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Outsourcing Trades


Webmasters Start

Whenever you need an enthusiastic and committed workforce to work on a small or large site, DSS’s virtual employees can provide you the proficient human capital for your work. Our Webmasters are skilled with HTML, CMS, and more. They are qualified and proficient in the latest SEO techniques to help you augment your website.

Design Engineers

DSS provides you with a strong virtual team that is experienced in website designing, graphic designing, SEO and Corporate Branding for small businesses and organizations.

Web Developers

DSS’s web developers have a vast experience in working on latest technologies like HTML, MySQL, and PHP and are capable of learning new technologies that are required for corporate website development and programming. Moreover, our offices in different locations equip them with fast computers and internet that speed up their work and output.

Software Developer

DSS’s Software developers are experts in the process of specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components.

SEO Specialists

DSS provides committed SEO specialists for SEO and everything related, such as primary website valuation and review, keyword research and implementation, SEO friendly copywriting, competitive analysis, CMS, link building, and reporting.

Data Encoders

DSS has an experienced outsourced team of data encoders that are skilled in assisting companies that are in the business of converting paper-based data into electronic information to make the data organized and well formatted. We provide a variety of services as our data entry solutions such as data entry conversions, computer data processing, data mining/researching, data capture, document imaging, remote data entry, proofreading, and more.

Cad Operators

Our expert Cad Operators create drawings based on the specifications provided by designers, architects, and engineers. Candidate will receive sketches or instructions from these professionals, and he has to translate it onto the CAD software.

Human Resource

Payroll Specialists

DSS has an excellent team for offshore payroll with an extensive background in processing labor information and data by creating comprehensive spreadsheets. The team consists of specialists in the field with in-depth knowledge of HR policies and trends with an extensive working experience with different kinds of administrative software.

Senior Executive Recruiters

DSS’s senior executive recruiters assist you in hiring the right talent for the right job including C-level talent and senior management candidates. Our recruiters possess years of extensive training and experience that make them recruit the technically skilled people.


Virtual Assistants

DSS’s outsourced team is here to help small, and big businesses manage their time in a much more efficient way in the administrative tasks, such as bookkeeping, word processing, payroll, and many more.


DSS offers a variety of highly innovative and resourceful writers in several fields and styles. Our outsourced team of creative writers has experience in web and SEO copywriting, Corporate Presentation, and more. The team is experienced in marketing focused copywriting that will help you in building your brand name, improve sales and help you stand out in the marketplace both offline and online.

Call Center Agents

DSS’s offshore call center agents are here to assist you with telesales, telemarketing, outbound campaigns and much more. We have a well-trained team of agents for your call center needs.

Contact Center Agents

Our Customer Support, Technical Support & Help Desk workforce assist you with all types of customer service, customer support and much more. We have a team of extensive inbound and outbound contact center experience for all your contact center needs.

Support Staff

Our support staff has the required expertise to assist your workforce with routine office tasks such as filing paperwork, checking data, and much more. DSS’s support staff assists you with all your administrative support needs.

Research Analysts

Our experienced team of research analysts assists you in analyzing and interpreting data for different business functions including marketing, sales, finance, and HR.

Online Marketing

DSS’s online marketing experts are well versed in promoting and spreading awareness about specific products within the company’s portfolio via the internet/ Online.

Travel Desk Managers

Our experienced travel desk managers are responsible for coordinating and Handling Air, Train Ticketing, Hotel Reservations, etc.

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