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How to work in Canada without an LMIA

How to work in Canada without an LMIA?

A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is used to determine if hiring an international employee will have a positive or neutral impact on the Canadian labour force. The Temporary Foreign Worker Program encompasses work permits that call for an LMIA (TFWP).

Some foreign workers are permitted to immigrate to Canada without an LMIA. The International Mobility Program applies to these employees (IMP). Promoting Canada’s economic, social, and cultural interests is the goal of the IMP. The IMP, which may be broken down into the following categories, covers several of the most popular LMIA-exempt streams:

Significant benefit

Reciprocal Employment

Charitable and Religious Workers

Significant Benefit

The intended work of the foreign national must be significant or important enough to be regarded as useful to Canada. In deciding who receives a work permit under this category, Canada visa authorities have some liberty. Following are some concrete indicators of “substantial social or cultural gain”

●     A transcript attesting to the foreign employee’s possession of a degree, diploma, certificate, or other accolade from a university or other learning institution relevant to their field of expertise

●     Evidence of the foreign employees’ experience in the occupation or skill area from current or former employers

●     A foreign national has received accolades or patents on the national or international level.

●     Evidence of affiliation with organisations that demand excellence from their members

●     Evidence of honours bestowed for noteworthy accomplishments and achievements to their field

●     Evidence of contributions to science or scholarship in their profession

●     Publications written by the foreign national in scholarly or professional journals

●     Position of leadership in a company with a good reputation

Here are a few of the significant benefit-eligible work permit programs offered by Canada that are exempt from the LMIA.

Entrepreneurs or self – employed persons

An LMIA exemption may be given to entrepreneurs or self-employed individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada in order to launch or operate a business. The applicant for this program must be the only or main owner of the company and must be able to show how the company will significantly benefit Canada. It’s vital to keep in mind that you might only qualify for this kind of work visa if your employment in Canada is relatively temporary.

Intra Company Transfers (ICT)

Intra-Company Transfers allow foreign companies who have a parent company, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate in Canada to send key employees there. The candidate must be a senior or executive manager, a functional manager, or a staff member with specific understanding of the company’s goods, services, operations, and protocols.


Citizens of the United States and Mexico are eligible to apply for work permits under the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA), which waives the requirement for an LMIA.

According to CUSMA, there are four types of temporary employment covered:

●     Candidates that meet the requirements to work in one of the 60 or so selected professions are known as CUSMA Professionals.

●     Employees who are moving to Canada to work for a branch, subsidiary, or affiliate of a US or Mexican business and who meet the ICT requirements are considered intra-company transfers under the CUSMA.

●     Workers who come to Canada to do commerce in goods or services between Canada and their nation of citizenship—either the US or Mexico—are known as CUSMA Traders.

●     Investors immigrate to Canada to build and manage a new or existing Canadian firm that they have made a sizable investment in. They are called CUSMA Investors.


Certain business travellers, investors, ICTs, service providers, and independent professionals are permitted to enter Canada without an LMIA under the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

Workers in the TV and film industries

Production companies for television and film are allowed to import workers into Canada if they can prove that the job, foreign worker will be doing is crucial to the project.

Reciprocal Employment

Reciprocal employment agreements let foreign workers to work in Canada where there are comparable chances for reciprocal employment overseas for Canadians. These agreements may take the following forms:

International Agreements: Canadians must significantly profit from hiring foreign workers.

International exchange programs: This program allows young people from other countries to work in Canada.

Religious and charitable workers:

Charitable Worker

The definition of charity is the alleviation of poverty, the advancement of education, or certain other community-beneficial goals. Foreign workers may be eligible to work in Canada for a group that is not registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) despite this being a strong indication that the company is charitable in character.

Religious Personnel

The foreign national must belong to or adhere to the same religion as the community in which they will be employed. One specific religious goal, such as teaching or promoting a religion or faith, would be the major responsibilities of the foreign worker.

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