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If you are looking for an overseas job, you must look for the best abroad job consultancy. The world is full of opportunities then why look for the best one within the boundaries of your country? Companies and hiring managers are after the talent, not the nationality. So you have a golden chance to work in a different country on better package and facilities.

A trusted and experienced abroad job consultancy in India can help you to get the right overseas job. Countries like India have talented professionals. On the other hand, countries like the UK, US, Dubai, and others have vacancies. An overseas job consultancy helps both; job providers and job seekers.

Top international recruitment consultants can get the right talent placed at the right company. The demand for skilled and semi-skilled professionals is high in foreign countries. So to get an overseas job, all you need to do is, contact the best overseas job consultancy. The best international recruitment consultants have contacts in companies in different countries. Hence, it has a list of international openings. The team at abroad job consultancy sends the job seeker's resume to the most suitable employer.

The overseas job consultants are also well-versed with the rules and formal documents. They generally know the official rule to get a work permit for any country. So they can help the job seeker in India to complete the formalities as well. The right choice of abroad job consultancy can get you a job and cut down your headache of formalities.

International Recruitment Consultants Serving Globally

Traveling abroad for work is not difficult anymore. However, we will have to agree that foreign companies pay better salaries and ease of living is higher in developed countries compared to developing ones. So working in these countries is a dream of many.

A top overseas job consultancy is developed to address the need for staffing from employers. It also guides Indian talent to get senior and middle management jobs abroad. Global companies find Indian talent promising and look to hire more people from India. However, overseas recruitment is costly for companies. So they take help from the overseas job consultants in India. The best abroad job consultancy is the one that deals with top global companies. It's also a must that the consultant has a good placement track record.

The recruitment process of the best abroad job consultancy is result-based. It offers a solution to the employer and job seekers. The overseas job consultant makes sure the talent must get a job. The various global vacancies they have, help them in placement around the globe. So, international recruitment consultants have to be present in many countries to deliver the right talent to the right job. The pioneering presence of any overseas recruitment agency in the Indian market makes it easier to fetch Indian talent and place it in the correct position.

Key Steps Involves in Overseas Placements

Recruitment is a crucial function for a company, and when you want an overseas talent, it becomes more challenging. From a job seekers' perspective also, it's not easy to get an overseas placement. In this scenario, an overseas job consultancy works as a savior. Global companies approach the best international recruitment consultant for the vacancies they have. Let us know about the critical steps involved in overseas placement;

Step 1:

Firstly, a company sends its human resources requirements to abroad job consultancy with a job description. The recruitment team understands the need, evaluates the unwritten demand, and grabs information on the company's culture.

Step 2:

Recruiters at overseas job consultancy start their search for the ideal match for their client by digging out the consultancy's database. Then, they ask for references to find the right candidate. Online job portals also have a vast database of overseas job seekers that can help abroad consultancy.

Step 3:

On finding the right candidate's resume, the recruiter arranges a telephonic interview. It's an initial screening round for candidates. Here the recruiter talks about his skills and also educates him about the overseas job opening he has. The recruiter understands what kind of work the job seeker can do and checks where he can fit him. He also educates the job seeker about work culture in the company, practical challenges involved with the job, and reallocation.

Step 4:

The recruiter introduces his profile to the employer if the candidate is acceptable with the available opening. Then, he sends a resume with personal inputs and waits for the client's confirmation.

Step 5:

The client generally takes 1 or 2 telephonic or skype interviews to check the candidate's communication, soft skills, and knowledge. Then, based on the candidates' performance, the client contacts the abroad consultancy in India and shares the feedback.

Step 6:

On selection, the aspirant gets the job offer from the employer. The best overseas job consultant in India will also guide you after getting a job offer for reallocation to a foreign country. The consultant will regularly be in touch with you to ensure comfort in a new land and company.

Benefits when you choose DSS HR as your overseas recruitment partner

Choosing the right overseas job consultants in India is very crucial. It's tough to find a recruitment firm that can get you the most suitable job with help in all formalities and paperwork. DSS HR is the one-stop solution to all your worries about overseas assignments. So let's find out how DSS HR will help you land the proper position in the country of your dreams.

Why Choose DSS HR for Abroad Jobs consultancy in India

A job abroad is the dream of many Indians. In recent years Indians have become a preferred choice of global companies. Skilled and semi-skilled, both kinds of professionals perform well in a foreign land. Indians are working well on many vital roles in big companies. So, opportunities are there for Indians, and all they need is a trusted abroad job consultancy in India. DSS HR has the experience and trust to become your partner to get a job abroad. The overseas job consultancy has clients around the globe and in all sectors. So if you are an engineer or IT person, DSS HR will have an overseas opportunity for you. It's one of the best international recruitment consultants in India. So you can trust us to craft your future abroad.

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