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Top highest-paying healthcare jobs in Canada

Canada comes to mind as one of the best destinations for immigrants. There are a lot of benefits Canada PR offers to its immigrants such as good-paying jobs, safety, health benefits, etc. Getting the privileges that Canada’s permanent residence visa offers to its immigrants is rarely offered by any other country. Therefore, over time, Canada is becoming a top-notch country for immigrants. There are several highest-paying jobs in the healthcare sector that could align with your skill set.

Besides, Canada is also looking for immigrants substantially because of the aging population and low birth rate factors. According to reports, from the year 2022 to 2024, the federal government will offer Canadian PR visas to more than 1.3 million new people. There are many positions vacant that are required to be filled in Canada. There are some in-demand and high-paying jobs in Canada available.  

Today, in this blog, we are going to see the top 10 highest-paying jobs in Canada. However, before you opt for any Canadian job make sure-

  • You have the relevant skills and experience.
  • Your educational background aligns with the job’s requirements.
  • You are willing to work as per the requirement of the employer.

The salaries given in the blog for each occupation are just for your knowledge. These figures will give you an idea that how much you can earn under a specific occupation. The exact salary will depend on factors like-

  • Skill set
  • Educational background
  • Years of experience and
  • Knowledge

Some of the highest-paying healthcare jobs in Canada in 2022 and 2023 are 

  1. Cardiologist- A doctor that holds the expertise in diagnosing and treating the heart- related medical conditions. Cardiologists functions to address the diseases like stroke, hypertension, and blocked arteries. However, becoming a cardiologist is not that easy. There will be so many ups and down you will be going through. Although, once you have become a cardiologist, you earn a lot throughout your life.  
  • You will have to acquire a medical degree from a good medical college.
  • Once you are graduated, you will have to proceed with the residency training program.
  • A residency training program may take up to 5 years that specialize in heart-related conditions.
  • Thereafter, kindly enroll yourself in the college of physicians and surgeons.

Average salary- After becoming a certified cardiologist, you can earn up to $280,591 per annum.

  • Anesthesiologist- A anesthesiologist is the type of doctor that aims to keep the patient safe and unconscious during surgery. They hold expertise in managing pain and anesthesia. To serve as an anesthesiologist, you need to-
  • Complete and get a medical degree from a medical college.
  • Apply for a residency training program focusing on anesthesiology.
  • During training and medical college, they get knowledge of the lungs, heart, kidney, and liver.

Average salary- If you are an anesthesiologist, you may get an average salary of $358,908 every year.

  • Psychiatrist- Someone who treats mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders. They hold in-depth knowledge of treating and preventing mental health conditions. Diseases like ADHD, depression and anxiety are treated by the psychiatrist. They prescribe medications anxiolytics, stimulants, and anti-depression to treat mental health disorders. 
  • You need to get a medical degree from a recognized and licensed medical school. 
  • During the residency program, you will be learning specifically about mental health. 

Average salary- working as a psychiatrist in Canada can offer you up to $298,065 every year.

  • Physician- A physician is someone who helps in treating health-related issues. Although, there are many types of physicians exist. You get the right to finalize your specialization according to your area of interest. Once you are a certified physician, you can choose to work in a hospital, clinic, or family practice. 
  • To become a surgeon, you will have to get a degree from a licensed college. 
  • Then, you will have to enroll yourself in a residency program. 
  • Once you complete your training program, you can work as a physician. 

Average salary- Having a degree and experience as a physician can help you to secure up to $254,847 per annum.

  • Surgeon- As the name suggests, a surgeon is someone who has the expertise in doing surgery. You as a surgeon perform several duties such as operating, supervising, and assisting with post-surgery care. 
  • Firstly, you will have to get a medical degree from an accredited university. 
  • After getting a degree, you will have to opt for residency programs for years. 
  • Out of these five years, you will have to study a surgical specialty. 

Average salary- In Canada, you can earn up to $279,646 by working as a surgeon.

  • Orthodontist- Orthodontist comes out as one of the popular highest paying jobs in Canada. Canada immigration 2023 can serve you the opportunity to secure a good-paying job. When you work as an orthodontist, your major function is to treat misaligned teeth. There are several tools that align with your occupation such as braces, retainers, and Invisalign.
  • You will have to get a degree from a medical college that specializes in teaching orthodontists.
  • Once you are a certified orthodontist, you will have to enroll yourself with the dental regulatory body.
  • The dental regulations must be of the same province and territory where you are planning to work.

Average salary- By opting for work as an orthodontist, you may get salary of up to $209,373 per annum.

  • Pharmacist- As you all know, the pharmacist is someone who provides information on how to use, preserve and store medicines. They aim to fill the prescriptions offered by healthcare professionals. Also, they assist in testing and researching new medicines.
  • To become a pharmacist, you will have to get a degree in pharmacy.
  • Thereafter, you will have to take the training from another pharmacist.
  • Besides, you will have to register yourself with the regulatory body of a specific province and territory.

Average salary- Once you are a certified pharmacist, you can get an average salary of $105,088 yearly.

Above-listed jobs were some of the highest-paying healthcare jobs in Canada. If you are willing to become part of this emerging nation, you can opt for Canada PR. There is a procedure that you will have to follow to obtain Canadian PR. Canada is actively looking for candidates from different sectors such as IT, finance, healthcare, and many more. Canadian immigration 2022-2023 can become your chance to get the PR. We hope, this blog serves you the information you are looking for. In case of any concerns regarding Canadian PR and immigration, you can connect with us.

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