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Outsourcing Cost Saving

So, by using our Offshore Outsourcing Services, you can save upto $32,600 or more per employee.

Item Explanation Onsite Offsite
Recruitment One time cost paid to recruitment agency. $1000 $0
Mobilization Return airfare for candidate $400 $0
Visa cost The visa cost a company bears for each candidate. $1000 $0
Accommodation cost Cost of accommodation given to each staff candidate on a yearly basis.(estimated) $4000 $0
Food cost Most clients provide food to all candidates all year long. (estimated) $1500 $0
Annual leave Leave given with paid airfare. $500 $0
Transportation Moving candidates from accommodation to work place. Unknown $0
Portal membership Membership to naukri.com, monster.com, dice.com, timesjobs.com etc. $5000 $0
Equipment purchase Computer, mobile phone etc. $1000 $0
Salary Basic salary of candidate Onsite $14400 ($1200 / monthly) $10600 ($900 / monthly)
Overhead General rule is that overhead is double of the salary. We shall take it as the same as the salary. $14400  
Total Total cost to company on onsite compared to offsite model $43,200 $10,600
Net cost saving Saving per employee who is offsite compared to onside $32,600
Localization Each foreign employee that works for you from outside the country effects your nationality based visa utilization positively  
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