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Why should you join the Express Entry pool now?

Express Entry draws have resumed, meaning candidates eligible for all programs have the chance to apply for permanent residence.

On July 6, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) invited a total of 1,500 Express Entry candidates to apply for permanent residence. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) cut-off score was 557.

On December 23, 2020, the last all-program draw held before the pause, IRCC issued 5,000 Invitations to Apply (ITAs). After that, IRCC only held program-specific draws for Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and PNP candidates. Draws for CEC candidates were then paused after September 21, 2021 because IRCC could no longer process CEC applications within the six-month service standard.

Here are some crucial things to think about if you’re debating joining the pool at this time now that Express Entry is back in operation.

In six months, new Express Entry applications to be processed:

According to Sean Fraser, minister of immigration, the IRCC may now process new Express Entry applications in six months.

According to publicly-available IRCC briefing materials, between September 2021 and February 2022, IRCC was able to get rid of over 50,000 persons from its database. The paper, which had to be signed by March 31, 2022, stated that while IRCC’s Express Entry inventory is sufficient to achieve 2022 levels goals, IRCC would need to start sending invites between July and September in order to fulfil 2023 levels.

The 2022-2024 Immigration Levels Plan states that the IRCC plans to accept 55,900 Express Entry applicants in 2022 who do not have PNPs. Then, IRCC plans to admit 75,750 of these applicants in 2023. The targets are anticipated to increase upto 111,500 by 2024. To reach the 2024 goals, IRCC will need to considerably expand draw sizes well in advance. By November 1, when the new multi-year immigration levels plan must be laid out, these plans may be modified.

All this to imply, we know that enrollment in these programs will continue to grow in accordance with the level’s plan targets. The ability of IRCC to sustain this standard, as well as Canada’s need for immigrants, will most likely continue to impact draw sizes.

Canada requires immigrants.

The most current assessment of Canada’s labour market emphasises the country’s need for new immigrants. In June, Canada’s labour force dropped, owing primarily to adults aged 55 and older exiting the workforce and fewer persons looking for work. At the same time, there are approximately 1 million job openings in Canada, owing primarily to the need for summer employment.

We’ve known for a long time that Canada’s 9 million baby boomers would reach retirement age this decade. According to a recent RBC survey, one-third of Canadians are retiring early, and three out of every ten pre-retirees are shifting their retirement date due to the pandemic.

Simultaneously, Canada’s fertility rate fell to a historic low of 1.4 children per woman in 2020. To replenish itself, a population requires 2.1 kids per woman. Below that, the new generation of natural-born Canadians will be insufficient to replace retirees departing the labour sector.

One strategy for addressing labour shortages is to welcome a large number of immigrants. Every year, Canada hopes to increase its population by around 1% through immigration. The bulk of these immigrants are economically disadvantaged. Until this year, Express Entry was the primary route for new immigrants. According to the current level plan, Express Entry will be the primary program again by 2024.

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