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Offshore Staff Leasing Process

Recruitment +

  • Vendor will present multiple cv's for the open positions to the client. Client will conduct Skype / telephonic interview to finalize the candidate.
  • The selected candidate will be on the payroll of the vendor.

Placement +

  • Candidate will be placed at the premises of the vendor./li>
  • Vendor will provide the necessary training, computer, telephone, other equipment, internet, access to portals at no additional cost to the client.

Reporting +

  • Candidate will report directly to the client. Client will give to the candidate tasks, goals.
  • Candidate will be a Full Time Employee of the client, except sitting in an offiste location.

Supervision +

  • For every 6 employees, vendor will hire a supervisor whose cost wil be paid by the client. In most cases, supervisors are not rwquired.

Contingency +

  • Vendor will have enough candidate on its payroll/ bench that incase a candidate leave or is absent for more than the allowed dates, an immediate replacement will be placed. In the mean time, recruitment process for a new candidate will start.

Billing +

  • One month advance will be paid. Billing will happen on a monthly basis. All invoices will be paid within 15 days without any exception. If the invoices are not paid, the resources will be removed immediately.
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