you must have a Canadian job offer for at least 1 year to be eligible for this program,
  • Conversely, if you aim to apply for a PR visa through CEC, you must have at least 1 year of Canadian work experience within the last 3 years to be qualified.

You must note that FSWP has eligibility that you need to meet to be eligible. In case you don’t meet its requirements, you can opt for the different immigration pathways.

Which Program is right for Indians for Canadian PR?

There are multiple pathways via which Indians can apply for Canadian PR visas. However, each immigration gateway has different requirements, depending on its objectives. Therefore, before you finalize any pathway for a Canada PR visa in 2023, ensure you satisfy the program’s requirements.

The most streamlined immigration pathway for Indians is Express Entry. Express Entry offers you three immigration pathways via which you can apply for a Canadian PR visa. However of which, FSWP comes out as the easiest pathway for Indians. In order to be qualified for other programs, you must be with 1 year of Canadian work experience or a job offer. If you align with these requirements, you can opt for these two programs as well. Have a look at FSWP requirements for a PR visa in 2023-

  • Acquiring 67 points out of 100 in the FSWP assessment grid
  • 1 year of paid work experience in an occupation listed under NOC TEER categories
  • No Canadian job offer requirement
  • Minimum Graduate level of qualification
  • Minimum CLB 7, either in English or French

What documents do you need to get a Canadian PR visa?

There are certain documents that you need to get permanent residency in Canada. However, you must note that the documents checklist may vary from one program to another. These are some common documents that every immigration pathway need:

  • Valid travelling documents like passport
  • ECA or Canadian Education Credentials
  • Employment related documents
  • Provincial Nomination Certificate, if any
  • Proof of Funds
  • Languages Test Score
  • Medical Report
  • PPC
  • Job offer letter, if any

The document checklist is subject to change. Therefore, whenever you apply for permanent residency in Canada, you must check the document checklist.

How Can I apply for PR through Provincial Nominee Program?

If you want to immigrate to Canada via Provincial Nominee Program, kindly refer to the below-listed procedure.

  • Check your eligibility under Express Entry System
  • Complete your ECA and Language Proficiency Test
  • Submit your application in the Express Entry Pool
  • Check your eligibility to apply through a stream of the PNP of that particular program
  • Accept the PNP nomination from the province if approved
  • Submitting the PR application with the nomination to the federal government for a PR visa

How long does it take to get permanent residency in Canada?

If you wish to apply for a permanent residency through Express Entry, the entire process may take up to approximately 12 to 14 months. However, you need to make sure the application doesn’t have any errors or misrepresentations before the final submission. If you end up submitting an incomplete or incorrect application, it will get rejected by the respective authorities.

On the other hand, if you plan to immigrate to Canada through the (PNP) provincial Nominee program, the duration could be approximately 12 to 14 months only if you applied through the enhanced stream. If you apply through a base stream, the entire procedure, from beginning to end, can exhaust approximately 24 months. Therefore, it is always advised to immigrants that they should opt for the enhanced stream.

What are the benefits of getting permanent residency in Canada?

Once you have become a permanent resident of Canada, you get several benefits. Following are the benefits you will get after becoming a permanent resident of Canada-

  • Access to the high-paying jobs
  • Good exposure to raising your children
  • Free universal healthcare for you and your family
  • Pathway to apply for citizenship
  • Travel to 150+ countries without a visa
  • Privilege to sponsor your connections
  • Safe and secure atmosphere
  • Loans and scholarships for higher education
  • Multicultural and welcoming country
  • High-quality life

What are Canada’s PR requirements for 2023?

Below is the Canada PR requirements checklist for 2023 only if you apply through Express Entry. The requirements may vary if you wish to apply for a Canadian PR through any other immigration pathway.

  • 67 PR points in the FSWP assessment grid
  • ECA
  • Language test score
  • Proof of emploeyment
  • Proof of funds
  • Job offer, if any
  • Provincial Nominee Program, if any
  • PPC
  • Medical examination report

You must note that if you apply through any other Canadian immigration pathway, the requirements may be different. Therefore, before you opt for any other pathway, check its requirements and checklist. And Canada’s PR requirements are subject to change.

Is IELTS mandatory for Canadian immigration?

Yes, IELTS is mandatory for Canadian immigration in 2023. You are bound to prove your language proficiency in English through a language Test named IELTS. If you are good at French, you can prove your proficiency in French through a language test named TEF rather than in English.

How can an immigration consultant help you to get permanent residency in Canada?

Canada immigration is a long process full of technicalities. Therefore, taking an immigration consultant by your side can significantly help you. The followings are the benefits you get by taking an immigration consultant in your transition process:

  • Assistance in choosing the right immigration pathway
  • Support in creating the well-structured application
  • Get complete guidance to prepare accurate documentation
  • Guidance in picking a different pathway if needed
  • A thorough assessment of the application before the final submission

Can I settle anywhere in Canada through Express Entry?

If you opt for Express Entry to apply for a PR visa, you can stay anywhere throughout Canada. You can opt for any province or territory, whichever aligns with your requirements. On the other hand, if you choose Provincial Nominee Program to settle in Canada on a PR, initially, you will have to stay in a province/territory that nominated you. However, the Canadian constitution allows you to move anywhere throughout the nation under "Mobility Rights."

Please note, if you move to Canada on a PR visa through Express Entry, you can settle in a province where you would like to stay with your family. In addition to this, whichever pathway you choose to move to Canada on a PR visa, you should be mindful that each pathway has got different eligibility criteria.

Is FSWP better than CEC for a PR visa under Express Entry?

As mentioned earlier, there are three programs effective under Express Entry, known as FSWP, FSTP, and CEC. However, all these three programs come with different eligibility criteria. Each program under Express Entry is responsible for bringing different groups of individuals. For instance, if you opt for the FSWP program, it targets overseas skilled workers who can contribute to the Canadian economy. While if you choose CEC out of all programs, this program specifically brings those individuals having Canadian work experience in any occupation.

As listed earlier, FSWP under Express Entry has an easy to meet eligibility criteria. To meet the eligibility criteria of this particular program, you must have 67 points and one year of continuous work experience. On the contrary, if you opt for the CEC program, you should have at least 1 year of Canadian work experience in an occupation listed under NOC TEER categories.

Can I get permanent residency in Canada in 2023?

Yes, you can apply for a PR visa in 2023 through various immigration pathways. However, you must be mindful that each immigration pathway has got its different parameters that you need to align with. Therefore, you should choose a pathway with which you stand in line. If you are applying for a PR visa (Canada) from India, you must choose the Express Entry System. It offers you immigration pathways such as FSWP, which has streamlined eligibility criteria.

In addition to the above, the Canadian government is inviting immigration on a large scale. From 2023 to 2025, around 1.5 million new immigrants will be entered Canada through different immigration pathways. And this year, i.e., 2023, PNP will stand out as the pathway for bringing the highest number of economic immigrants.

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