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Permanent Residence Visa

Canada Permanent Residence Visa

Canada PR visa is the best way for immigrants to move to Canada and settle without worrying about permanent status in the country. As you know, the Canadian government encourages more immigrants to make Canada their home. The country offers modern facilities, quality education, career opportunities, and a comfortable lifestyle to encourage more people to immigrate to the Country.

Immigrants help the country’s economy to grow and solve the crucial issues of labour shortage in Canada. Canada Permanent Residence Visa is a facility from the federal government to attract more people to live and work in Canada.

There is no doubt that Canada has been the first choice for immigrants for years. The immigration friendly policies and the rapidly rising economy of the country have made it a perfect hotspot for migrants. Canada has also announced its migration policies for 2022-2024 and it’s clear that the country wants more immigrants.

So, it’s the right time to apply for the Canada PR visa and migrate to this beautiful and prosperous country. This article has information on Canada’s permanent residency visa, its benefits, and its plan. So without much ado let's jump to the information that can bring you near to your Canada dream.

Canada Permanent Residence Visa

Canada permanent residence visa is a popular way to migrate to the country permanently. The Canada PR is essential for a person who is not having permanent citizenship in Canada yet wants to enjoy all the facilities offered by the Canadian government. With a PR visa, you get all the rights in Canada except for participating in Canada’s election and having a passport from the country.

With a Canada PR visa , it becomes easier for professionals to pick any job they want. Unlike a working visa, having a job from Canada’s employer is not a compulsion for them. The Canada Permanent residency visa gives freedom to businessmen to invest in any business in Canada or have their businesses meet the regulatory requirements. So, a Canada PR visa is the best way to live in Canada until you get the permanent citizenship of the country.

Canada PR benefits

Canada has introduced various pathways for immigrants to get entry into the country and live in the country lawfully. The PR visa holds some extra advantages over other ways to immigrate to the country. The benefits of a PR visa make it a great deal for immigrants. Here have a look at the main benefits of Canada Permanent Residence visa.

  • Avail most of the social benefits that Canadian citizens receive, including excellent medical and health care coverage for free
  • Live, work or study anywhere within Canada
  • High quality free education for children dependent
  • Canada PR is the very first step to avail citizenship of Canada
  • Avail protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Latest Immigration levels plan

The latest immigration plan announced by Canada for 2022-2024 looks very impressive from the migrants’ point of view. In its latest immigration level program, the country has announced an increase in its immigration target. The initial plan of the country was to invite approx 411,000 new migrants but in the new plan, it has been increased up to 432,000. The best part of the latest immigration levels plan is that the number of immigrants is increasing with every passing year. Check the numbers of permanent residents the country is planning to include in its existing population.

  • 2022: 431,645 permanent citizens
  • 2023: 447,055 permanent citizens
  • 2024: 451,000 permanent citizens

In 2022 also the economic class pathways will be the main gateways for new immigrants to get entry into Canada. It is expected that approx 56% of new immigrants will immigrate through Express Entry, PNP, and Temporary residence visa.

In all the economic class pathways the PNP will be the main program for admission of newcomers in Canada. According to the latest plan IRCC is expecting more than 83,000 admissions in the country through PNP.

In 2022, IRCC will accept approximately half of the total applications received through the Express Entry program. This year the main focus of IRCC will be on PNP but the Express Entry program will get its glory back by 2024 when the country will need 111,500 newcomers through the Express Entry System. Through Family Class, the country is expecting an admission of approx 80,000 new citizens. The target for refugee and humanitarian programs is 20 percent of total new immigrants. So, make the right choice in picking the path to enter Canada. It will increase your chances to be a permanent citizen of the country.

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