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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum contract that you require? +

There is no contract in place. We however require a 60 day (2 month) notice for termination. This is because the leased resource has to be given adequate notice as well.

Will you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement? +

Yes, we are open to NDA as we are committed to protecting both our privacy.

Why choose DSS Offshore Outsourcing? +

Generally, the cost to company per employee is generally double that of their salary (overheads etc). Not only do you get a huge salary break, you save on overheads. Outsourcing decreases your cost which increases your profitability.

Why should one opt for offshore outsourcing instead of domestic or local workforce? +

The main reason for offshore outsourcing is the lower cost as explained above.

Does the employee work only for me? +

Yes, the employee works ONLY for you. They are your dedicated employee except they don’t sit in your premises, they sit in ours. You will have full access to the staff through email, chat, and phone. You give them tasks and assess their performance.

Will I be able to contact my staff supervisor directly? +

Yes, you can talk to the supervisors anytime. We even encourage the conversation between you and them so that staff issues are resolved easily and timely.

Who owns the rights over my projects? +

The rights of your project belong to you only, and we will ask for your permission before we show the portfolios to our potential clients.

Do you provide systems, desks, and other required equipment? +

Yes, as our quote is inclusive of all, agents’ salary and benefits, meeting area, pantry, locker cabinets, and a desk equipped with computer and office productivity software.

Will I be able to select my candidate? +

Yes, you can interview them and decide your team on your own. Our staff goes through an extensive screening process including specific exams and a background check.

Will some of the sensitive data remain confidential, such as company information, etc.? +

Yes, at DSS, we maintain the honor and integrity of our clients. The staff you hire also sign an NDA so that no data is revealed under any condition.

What happens to my data when my contract is terminated with you? +

After contract termination, DSS would surrender all the account information and data including passwords, customer information, etc. You can change all the passwords to ensure that we don’t have any information with us. Also, DSS will not be accountable for any damage to the data of your company after the contract period is over.

How you make sure that my data is safe from hackers, viruses, and electrical disruptions? +

We enforce the latest online security features along with the updated anti-virus software. Our office building also has sufficient backup power that can provide electricity during sudden power failures.

Do you have a staff that can handle my billing and sending invoices to aberrant clients? +

Yes, our back office professionals are well versed with the common business practices and can handle clients of any and every nature very well.

Will I be able to see your staff's work portfolio? +

Yes, we can send our staff resume upon your inquiry.

Can you provide the timeline for my project to be done? +

The duration of your project depends completely on the complication of your project and the number of staff members it needs.

Do you have a staff that can make some changes in a WordPress theme for my website according to my preference? +

Yes, our web designers are highly skilled in web publishing software including WordPress. You just need to send some necessary files, like the PSD files to the staff and they will start working on that.

Do I get to keep the templates for the logo and web design? +

Yes, we hand over all your files and data to you after your work and contract is over with us.

Do your writers proofread articles and check for grammatical errors and occurrences of plagiarism? +

We care about the quality of the work, and our team of creative writers is responsible for proofreading and check for plagiarism.

How can I ensure that my content is free from plagiarism? +

Though we make sure that the service we provide is of the utmost quality, if you still doubt our services, you can use online plagiarism checker software to check the quality of the content.

Will the writers we hire, know how to navigate and manage web publishing software like WordPress? +

Yes, the creative writers will be well versed with web publishing software such as WordPress, Blogger, and more.

How fast can I get the articles for my website done? +

The complexity, quality, quantity, and nature of the task can determine the duration of any project. It may take hours, to days or weeks to complete a project.

Will the keyword research be included in your services? +

Yes. Our qualified SEO personnel will be responsible for research and incorporation of the most appropriate keywords for your website in the articles.

How will I ensure that the given keywords are good for my site's search engine visibility? +

Our SEO personnel are well versed in their field and the latest trends in the market. They make sure that the keywords used for link building are related to your own website's content and purpose.

Will I get social media marketing services, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.? +

Yes, we provide social media marketing too.

Do you provide staff well versed in languages other than English, such as French, Mandarin, German, etc.? +

All our staff is well versed with the English language and culture. But, our current staff is not fluent in other foreign languages.

Is your company capable of generating leads for us through telemarketing campaign? +

If you give us the leads, we can immediately start contacting clients for you. In case, you want us to create leads for you; we would happily do that with additional service fees. Please contact us for more information about additional service fees.

How long will it take before we can initiate our telemarketing campaign? +

We can immediately begin working for you once all agreements are settled.

I'm based in the UK. However, I'd like to operate in the United States. Would that be possible? +

Yes, being an offshore outsourcing company, we are capable of working anywhere in the world through the latest online technological advances.

Will I be able to train your staff according to our preference? +

Yes, you can train your staff after hiring to ensure the best performance.

Who provides CRM, etc. for the staff I would hire? +

CRM is being provided by our clients.

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