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How to Settle in Canadawith Family from India?

Canada tops the list for the best immigrant-friendly country in the world. People worldwide come to Canada with their families in large numbers to start their desired lives. Over the past years, especially after the pandemic, the number of people moving to Canada has increased substantially. In 2022, Canada welcomed 437,180 immigrants through different immigration programs.

On 1 November 2022, the immigration minister, Mr. Sean Fraser, unveiled the immigration plan for 2023 to 2025. Through this plan, Canada aims to invite 1.5 million newcomers through different immigration programs cordially. So, if you desire to immigrate to Canada with family from India in 2023, follow this guide to accumulate accurate information to ease your transition process.

Why should you Immigrate toCanada with your Family over any other Country?

There are ample reasons that stand out Canada one of the best immigrant-friendly countries. Over the past few years, Canada has become the most desired country due to its streamlined immigration pathways and abundant opportunities for immigrants. Also, the Canadian government has strengthened the immigration targets for the upcoming years. By the end of 2025, around 1.5 million new immigrants will be moving to Canada on a PR visa. Let’s see what benefits Canada PR visa holders get in Canada-

⇒ Plethora of Jobs- The first and foremost concern for everyone moving out is employment. But when it comes to Canada, you never need to be worried about finding a job. Canada has a plethora of jobs in every sector and industry. In January 2023, Canada added 150k new jobs across the different sectors. Meanwhile, Canada's economy is booming when the world is worried about the lurking recession. Landing a high-paying job will be an apprehension if you have the in-demand skills and talent.

⇒ Free Healthcare and Education- Every immigrant and dependent gets free education and healthcare. You get quality treatment from top-notch hospitals at no cost. In order to use the free universal healthcare system, you need to register yourself to get healthcare from the province where you reside. You must note that every Canadian province and territory has a different healthcare plan for different services and products. All children can access excellent education from Canadian public school system till the age of 18. There is a multitude of loans and scholarship programs available to ease the burden of higher education.

⇒ Way to Obtain Canadian Citizenship- All Canada PR holders have the privilege of becoming permanent citizens of Canada as soon as they complete 3 years within the last 5 years in Canada. Additionally, applicants need to meet the other eligibility criteria listed by the Canadian government. Having a Canadian passport allows you to travel to more than 150+ countries without a visa. Canada’s passport ranks among the top 10 strongest passports in the world.

⇒ Freedom to Stay and Work Anywhere throughout Canada- Once you have been granted a Canada PR visa, you are free to stay and work anywhere throughout Canada. However, you must adhere to Canadian norms anywhere you stay or work. However, if you applied through any PNP program to get Canadian PR, you must stay and work in a province that nominated you. Despite this, you can move to any other province or territory under the “Mobility Right.” You should opt for the PNP program only when you wish to settle in a province that nominates you. Conversely, when you apply through Express Entry, you can stay and work anywhere without any intervention.

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⇒ Sponsoring Family Members and Relatives- If you are a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, you can sponsor your blood connections, such as family members and relatives. In order to bring anyone to Canada, you must be at least 18 years with either a Canadian PR visa or citizenship status. Along with this, you will have to submit the proof of funds report to justify that you can support your connections financially upon their landing in Canada. Once granted a PR visa, they are free to stay, work, and study anywhere in Canada without any restrictions.

What are the Immigration Pathwaysto getting settled in Canada with Family from India?

  • Express Entry:

Express Entry is one of the easiest pathways that allow immigrants to obtain the PR visa in as low as 6 to 8 months post PR application submission. The prime goal of Express Entry is to bring global talent to Canada who can help in the development of the Canadian economy. Via this program, the IRCC welcomes thousands of skilled workers who can ease workforce shortage. Since the pandemic, the workforce shortage has been one of the major concerns in front of the Canadian government. In order to confront the workforce shortage, the Canadian government uses immigration as the sole effective tool.

This system manages the application of three major economic programs; FSWP, FSTP, and CEC. PR aspirants can apply via any program for which they are eligible. The Canadian PR aspirants must note that each immigration pathway under the EE has different eligibility criteria. Therefore, before you opt for any pathway, ensure you meet the program’s requirements.

However, if you are immigrating to Canada from India with your family, FSWP is the appropriate path for you. Once you meet the eligibility criteria of the program, you can expect your PR visa within approximately 6 to 8 months post-submission. Other pathways like FSTP and CEC demand a Canadian employment letter and work experience. Therefore, you should consider FSWP for your Canada immigration in 2023. Conversely, if you have Canadian work experience or arranged employment, you can consider FST and CEC programs.

If you wish to immigrate to Canada via FSWP program under the Express Entry, you must comply with the 67 points requirements. You will get 67 points based on age, work experience, highest qualification, language proficiency, etc. Securing 67 points in the FSWP grid assessment is the primary requisite of this program.

  • Provincial Nominee Program:

Provincial Nominee Program, commonly known as PNP, is one of the other effective programs to immigrate to Canada. This program is also a substitute for the express entry system. The Canada PR aspirants can consider going with the PNP program if they are not aligning with the required CRS score. In order to immigrate to Canada via Express Entry, you must meet the CRS score to get the ITA.

In Canada, all territories and provinces operate PNP programs with multiple streams except Quebec and Nunavut. These provinces and territories design the eligibility criteria based on their demographic and economic requirements. Additionally, the eligibility criteria may change over time to support the current economic and demographic requirements.

In order to immigrate to Canada with your family through PNP, you must meet the eligibility criteria listed by the particular province. If you seem an appropriate candidate, the province may send EOI.

There are two ways that allow you to get an EOI from the province; enhanced and base stream.

  • Enhanced Stream: The candidate interested in moving to Canada via enhanced stream must have an EE profile. All the provinces and territories frequently analyze the EE applicant pool to find candidates. If found, they send EOI for the nomination. If the candidate gets nominated from any province/territory, 600 CRS points are transferred to their EE profile. Having a PNP nomination can level up chances very high for Canada PR.
  • Base Stream: If you wish to settle in Canada with your family with the base stream under any PN program, you need to follow a 2-step process. First, you will have to apply to the province/territory where you wish to settle down. If the province finds your profile aligning with their requirement, they may nominate you. Once you have received the nomination, you must submit your profile and the letter to the IRCC. The IRCC will go through your profile to verify each detail. If approved, you will be granted a Canada PR visa.

Despite settling down in Canada via the PNP program, you can move to another province under "Mobility Rights."

  • Family Sponsorship-

A family sponsorship program can be considered by the applicant with a relative or blood connection in Canada. However, the sponsor must be either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident with a minimum age of 18 years. There is stringent eligibility that one needs to comply with in order to immigrate to Canada via this program.

A sponsor will have to submit a report of proof of funds for Canada immigration. The proof of funds report justifies that the sponsor holds enough funds or has the financial stability to support their family and connection upon landing in Canada. However, the sponsored connections will be allowed to work and study anywhere in Canada to support themselves once granted PR status.

Hence, if you have family members or blood connections in Canada, you can ask them to sponsor you. Also, Canada is highly prioritizing family sponsorship programs to reunite families.

  • Study in Canada-

Canada stands out from the crowd as one of the best countries for providing the best education and post-work opportunities. In order to excel in their career and build their career, many international students move to Canada to study. There are many surveys that reveal that students from India prefer moving from Canada to the United States. Choosing Canada offers them affordable tuition fees, abundant work opportunities, and a safe atmosphere.

After completing the education program, students can even apply for a post-graduation work permit. A post-graduation work permit allows international students to work for all legally eligible employers to obtain work experience. Once you have Canadian work experience and education, you can initiate the process of applying for a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa from India. Once granted the status of PR holder, you can sponsor your family and connections to join you in Canada.

  • Work Permit-

In order to immigrate to Canada, you can opt for a work permit as well. However, you must have a valid job offer letter from a Canadian employer to move to Canada on a work permit.

To be exempted from the job offer letter, you can choose intra-company transfer under a Canadian work permit. This pathway allows you to move to Canada on a work permit but temporarily. You can move to Canada through intra-company transfer if you work for an employer having a branch in Canada.

After obtaining work experience in Canada, you can apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa through CEC (Canadian Experience Class) under the Express Entry. This category emphasises candidates with Canadian work experience.

  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program-

Canada PR aspirants can settle in Canada with their families via Quebec Skilled Worker Program. However, this program is totally different from other above-listed programs. If you wish to settle in Canada via this program, you and your connections must be good at French. Quebec is the only province where the French language dominates over English. This province desires those candidates who can help the province’s economy to grow and evolve. Thus, in order to immigrate to Quebec in Canada, you must be a skilled worker supporting any in-demand occupation or sector in Canada.

How to Find the RightCanadian Immigration Pathway?

It might be a little tedious and challenging to find the right immigration pathways, as there are many that offer your PR visa. However, not every pathway aligns with your requirements and profile. So, before you proceed with any pathway, ensure that the chosen immigration pathway is absolutely right for you and your family. You might be eligible for more than one pathway at the same time, but due to a lack of understanding, you may proceed with a program that doesn’t support your profile. Therefore, keep the attached points in mind to make your transition process an incredible experience-

⇒ Determine your Purpose for Moving- Before commencing any process, you need to determine your purpose for moving to Canada from India. If you are moving to Canada temporarily, you can opt for a study, work, or visitor visa. However, if you want to immigrate to Canada with your family permanently, you can opt for a PR visa. A PR visa permits you to stay in Canada for 5 years without any restriction. After completing 5 years, you can renew your PR visa or apply for Canadian citizenship.

⇒ Seek Help if You Need it- If you have determined your purpose but cannot choose the right pathway, go for help. You can reach out to an immigration consultant to know which immigration pathway is right for you. You should mainly go for an immigration consultant if you intend to move to Canada on a PR visa. Canadian immigration consultant will assist in finding the right immigration pathway that supports your profile. Along with this, you will get support in paperwork, documentation, application look-over, etc.

How can Dynamic Group Help youGetting Settled in Canada with Your Family?

Dynamic Group has been serving in the Resettlement and Global Mobility domain for the last 47 years. In this long journey, we have accomplished several milestones by providing top-notch services to our clients. Since 1977, we have delivered more than 4,00,000 promises through immigration and recruitment. We at Dynamic Group have got the best professionals who thoroughly analyze your case to find the best for you.

In India, Dynamic Group comes among the top 10 immigration consultants. Our professionals assist you at every step to make your foreign resettlement dream come true as soon as possible. Taking us as your immigration consultant will offer you the following benefits:

  • The assistance of registered immigration professionals with 15+ years of experience
  • Thorough help in application preparation and submission
  • Customized IELTS course from our in-house IELTS academy
  • Support of professionals throughout your immigration journey
  • Aid in selecting the right immigration pathway
  • Deep assessment of your case
  • Record of highest visa approval
  • Transparent communication in the entire process

If you also wish to get settled in Canada with family from India, kindly reach out to us to know your eligibility and roadmap to get Canadian PR. Each immigration pathway targets a certain group of people. Let us help you to find the right immigration pathway that supports your profile entirely. We ensure to turn your transition process into a seamless experience. We have professionals with years of experience who take care of everything from beginning to end.

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