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Canada Express Entry System

Canada is a country with endless opportunities for skilled professionals. Canada’s economy depends on skilled and experienced professionals. So, the country wants more people to immigrate to Canada. To make the process easier and faster the country has introduced the Express Entry System. It is one of the most opt pathways to get entry in Canada.

Canada Express Entry System makes it quick and easy for potential skilled workers to get permanent residence visa in Canada. The system runs and manages the following three economic immigration programs for skilled professionals;

1. Federal Skilled Worker (Express Entry)

With this program, working professionals from other countries can immigrate to Canada in the least possible time. The FSW program is for skilled professionals who can fit in managerial, technical, or professional jobs.

The authorities check the age, education, and employment status of the applicants before offering to approve their application for Canadian permanent residence visa. Based on each factor applicants' applications earn some points. On scoring 67 or more out of 100 points, they become eligible to immigrate to Canada.

In this program, the candidates must have to submit proof of language proficiency when they apply for Canadian immigration .The authorities also check how financially strong the candidate is to survive in the country. So, it's mandatory to show proof of funds while applying for a Canada PR visa through express entry system.

2. Federal Skilled Trades Program (Express Entry)

The third program under Canada express entry system is for skilled trades. It’s the best pathway to get permanent residence in Canada for chefs, electrical, construction, and industrial trades, agriculture or natural resources supervisors, and many others who are into blue-collar jobs. With this fast-track program, Canadian government gets the best trades workers from all other countries to fulfill the skilled shortage.

To apply for Canadian Permanent Residence visa through the Federal Skilled Trades program you must have two years of full-time work experience in your trade or equivalent working experience in a part-time job in the last five years. If you find this program perfect for you to get Canada PR in the country then you must check your language proficiency test and score atleast CLB 5. Along with this, you must be allowed to work in Canada legally and have a certificate of qualification from one of the Canadian provinces.

3. Canadian Experience Class (Express Entry)

The program is exclusively for Canadian experienced skilled workers who have worked in Canada and now want to get settled in the Country as permanent residents of the country. The CEC program makes it easier for foreign working professionals to make Canada their home. The program also makes sure that the country offers citizenship to well-settled professionals who will keep contributing to the country’s growing economy.

In CEC the applicants are skilled, experienced professionals with working experience in Canada. They get preference in getting permanent residents in Canada. The Canadian authorities have set some criteria for applicants to apply for Canadian immigration through CEC like work experience, qualification and language a few others.

To be an immigrant in Canada you must be proficient in reading, writing, speaking, and listening to English or French. To prove your language skills you must qualify for the approved tests like IELTS or CELPIP for English.

Along with this, you must have working experience in Canada for 1,560 hours. You can gain experience from a full-time job for a year or by doing a part-time job for two years. You must have a temporary resident status when you gain working experience in the country.

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