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These two Indian Cities Will Get Special Attention From Canada in the Visa Processing Infra.

In easing the Visa for Canada situation, the Canadian Government has decided to upgrade the infrastructure of Visas. Under Canada’s Indo-Pacific strategy, they have included Delhi and Chandigarh. They will be doing targeted draws for skilled immigrants. In 2023, the Government will cherry-pick eligible candidates with the most in-demand skills.  

Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship of Canada, Sean Fraser stated, “Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy will have an enormous impact on our economic potential, including promoting immigration that will strengthen ties between people in Canada and the region through immigration.” 

He added, “We will also strengthen recruitment efforts through our international student program to attract the skills we need to support our economy and strengthen ties with people across the region,”

Furthermore, he said, “As we continue to meet our ambitious admission targets, this funding will play a crucial role in aiding our government’s efforts to reduce processing times and maintain Canada’s position as a destination of choice for newcomers.

About its engagement with India, he stated, “Canada will grow its economic ties, including through deeper trade and investment, as well as cooperate on building resilient supply chains seek to expand market access by concluding an Early Progress Trade Agreement (EPTA) as a step toward a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement.”

Adding more to it, he stated, “It will create a Canada-India desk within the Trade Commissioner Service to promote the implementation of the EPTA for businesses and investors looking to enter the Indian market or for those partnering with Indian businesses to invest in and connect people, including by bolstering Canada’s visa-processing capacity in New Delhi and Chandigarh.”

In the meantime, for the first time, Canada has decided to take out draws for skilled immigrants starting next year, i.e., 2023. This procedure will allow them to cherry-pick applicants with the most in-demand skills according to their requirements. Moreover, for the regions or provinces that need the most workers, the federal immigration department has been working harder. 

This concept’s key focus is recruiting more doctors and nurses. However, only those provinces make it easier for health workers to validate their foreign certifications. Therefore, they can start practicing once they arrive, as stated by Sean Fraser. 

Fraser added, “We can do a targeted draw beginning in 2023. That will allow us to select workers by the sector they work in and the part of Canada they are going to! This means we can bring a greater focus to welcome more healthcare workers … in jurisdictions that will allow them to practice.”

Candidates who are economic immigrants get ranked based on their education status, language, and other skills. Those with the highest overall score will be invited to apply for Canada PR status. This enormous change will allow Canada to filter out specific sectors and skills, especially if they want to immigrate to one province. 

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