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CRS Falls by 17 points in the Second Express Entry Draw  

Canada operated its second Express Entry draw on January 18, 2023. The number of issued ITAs in the draw was similar to the first draw of the year, i.e., 5,500. Although a steep drop by 17 points was seen in the CRS score in the second draw. The first draw marked the CRS score of 507.

In the second Express Entry draw of 2023, the IRCC issued the ITAs to 5,500 candidates with a CRS score of 490. The CRS score fell by 17 points in the second EE draw, i.e., 490. All the candidates meeting the CRS score released by the IRCC were invited to apply. The IRCC offered the ITAs to candidates from all the programs under the Express Entry. Three major programs come under the Express Entry, renowned as FSWP, FSTP, and CEC.

This draw has been a surprise for everyone. In general, EE draws are conducted twice a week. However, this is the first time IRCC has conducted the EE for consecutive weeks. Operating draws for consecutive weeks indicate that the government wants to fill Canada’s labour gap quickly. Issuing the 11,000 ITAs in a single month marks a new record in the express entry system since its inception in 2025. The last record was set in January 2021 by issuing 10,000 ITAs.

The candidate who applies via any program under the Express Entry System is likely to get the PR within six months. Six months is the standard time for processing the PR application of EE candidates. Among all the skilled immigration pathways, EE holds the fastest service standard. Notably, this is for candidates who meet the program’s minimum requirements and CRS score.

Creating Categories for the Upcoming Targeted Draws: IRCC 

In the year 2023, the IRCC plans to conduct targeted draws to fulfill the economic needs of Canada. Therefore, the government will create categories based on the attributes like education level, work experience, language proficiency, etc. It would be easy to meet the economic and labor market needs most efficiently by categorizing the candidate based on such factors. This will help to fill the workforce shortage promptly throughout Canada.

The IRCC may conduct the draws for specific occupations and industries, particularly for the EE candidates. In these draws, candidates in the EE pool having work experience in the same occupation will be highly preferred, irrespective of their CRS score. This initiative will help the government to grapple with the workforce shortage quickly.

In addition to the above, the IRCC is also planning to make a dedicated category for international students. In this category, international students will be qualified to apply for Canadian PR through the express entry system. International students who have obtained education in the in-demand domain would be able to secure Canadian PR.

The IRCC will be integrating one more category named Temporary residents. In this category, the IRCC will prefer those candidates who have previously worked in Canada and can be valuable assets to the Canadian workforce.

How can You Apply for Canadian PR via Express Entry System?

Express Entry comes out as one of the fastest ways to obtain a Canadian PR if you are a skilled worker. The Express Entry System works to manage the application of three economic programs. These programs are prominent as FSWP, FSTP, CEC, and PNP under the express entry system

Once you meet any program requirement, you can apply under the same. You will be added to the pool of applicants for the same program under which you applied. Once you are in the pool, you will be allotted a CRS score based on your age, education level, language ability, experience, etc.

The highest CRS-scoring candidates will get the ITA through which they can apply for Canadian PR. Once you have the ITA, you are required to send the application with all the mandatory documents to the IRCC. The IRCC will go through your application to verify all the documents. If the application is approved, you will be a permanent resident of Canada.

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