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About Dynamic Group

Dynamic Group is one of the best leaders in Resettlement and Global Mobility Services. The organization was established in 1977 and has over 45 years of in-depth knowledge and experience into the service areas of Immigration, Recruitment and Outsourcing for different verticals.

Dynamic Group is renowned for successfully placing over 350,000 applicants in over 24 countries through various visa categories and our main aim is to help aspiring professionals make their foreign immigration dream come true. Our team of highly skilled professionals are committed to offering the best immigration solutions to relocate anywhere globally.

WHY Dynamic Group?

  • At Dynamic Group, the diverse and experienced team of over 250+ professionals in more than 15 countries works together to provide you with complete assistance for your immigration needs.
  • Dynamic Group is carrying vast knowledge about immigration policies with an excellent record of visa approvals.
  • Having the finest group of expert Immigration professionals and panel CICC registered representatives.
  • Having in-house IELTS academy to provide personalized and well-structured IELTS courses.
  • Avail fully structured Pre and Post landing service assistance.

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To make the transition period much smoother we offer you a professional range of pre & post landing service assistance.


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May 21, 2022

Express Entry: Things to Know before July 2022

Express Entry draws for candidates for the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Canadian Experience Class are scheduled to resume in early July 2022. On April 22, Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser made the above announcement. It represents a significant shift in the recent Canadian immigration landscape and is very encouraging considering ...

May 19, 2022

An immigrant's guide to buying a car

An immigrant's guide to buying a car Now that you're situated in Canada, you wish to buy a car. Car shopping can be intimidating. Where can I find a good car? How can I tell if it's alright? Should I start negotiating? How do I change the ownership to my ...

Apr 30, 2022

Canada Express Entry draws for FSW and CEC to resume in July

Canada Express Entry draws for FSW and CEC to resume in July: In early July of 2022, Express Entry draws for Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) candidates will resume. On April 22, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser made the announcement, which will bring the FSW and CEC draws back ...


What are the benefits of a Canadian immigration visa? +

What are the best ways to immigrate to Canada? +

Who is eligible to get a Canadian Permanent Residence? +

What is Canada's Economic Immigration Category? +

Canada’s economic immigration category is a popular and quick pathway for skilled professionals to get permanent residence in Canada. Under this category, individuals with managerial, technical and other occupational skills and trades can apply for a Canadian Permanent Residence. The immigration programs mentioned below are counted in the economic immigration categories.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

Does Federal Skilled Worker Program allow an individual to apply for permanent residence in Canada?+

In Canada, Express Entry System invites applicants to apply for permanent residence through a draw system. Since FSWP comes under Express Entry System, after getting the invitation to apply (ITA), the applicants can apply for permanent residence for Canada.

What is CRS in the context of Canadian immigration? +

CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System is a unique and successful point based system to calculate the rank of the applicants in the express entry pool. In CRS, the applicants get points based on their age, qualification, work experience and language expertise. Based on the comprehensive ranking system score of the applicants IRCC issues Invitation to apply (ITA) to the express entry candidates to apply Canadian permanent residence.

How do applicants get points in CRS? +

CRS has a total of 1200 points that are distributed among different skills and factors. The core human capital factors such as education, language proficiency, age, and experience have a total score of 500 and Skill transferability factors have 100 points. Rest 600 points are assigned to candidates from Provincial Nominee Program. Applicants can claim additional points from some factors such Canadian education, provincial nomination, proficiency in the French language, siblings in Canada as permanent resident or citizen to increase CRS score. Provincial nomination fetch 600 additional points and increases the CRS score of the applicants.

What is the minimum required CRS score for Express Entry System? +

The applicant must meet one of the economic immigration programs and score 67 or more points to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry System.

Is it possible for the applicants to improve or change CRS? +

CRS score depends on different skills and factors, so it's not fixed and can be changed. To improve the CRS score, the applicants can work on their skills such work experience, education and language proficiency.Provincial nominee program is the best way to improve CRS.

How does CRS count the education of an individual from another country? +

In case of an individual has completed his education from any other country and now planning for Canadian immigration, then his education will be evaluated according to the ECA assessment. ECA is a must for a foreign degree, diploma or certificate holders when they apply under Federal Skilled Worker Class. This education assessment also applies to the immigration of spouses and other family members with a degree from a foreign university.

Is it a must for Canadian immigration applicants to travel to Canada to complete the immigration process? +

Travelling to Canada to complete the immigration process is not mandatory in all cases. Visiting and exploring Canada helps the applicants apply for Canadian immigration under Entrepreneur Class. They can also participate in provinces’ sponsored sessions to gather more information about the area and its business requirements.

Is having relatives in Canada help in Canadian immigration? +

If a Canadian resident is your close family member, you can apply for Canadian immigration through the family sponsorship program.

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