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Acquire International Work Experience and Exposure via IEC

Having international experience and exposure can increase the weightage of your resume. Therefore, thousands of candidates immigrate to various nations to get international experience and boost their skills, language proficiency, and talent. So, if you are also planning to move out to grab international experience, Canada is awaiting you. Once you have international experience, you can secure a high-paying job with a higher position and ultimate perks. 

Now, you must be thinking, how can you immigrate to Canada from your native country in 2023? Take a deep breath; IEC has got you covered. 

IEC stands for International Experience Class. This pathway allows the citizens of 36 partnering countries to work and travel to Canada. By obtaining the work permit under any stream of this program, you can work travel and work throughout Canada. However, to attain the work permit under any of the streams of the program, you must be a citizen of 36 partnering countries. 

Note: IEC program has started accepting applications for the 2023 year. If you are eager to add some international experience while traveling and exploring different cultures, apply for the IEC program today only. 

Last year, the concerned authorities announced that there would be an expansion in figures for the candidates from the next year. From 2023, the IEC program will be accepting applications from close to 90,000. You must be from any of the 36 partnering countries to apply under this program. This program allows only those candidates who are from the partnering countries. If your country doesn’t fall on the list of 36 partner countries, you can opt for any different pathway.

The core motive of this program is to enable the youth of 36 partnering countries to consume international work experience and exposure. You can secure ultimate benefits and perks once your application is approved under this program-

  • Travel anywhere throughout Canada
  • Obtaining international work experience
  • Exploring different cultures and food
  • Building connections

Increasing the number of applicants under this program will also assist in confronting the labor shortage in Canada, especially in the tourism sector. The most affected sector due to the pandemic is tourism. The tourism sector suffered a lot during the pandemic because of travel restrictions.

How should you apply under the International Experience Class? 

As mentioned earlier, you must be from any 36 eligible countries to obtain the work permit under any stream of this program. Countries that have signed the Bilateral Youth Mobility Agreement with Canada are qualified for this program. There are broadly three streams that are associated with this program. You can obtain a Canadian work permit under any stream that aligns with your personal requirements and necessities. These three popular streams are:

Working Holiday Stream: By opting for the working holiday stream, you can acquire a work permit for up to 2 years. Under this stream, you are eligible to work for any Canadian employer in any industry. Also, you hold the privilege of switching companies.

Young Professional Stream: If you go with this stream, you can gain an employer-specific work permit. Under this stream, you are mandated to work for a specific employer throughout your stay in Canada. Notably, it would be best if you chose this stream only when you have a job offer letter from a Canadian employer and are ready to work for a single employer.

International Co-op Internship stream: This work permit is similar to the employer-specific work permit. You will work for a specific employer during your stay in this stream. The core motive of this stream is to help international students get experience related to their studies. Besides, students will also be paid during their internship as per Canadian labor laws.

To get a work permit under any stream of this program, you need to create an IEC profile. You should create an IEC profile only if you meet the listed eligibility requirements. Once you have created an IEC profile, you need to submit it to the IEC pool. If the concerned authorities find you an appropriate candidate meeting their requirements, you will get an “Invitation to Apply.” Follow the “Invitation to Apply” to get a Canadian work permit.

You will receive the work permit under the specific stream only if your application gets approved. Also, you will be staying and working in Canada for an approved duration. Once you hit the approved duration, you will have to come back.

Who is Eligible for the International Experience Class? 

You can apply under this program only if you are standing in line with this program’s eligibility requirements. If you align with the below-listed requirements of this program, you can apply under the same. There is no substitute available to get the work permit under this program if you don’t stand with the basic criteria. Kindly refer to the below-listed table to know about the eligibility criteria of IEC Canada-

  • You must be a citizen of 36 partner countries that have signed a youth mobility agreement with Canada.
  • You hold a valid passport of any partnering country for your stay in Canada.
  • You have funds equivalent to CAD 2,500 to sustain your expenses during your stay in Canada.
  • You stand in line with any of the age ranges, such as (18-29, 18-30, and 18-35) during application submission.
  • You are not accompanying your dependents such as spouse, children, siblings, and parents.
  • You have a round-trip ticket from your native country to Canada or have enough resources to arrange a departure ticket.
  • You are legally allowed to enter Canada.
  • You are paying all the required fees to the concerned authorities to get a work permit under this program.
  • You are capable of getting health insurance for the period of your stay in Canada.

Also, Canada is all set to invite 1.45 million new economic immigrants by the end of 2025. Inviting economic immigrants into the country is the only way to grapple with the workforce shortage. The workforce shortage has taken a toll in Canada after the pandemic. Therefore, Canada is welcoming immigrants substantially.

Also, candidates adding Canadian work experience to their resumes through IEC might further find themselves eligible for Canada PR. Once you have Canadian work experience, you are eligible under the various pathways, such as Canadian Experience Class (CEC) under the Express Entry System.

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