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Seven Trends in Talent Acquisition to Follow in 2023

Seven Trends in Talent Acquisition to Follow in 2023

Are you an employer? Are you planning to hire a recruitment agency? Do you want to keep up with the recruitment trends to follow in 2023? If so, you have landed in the right place.

We will explain unprecedented changes in our work—when, how, and even why—over the last few years. In this article, we have shared our predictions for the employment market’s impact on talent acquisition trends in 2023, as we are looking forward to that year based on our market research.

Increased Internal Mobility

Professionals need to think of career growth differently than they used to think due to the unpredictability of the job market. They are switching from the ladder to the lattice, moving to new positions within their current company, and indicating a rise in internal mobility. Businesses often use talent analytics and workforce planning to identify which new roles are required to future-proof the business and which employees might be a good fit for those roles.

It is seen that employers focus more on the talent development of their existing workforce and increase their internal talent mobility efforts by regularly providing training and certification programs to reskill or upskill internal candidates. Companies will increasingly use artificial intelligence platforms with predictive analytics to identify internal candidates who have potential, deliver customized career development materials, and create individualized career pathways based on objectives and interests. Investments in internal mobility will help organizations attract top talent, build more diverse pipelines, help them cover open positions, and fill crucial skill gaps amid hiring freezes.

Talent Management And Talent Procurement

Making an excellent hire who leaves quickly is not cost-effective. As a result, it is recommended that talent acquisition and management teams collaborate more closely moving forward, starting with the hiring process and continuing through career development and succession. By working together, recruiters and talent managers can produce a more positive employee lifecycle — better career paths for professionals, which gives the appropriate training and development to move them successfully along their career journey.

Employers can improve team collaboration by investing in cloud-based talent management systems that enable recruiters and managers to exchange, collect, and use talent data. Doing so will increase the company’s internal mobility and help offer a progressive employee experience. New hires will feel respected and valued because their boss is invested in their success.

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Professionals and Executives for Recruitment

As per the research, companies are increasingly turning to contract employment, looking to interim executives and professionals to meet their expanding workforce requirements, rather than solely relying on full-time employee (FTE) hires, as evidenced by the most recent hiring trends.

An interim employee strategy has several advantages. According to the study, those who opt for interim or contract work are frequently highly skilled, goal-oriented, and project-based people who quickly adapt to new surroundings. They can bring unique experiences and skill sets required for finite projects during mergers and acquisitions or temporarily fill roles during a leave of absence or while the business searches for a permanent employee.

The number of job seekers ready to give up a sense of security from a full-time job in exchange for flexible opportunities will rise in 2023. In response, the company said, talent acquisition specialists would concentrate more on fostering relationships with job seekers looking for contract work and collaborate with clients to identify the most efficient ways to fill positions. Experts advise companies to keep a 70/30 FTE-to-interim worker mix in such a dynamic environment.

Productivity and Culture both are Important

Workers can be just as effective working from home, if not more so, as the last three years have shown. The main issue is that if everyone is still working at their kitchen table, how can organizations keep or enhance their culture? Making hybrid workplaces the standard in 2023 will allow businesses to benefit from the best of both environments. Thanks to hybrid work arrangements, employees can take advantage of both in-office and remote work advantages.

The effectiveness of remote work in a hybrid environment will depend on the company’s requirements, roles, and personnel. Facts, employee perceptions, and specific situations should guide it. The report stated that some organizations might require teams to physically gather on the same day each week, while others may only require occasional visits from workers to the office. 

However, according to hiring trends, many more businesses will offer hybrid work arrangements to entice top talent in the coming year. Some of these businesses may even require remote-first candidates to reside within a certain distance of the office to visit when necessary. Experts predict businesses will maintain highly productive outcomes even as working methods change.

Advancing to Work-life Integration from Work-life Balance

Millions of workers have long sought to achieve the idea of work-life balance. However, the study claims that the last few years of remote work have made it even harder to block out the job’s demands when you’re not working. Many employees have begun adopting a new approach, preceding the traditional nine-to-five in favor of a more fluid schedule.

The study said that in 2023, more job seekers would search for organizations that support work-life integration, allowing employees to work when it’s most convenient and take care of their obligations as required. As managers gauge employee success based on their output rather than the length of their workweek, keeping an eye on the clock will become less crucial.

Bouncing Back and Rehiring

When the economy was booming, early retirement seemed like a good plan. Others, on the other hand, boldly decided to change careers. The search firm stated that many retirees and professionals who understand the grass isn’t always greener on the other side are now knocking on their former employer’s door due to the unstable economy and shrinking retirement funds. Companies may benefit from this because they can rehire previous employees with institutional knowledge and tested skill sets. 

Organizations will begin to focus more on the offboarding procedure in 2023, keeping in touch with departing workers professionally and assuring them that the door is always open for them to return. The company added that by investing in digital workforce performance technology, talent acquisition specialists can keep track of former employees to see if they have the qualifications and expertise needed to fill in-demand positions.

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Better Workforce Planning 

Even though your workforce strategy may have been effective the previous year, there is no guarantee that it will be effective the following year, particularly in such a volatile economy. Future talent managers will need to be more deliberate in their demand planning, breaking down silos and working with business leaders across functions to grasp their requirements for the upcoming year fully. The use of AI and predictive analytics will increase in frequency in forecasting to help identify the appropriate roles, skills, and locations to concentrate on the evolving business.

As employers begin to make more thoughtful choices that have a lasting effect rather than hasty hires to fill seats, In 2023, businesses will need to take a much more measured approach to new recruitment and right-sizing their workforce. Talent acquisition professionals should prepare scenario-based workforce strategy plans for the worst, average, and best-case economic conditions. In each situation, it will be crucial to concentrate on both the downturn and recovery to help organizations recover swiftly and effectively.

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