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10 Recruitment Trends to Keep An Eye On

Over the years, the recruitment process has evolved from a simple application form and interview to a more complex one that includes psychometric tests, personality profiling, behavioral assessments, and even physical examinations.

According to a recruitment agency in India, the most common way of hiring is through job or career fairs, where companies recruit candidates in person. This method is very effective as it allows you to meet potential employees face-to-face and get a better feel for their personalities. However, this method can be time-consuming and expensive. Another disadvantage of this method is that many people are uncomfortable attending these events.

Online recruitment methods have become increasingly popular over the past few years. They allow employers to reach out to many applicants at once without spending money on travel expenses. Some online platforms also offer free services such as resume scanning and screening.

So with all these exciting changes, what can we expect from the Staffing & Recruitment industry? What will be the hiring trends for a recruitment agency in India that we will see more of in 2023? Let’s find out!

1. Alliance with Artificial Intelligence

There is a lot of buzz about AI’s effect on jobs, but it’s not just the jobs; AI is improving the lives of recruiters in the Middle East and job seekers.

According to researchgate, 36% of hiring processes have pre-screen through AI. As AI is significantly related to the employer’s branding, it also substantially attracts the best talent.

Some of the developments have been gradual, and others have been nimble. Hiring talent is not just about paper resumes and phone interviews anymore. But the focus is shifting to skills assessments and virtual consultations.

The trend is shifting from taking chances to precise screening and intelligent selection. Talent Acquisition staff of organizations and recruitment companies in the Middle East are following the trends.

2. Consider Recruitment Tactical Strategies

Finding, attracting, and retaining top talent requires a strategic approach that targets multiple aspects of the candidate’s character. Although compensation and wages rank top, the work-life balance, flexibility, career advancement, and benefits are all crucial elements in a candidate’s decision to join a company. Generation Y tends to be more mobile and socially conscious, while Gen-Xers are more experienced and steady, which is evident in retention statistics.

Effectively adjusting the mix of benefits and wages to the population is crucial. Additional benefits such as telecommuting, remote working transport programs such as profit-sharing pay cards, and flexible incentive plans can be integrated into an attractive compensation and benefits plan that allows flexibility and loyalty. It encourages engagement and, eventually, retention.

3. Maintaining a pool of talent

Specific organizations also offer job seekers a ‘job seeker’s training’ for those who have not been selected to demonstrate their commitment to the candidate’s success, even though they are not part of the company. It helps in inducing brand loyalty and including potential candidates in a talent pool that can be used for future hiring.

With this, recruitment agencies in India shorten the entire recruitment process as these candidates have already been screened and shortlisted based on their skill set and suitability to the job openings. The company will not require the rigorous process of inviting applications and shortlisting them to match the job’s criteria.

4. Transparent and Ethical Hiring

In today’s competitive market, innovative companies understand the importance of nurturing a culture where employees feel valued and appreciated. This is why ethical recruiting practices are becoming increasingly important for employers. In fact, according to LinkedIn, over half of job seekers believe that transparency about compensation and benefits helps them make better career decisions.

However, many organizations still struggle to communicate clearly about salaries and incentives. And while some may claim that they do not discriminate based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, etc., others may inadvertently be doing so.

5. Focus on Retention Based Hiring

Recruitment agencies in India always find ways to reduce costs. Turnover is expensive. From initiating the screening process until finalizing their legalization permit, i.e., offer letters, work permits, and medical insurance, involve costs that can only be profitable if an employee fulfills their term with the organization.

Turnover also creates delays, and productivity losses hurt the team and organization’s morale and create stress on the immediate team, including legal and HR issues ramifications.

For the same reasons, retention-based hiring will be an important recruitment trend in 2023 for the best recruitment agencies overseas instead of simply filling the position. Don’t just hire because it needs to fill the seat, and look for the leader that will help you get the job done tomorrow.

Be proactive and future-resistant. Try to enhance the knowledge and skill you need to execute necessary functions for now and in the future.

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