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How Much Money Do YouNeed To Immigrate To Canada?

Many individuals around the world aspire to immigrate to Canada. People wishing to start a new life find the nation hospitable, with a robust economy and a diversified population.

However, finances are one of the most important factors before moving. How much money do you need to immigrate to Canada?

In this blog, we'll go over the many expenses related to immigration and give you a thorough primer to assist you in making the necessary financial plans.

How Much Money Is Required ToImmigrate To Canada: A Brief

A Canada PR visa can be obtained through a variety of immigration pathways. There are several different ways to immigrate to Canada.

Each route has its specifications and procedures. Every program has a different application process and requirements. The overall cost for Canadian permanent residence from India will vary depending on the immigration pathway you are choosing.

In light of this, it would be better to select the immigration route that most closely matches your profile. Most Express Entry system applicants choose the FSWP for a Canada PR visa. Albeit, it might still change from one case to another.

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Additionally, you must demonstrate that you have the minimum settlement money required by IRCC before you move to Canada. Let's get into what is it and how does this work?

Proof of Funds: FundsRequired for Immigration

A term referring to the settlement amount called proof of funds demonstrates to the Canadian government that you have sufficient means to establish a life there.

Providing proof of funds and paying the Canada PR visa fees are requirements. This report must be sent with the rest of your supporting documents for your IRCC applications. All programs, including the federal skilled trades and skilled workers programs.

The proof of funds for Canada immigration ensures the applicant can pay for basic living expenses and other outlays. Your application may be delayed if you don't acquire the required documentation for Canada PR, such as proof of funding.

The amount of money you must show to immigrate to Canada in 2023 is updated by the government annually. Last, it was updated on April 25, 2023. As per the latest update, the proof of funds that you need to show is mentioned in the below table:

Number of Family Members Required Funds (In CAD) Required Funds (In INR)
1 $13,757 INR 8,31,844
2 $17,127 INR 10,35,618
3 $21,055 INR 12,73,132
4 $25,564 INR 15,45,778
5 $28,994 INR 17,53,179
6 $32,700 INR 19,77,270
7 $36,407 INR 22,01,421
Each Additional Family Member $3,706 INR 2,24,090

Apart from the table mentioned above, there is a permanent residence fee that every applicant has to pay irrespective of their selected program.

Permanent Residence Fees
Depending on the immigration programs you apply for, different permanent residency programs have different fees.

Economic Immigration Fees
Several economic programs in Canada allow you to apply for permanent residence. The two most popular economic immigration routes are Express Entry and PNP.

The following are the total fees for obtaining permanent residence in Canada from India under the various programs, including the Express Entry Programme, which has the sub-streams: FSWPP, FSTP, and CEC. Quebec Skilled Workers, Provincial Nominee Programmes, and Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programme also come under Economic Immigration.

Application Fees (In CAD) Fees (In Indian Rupees)
Application processing fee per applicant $850 INR 51449
Fee per dependent child $230 INR 13921
Right of permanent resident fees per adult only $515 INR 31172

Family Sponsorship Fees

The cost mentioned below is necessary for permanent residents who seek to sponsor their family's immigration to Canada:

For sponsoring your Spousal and dependent child, the total cost is as follows:

Application Fees (In CAD) Fees (In Indian Rupees)
Spouse or common-law partner (Principal applicant fee and sponsorship fee) $565 INR 34199
Fee per dependent child $155 INR 9382
Right of permanent resident fees per adult only $515 INR 31172

For sponsoring your parents and grandparents, the total cost is as follows:

Application Fees (In CAD) Fees (In Indian Rupees)
Parent or grandparent (Principal applicant fee and sponsorship fee) $565 INR 34199
Per dependent child of parent & grandparent $155 INR 9382
Right of permanent resident fees per adult only $515 INR 31172

Business Immigration Fees
The following processing costs must be paid by people who want to immigrate to Canada through the Entrepreneur, Investor, or Self-Employed immigration streams:

Application Fees (In-CAD) Fees (In INR)
Application processing fee per applicant $1625 INR 98360
Spouse or common-law partner Additional $850 INR 51449
Feer per dependent child Additional $230 INR 13921

Note: The province immigration authority may require additional processing costs from applicants for certain provincial immigration programs.

Miscellaneous Fees: how much money do you need to immigrate to Canada
Each step of the application process requires the applicant to pay costs in addition to the permanent resident charge. The entire cost for Canadian PR from India includes the following fees:

ECA (Education Credential Assessment)
Before submitting to the pool, you must have an ECA if you qualify for Express Entry under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. You don't need an ECA to submit to the pool if you are eligible for the Federal Skilled Trades Programme or the Canadian Experience Class. Still, you will need one to receive Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points for your schooling.

Since an ECA compares your education to its Canadian counterpart, you do not require an ECA for any education you received in Canada. Most of the time, only your top degree must be evaluated if you have multiple post-secondary degrees. But if you want to maximize your CRS points after you're in the pool, you might wish to have all of your credentials evaluated.

You may also obtain an ECA if you travel with your spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner with a post-secondary degree. If your spouse or partner has an ECA, you could claim more CRS points for their schooling. Only ECAs from designated organisations get accepted by IRCC.

Additionally, the examination procedure itself can take several weeks or months. Making progress on your ECA is typically one of the first phases in your Express Entry immigration procedure because, if you're applying as a skilled worker, you need one to be qualified to submit to the Express Entry pool.

The cost of the ECA report ranged from $230 to $1100 (or around INR 13918 to INR 66568). However, the ultimate costs will vary depending on the authority you choose to work with.

ECA Organizations Approximate Processing Time
World Education Services (WES) 4 Weeks
Comparative Education Service (CES) 14 Weeks
International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES) 12 Weeks
International Qualification Assessment Service (IQAS) 15 Weeks
International Credential Assessment of Service of Canada (ICAS) 13 Weeks

Language Proficiency Exam

You must submit your language exam results from a recognised organisation to immigrate to Canada. IELTS and CELPIP are the only tests you can submit to prove your English proficiency. The Pearson English Test (PTE), which will start to be approved for immigration by the end of 2023, will also be available. To satisfy the IRCC's requirements for language proficiency for Canadian immigration applicants, Pearson created the PTE, a new English test.

You can select whichever test is more convenient for you to take. Whichever language exam you choose, the result is valid for two years (24 months) to be considered.

English proficiency tests like IELTS are offered all around the world. In most cases, it is advised to take the IELTS for their immigration application.

You will need to budget roughly 15,500 Indian rupees for this test. If you want to retake the test for a better grade, you must pay the full cost again. Additionally, you cannot appear for any one component of the test.

Dynamic Group can help you if you're looking for the top institution that offers flexible hours for your language skills. We have an in-house IELTS academy where we prepare candidates to take the test and do well. For more details, call 011-41170411 or email consultation@dss-hr.com.

To submit their applications, candidates must pay the biometric cost. Moreover, it costs around CAD 85 (INR 5143). If you are immigrating with your family to Canada from India, a family plan will set you back around CAD 170 (INR 10287).

Police Clearance Certificate
An official government document that lists a person's past criminal offences is called a "police certificate."

As long as you present the proper documentation and have no criminal history, there's nothing to worry about. It can harm your application if you have a criminal history that includes serious offences. An application may be rejected owing to criminal inadmissibility if the offender has committed serious crimes.

Police certificates may also go by other names, such as good conduct certificates, court record extracts, or police clearance certificates, depending on the country.

If you are taking your spouse or any other dependents, you must also submit PCC for them. You can access the PCC at your nearby police station. If you have ever been found guilty, you must provide justification. PCC can cost you around INR 500–1000.

Medical Certificate
Applicants must pass the physical examination and the cost of the Canada PR visa. Physical and mental effort is needed when writing reports. As soon as you have the report confirming your physical health, put it together with the other required documents.

In addition, you can get a medical certificate from one of the IRCC's many panel doctors. The cost of this medical certificate is approximately 5000 Indian rupees.

Consultant Fees
If you are thinking of immigrating to a new country, hiring an immigration consultant can be incredibly helpful. Not only do they have a wealth of knowledge about the immigration process, but they can also help you navigate the complex legal requirements and paperwork that come with it. They can provide personalized advice and guidance and help you stay on top of deadlines and requirements.

As for their fees, it's important to note that they vary depending on the consultant and the services you require. Some of the consultants charge a flat fee. However, others charge hourly rates. Additionally, some may charge extra for additional services, such as document preparation or translation.

Researching and comparing different consultants' fees is important to ensure you're getting a fair price. Ultimately, the cost of hiring an immigration consultant can be a worthwhile investment in your future.

Albeit, an immigration counsellor may charge a different fee depending upon the visa category you choose to apply.

How can DynamicGroupn Assist?

Dynamic Group can be your one-stop solution for obtaining Canadian immigration in 2023. Dynamic is one of the foremost immigration consultants in India. You can expect top-notch services from our end. Since 1977, we have built a good reputation as a leading global mobility and resettlement service provider.

We stand out as dependable, truthful, and reputable immigration specialists. In other words, our actions and attitudes speak louder than words. Integrity and top-notch customer service have always been our top priorities as we assist clients with the Canadian immigration procedure.

You can escalate your chances of getting your application selected for Canadian immigration by choosing us. We will, as promised, provide the best immigration services and the appropriate advice.

We sincerely hope that the information in the aforementioned post has assisted you in learning more about how much money you need to immigrate to Canada when applying from India.

NOTE: Despite our best efforts, all of the costs indicated above are subject to change in accordance with Canadian government regulations.

You can reach us at 011-41170411 or consultation@dss-hr.com if you require additional help or have any questions. We would gladly address your inquiries and support you with your application!

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