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Canada PRVisa Requirements

Are you planning to immigrate to Canada in 2023? If yes, you must be looking for a professional guide on starting the process and acquiring a Canada PR visa. This is the right place to get started. If you want to know in-depth about the Canada PR visa requirements check here.

What is a CanadianPermanent Residence (PR) Visa?

Do you know which is the most sought-after visa category? Yes, you have guessed it right. Canadian permanent residence visa is the most sought-after visa category by skilled workers in India and abroad.

The Canada PR is granted to immigrants. It assures that the individual is eligible to work and live in Canada without any stay limit of up to 5 years. After completing 5 years, you must renew your visa or apply for citizenship per the norms.

If you are willing to apply for the Canada PR, you should know that there are multiple programs via which you can apply as per your eligibility. Let us get into detail and let you know about the programs to understand the Canada PR visa requirements better.

What is ExpressEntry Program?

Express Entry is an online system the Canadian government uses to organize and process the application for applicants who want to immigrate to Canada and acquire a Canadian PR visa. Three federal economic programs come under Express Entry System as follows:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

As you already know, FSWP stands for Federal Skilled Worker Program. The program comes under Express Entry System, and out of all the above three programs, this is one of the most recommended pathways to immigrate to Canada. The ranking in this program depends on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

As you know, FSTP stands for Federal Skilled Trades Program. The program comes under the same Express Entry system and follows the CRS score system to rank the applicants in the pool. FSTP is the only federal program that prioritizes trade occupation workers to immigrate to Canada permanently.

Remark: Due to the severe shortage of tradespersons in Canada, the government processes the FSTP application within a few months compared to FSWP.

  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
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As you know, CEC stands for Canadian Experience Class Program. This program also comes under the Express Express Entry system and follows the CRS score system. The program allows applicants with at least one year of Canadian work experience to immigrate to Canada.

Remark: Due to less documentation, the government processes the CEC application quicker, within 6 months post-submission, than FSTP.

What are the Eligibility Criteriaand Requirements for Express Entry System?

Ideal candidates for Express Entry are those who have a university or college degree, an experience in one of the skilled occupations, and proficiency in English and/or French. You must also be eligible for one of the three federal programs to submit a profile via the Express Entry system. Now, let’s know the requirements to apply through any of these federal programs.

Eligibility Criteria for FSWP - To be eligible for the FSWP program, you must meet the pointers below.

  • You must have at least 12 months of full-time skilled work experience in the occupations listed in NOC TEER 2021.
  • You should acquire language proficiency in one of the official languages. It could be either English or French or both.
  • You should have a minimum bachelor's degree or something equivalent in education.
  • You should have financial support. For applying through this program, showing enough funds to support yourself or your spouse or children to settle in Canada is essential.
  • If you apply through the FSWP program, you should intend to live outside the province of Quebec.

If you meet the above requirements, you must acquire 67 out of 100 on the FSWP eligibility point grid system. Here is a breakdown of the point grid system in FSWP:

Factors Points
Education Up to 25 points
Language Skills Up to 28 points
Work Experience Up to 15 points
Age Up to 12 points
Arranged Employment Up to 10 points
Adaptability Up to 10 points

⇒ Eligibility Criteria for FSTP - You must meet the pointers below to qualify for the Federal Skilled Trade program.

  • To qualify for the FST program, you should have at least 2 years of work experience in a skilled trade.
  • The experience should be obtained within the previous 5 years and after receiving the certificate from practising the trade in your country of residence.

⇒ Eligibility Criteria for CEC - To be eligible for the CEC program, you must meet the pointers below.

To be eligible to apply through the CEC program as an applicant, you need to have a minimum of 12 months of Canadian work experience within the previous 3 years.

  • You should have a minimum of 12 months of Canadian work experience within the previous 3 years
  • Your employment duties in Canada should fall under the NOC TEER 2021 occupational list.
  • You should have a lawfully obtained paid work experience in Canada.

As mentioned above, multiple pathways exist to apply for the Canada PR visa. However, irrespective of the program, you need to understand the Comprehensive Ranking System, as every program ranks the applicants in the Express Entry pool based on their CRS scores.

Before you apply for the PR, let us lead you through the CRS procedure so that you may better comprehend it.

What is the Comprehensive RankingScore (CRS), and How Does it Work?

The CRS is a points-based system the Canadian government uses to assess and score applicants' profiles and rank them in the Express Entry pool. There are three categories of CRS scores for Express Entry, which determine how the scores are allocated. Core human capital factors, Skills transferability factors, and Additional point factors.

Each applicant in the Express Entry pool is given 1200 points under the CRS method. The point system differs for applicants with or without a legal partner or spouse.

The following elements determine the 600 Points for Core Human Capital and Skills Transferability Factors:

  • Age of the applicant
  • Language ability of the applicant
  • Work experience in Canada
  • Skills and education, especially a post or bachelor's degree
  • Education, work experience, and language ability of the spouse or partner of the applicant, if any.

The following elements determine the 600 Points for Additional Factor:

  • Siblings with permanent residency in Canada
  • Any valid employment offer letter
  • Any degree or certificate from Canada
  • Proficiency in the French language
  • Eligibility of an applicant for PNP except for Quebec

Breakdown of CRS for applicants with or without a legal partner or spouse:

Applicants with a Common-Law Partner or Spouse Applicants without a Common-Law Partner or Spouse
460 points for human capital factors 500 points for human capital factors
40 points for human capital factors of the spouse or a common-law partner 100 points for skill transferability
600 extra points for a provincial nomination, fluency in French, Canadian sibling, study abroad experience, and an arranged job 600 extra points for a provincial nomination, fluency in French, Canadian sibling, study abroad experience, and an arranged job
100 points for skill transferability -

Having a Canadian sibling can earn you up to 15 points extra. Also, if the spouse or common-law partner has a sibling living in Canada, the applicant will still receive an additional 15 points.

Along with having a sibling, you can be rewarded additional 25 points if they are bilingual in English and French at CLB 4 or higher. Conversely, the applicants will receive 50 points if they can speak French at an intermediate or higher level and English at CLB 5 or above.

To apply for your Canada PR visa, you need to understand that having a good CRS score is mandatory to be able to receive the ITA. The above-mentioned requirements can help you increase your points and chances of getting selected for the pool.

Understanding CRS won’t help you enough to apply for PR. If you are keen to immigrate, you should know that certain documents are required to apply for a Canada PR visa. Let us help you understand the requirements to meet the eligibility criteria and increase the possibility of getting chosen in the Express Entry pool.

What Documents Are Required toGet a Canada PR Visa Via FSW, FST, and CEC Programs?

Canada PR visa requirements include certain documents when applying through these three federal programs. Here’s all you must know about the required documents.

  • ECA (Educational Credentials Assessment) - To gain points as an immigrant, you must show a valid ECA report with the proven value of foreign education per Canadian standards. In total, 7 organizations issue ECA reports to foreign immigrants applying for a PR in Canada. This document is required for FSW and FST programs.
  • Test results for Language Proficiency - To show your language proficiency in any official languages, that is, English and French, you need to show your IELTS or TEF/TCF scores obtained within the previous 2 years. For FSWP and CEC, you need to score at least 7 CLB; for FSTP, you must have a minimum of 4 CLB. This document is required for all three programs.
  • Canada Employment Connections - To apply through the FST program, you need to show a valid offer letter of full-time employment lasting for a minimum of 12 months by a Canadian Employer, or you can show a certificate of qualification in your skilled trade. A Canadian provincial or testimonial authority should issue the certificate.
  • Identification Documents - To immigrate to Canada, you must show your identification document and a valid passport for travel. This document is required for all three programs.

NOTE: These are the basic documents that are required in the process. As you already know, there are multiple pathways, and the documents' requirements will also vary from one program to another.

There are a lot of additional documents required depending on the pathway you are choosing. An immigration consultant can guide you well on what additional documents will be required and can make the process less hectic and seamless for you.

If you need assistance, you can contact Dynamic Group, the best immigration consultants with more than 45 years of experience and expertise. For any query, contact them at 011-41170411 or email consultation@dss-hr.com.

What are the Benefits ofreceiving the Canada PR Visa?

Now that you have come so far, we assume you are determined to apply for the Canada PR visa. Therefore, before applying for one, let’s discuss the advantages you can obtain through a PR visa.

We are sure you must be interested in knowing that, as it’s already evident that Canada is the hub of aspiring immigrants. It has a growing economy and world-class status. Due to the growing elderly population and decreasing birth rate, the Canadian government is prioritizing immigration.

As a potential applicant, if you want to immigrate to Canada in 2023, you should know that Canada is planning to invite 1.5 million new permanent immigrants to Canada. This count includes 465,000 permanent immigrants in 2023.

The only best way to immigrate to Canada is to get a Canadian Permanent Residence. The PR will allow you to work and live in Canada for around 5 years. You can relocate, change your job, move around provinces, and sponsor your spouse, partner, and dependent children.

If these are not enough, then let us tell you some major turnaround benefits for acquiring a Canadian PR visa:

  • A five-year visa that allows multiple entries.
  • You can benefit from free universal healthcare and educational services for the whole family.
  • You can avail of social security benefits in Canada.
  • You can sponsor your parents after settling in Canada.

How can Dynamic Group helpyou in getting a Canada PR Visa?

Dynamic Group can make your immigration process seamless and smooth. You do not need to take stress about anything when applying for a Canada PR visa through Dynamic Group. We have been involved in mobility and relocation for more than 45 years.

We are not asking you to rely solely on our word. We have the data to support our assertions. In our industry since 1977, we have assisted 400,000 clients in achieving their relocation goals.

Our team has professionals with immigration experience. They thoroughly assess each circumstance and provide help in coming up with a solution during the whole process. Several traits set us apart from our rivals.

Dynamic can help you in completing all the Canada PR visa requirements. Here’s a closer view of how we can help:

  • We can assist you in choosing the right program as per your eligibility.
  • We strive to match your profile history with the requirements for obtaining a visa and offer advice on the types of visas you can apply for.
  • We help you compile the documentation needed to submit a visa application.

The Canada PR visa requirements can be different for each pathway. You can count on Dynamic Group to provide a solution for your Canada PR visa requirements, from profile evaluation to post-visa services. Contact us anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Canada PR Visa?

A Canada PR Visa is a document that allows foreign individuals to reside and work in Canada permanently. The Canadian government issues the PR Visa. Once you get the status of a Permanent Resident (PR), you can enjoy all the social benefits, including the liberty to live and work anywhere in Canada and access healthcare and education.

Does Canada PR Visa has any eligibility criteria?

To apply for a Canada PR Visa, you must meet at least 67 out of 100 points. Under Express Entry System, you should have a good Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score, which evaluates age, education, language proficiency, work experience, and adaptability. Additionally, there are some other requisites one must meet regarding sufficient funds availability, medical admissibility and PCC requirements to be cleared medically and security-wise.

How important is the language proficiency test for a Canada PR Visa?

Language proficiency is a crucial factor when applying for a Canada PR Visa. The Canadian government highly values individuals proficient in English or French, as these are the country's two official languages. In fact, language proficiency is one of the six selection factors considered when determining eligibility for immigration to Canada. Applicants must take a language test and obtain a minimum score in either the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the TEF for French as per CLB to demonstrate their language proficiency. It is essential to develop your language abilities if you intend to apply for a Canada PR visa.

What is the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)?

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is a points-based system used to evaluate the eligibility of candidates who apply for the Express Entry program. It considers factors such as age, education, language proficiency, work experience, and adaptability to assign a score to each candidate. The candidate's likelihood of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residence increases with their CRS score.

Is a job offer required to apply for a Canada permanent resident visa?

No, it is not mandatory. If you meet the eligibility requirements and score high enough on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), you might receive an invitation to submit an application for a PR Visa even without a job offer. The elements that are taken into account to receive an Invitation letter include your age, education, employment history, language skills, and other qualifications. You should speak to a qualified immigration consultant for the best actions as per your eligibility.

Do I need to have my educational credentials assessed for a Canada PR Visa?

Yes, having your educational credentials assessed by a designated organization approved by the Canadian government to apply for a Canada PR Visa is highly recommended. The assessment verifies that your education is equivalent to Canadian standards and is a crucial step in the immigration process. It is essential to note that each immigration program may have specific requirements for educational assessment.

Can I include my spouse and children in my Canada PR Visa application?

You can include your spouse or common-law partner and dependant children in your application. Your partner's inclusion can provide additional points and improves the chances of getting selected.

Are there any medical or health requirements for a Canada PR Visa?

Specific medical and health requirements must be met when applying for a Canada PR Visa. A panel physician must conduct a medical examination for each candidate to ensure they meet the required health requirements. Additionally, applicants must not have any medical conditions that would put excessive demand on the Canadian healthcare system. It is significant to highlight that all applicants, including dependents and accompanying family members, must meet these standards.

Do I need a certain amount of funds to apply for a Canada PR Visa?

Candidates must demonstrate that they will be able to sustain themselves and their families financially once they enter Canada. The specific proof of funds requirement varies depending on the size of your family and the province or region you wish to move to.

Can I apply for a Canada PR Visa with a criminal record?

With a criminal record, applying for a Canada PR Visa is not feasible. The application may be denied if the crime is considered serious or a risk to Canadian society. To get assistance with the application process, it is advised to engage registered immigration professionals.

How long does processing a Canada PR Visa application take?

Processing times vary depending on the program you apply through. Generally, Express Entry applications are processed within ten to twelve months.

Can I apply for a Canada PR Visa if I am already on a temporary visa in Canada?

Yes, if you are already on a temporary visa, you can apply for a Canada PR visa. However, certain conditions must be met before applying for PR. You need to have a valid temporary visa and meet the eligibility criteria for the PR visa. It is suggested to speak to a licensed immigration consultant who can walk you through the procedure and explain better options.

Can I appeal a Canada PR Visa refusal?

Yes, applicants can appeal a refusal through the appropriate channels. You will receive a letter outlining the grounds for rejection if your visa application has been rejected. You have the right to appeal within the given period by the authority. The appeal process varies depending on your circumstances.

Are there any provincial-specific PR programs in Canada?

Several provinces have their Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), which offer PR pathways for skilled workers based on their specific requirements.

Can I work in Canada while my PR Visa application is processed?

You can work in Canada while your PR Visa application is being processed. However, you must have a valid work permit to do so. It is advised to remember that the total time it takes to complete a work permit can vary, and your application can also require additional supporting evidence.

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