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What’s better, going overseas to work or working in India?

According to the Expat Insider survey by InterNations conducted in 2021, 59% of Indians working abroad relocated for their career, a much higher share than the global average (47%). Close to one-quarter (23%) found a job independently, 19% were recruited internationally, and 14% were sent by their employer. 3% of people relocated abroad to launch their own business, which is still significantly more than the 2% global average.

“Should I work abroad or in India?” A question that has always invited debates. Moving overseas has a significant influence on both your personal and professional lives. The beginning of an international career and network can come from making a living abroad, but there can also be drawbacks.

Are you thinking about heading abroad for a job? There are plenty of things you should know before living abroad, but working abroad is another beast altogether. In this blog, we talk about both the pros and cons of working abroad.

Pro: Explore the Global Industry

Moving to a different country can help you connect the dots and view the global marketplace from a different viewpoint, especially with e-commerce and international trade playing a significant role in today’s corporate environment. If you decide to return home, your “expertise” in your new country will help you stand out at work. Additionally, you’ll significantly broaden your professional network, ensuring that even if you don’t know the solution, you may contact someone who does.

Con: A Big Adjustment

While some people enjoy change, others find it challenging to make changes. One of the main drawbacks of working overseas is that many people experience culture shock, which is a true phenomenon. Even when you believe you are ready to handle them, a new culture, language, and manner of doing things can all be stressful. You could feel alone after the first exhilaration of moving abroad wears off. You may miss your loved ones, friends, and even common areas like your local sandwich shop or preferred grocery store.

Pro: Earning in Foreign Currency

This is one of the main motivating factors to work abroad. For the same position, the pay scale abroad is substantially higher. People believe that by saving more now, they will be able to live better lives later. Suppose an individual moves from India to America. In that case, they will start earning money in dollars, and as the value of their currency rises, they will start making more money, which will be beneficial in the near future.

Con: Hidden Costs of Living Abroad

From the cost of the plane ticket to the cost of transporting your belongings to your new house, it is heavier on your pockets. But once you get there, the expenses continue. Moving abroad is a big — and continuous — investment, whether figuring out foreign tax systems (or paying for assistance to do so) or contributing to various medical care and social security schemes. Plan for the unexpected, even if you are moving to a place with reduced living expenses.

Pro: Impressive Résumé with international experience.

International job experience may frequently distinguish between two qualified people and can be gratifying on both a personal and professional level. Your work experience abroad represents you as an organized, independent, adventurous candidate for future employers.

Con: Adapting to new norms and laws

Every nation has its laws and working customs. It is challenging to adapt to those norms quickly, but if they are rigid and someone doesn’t try to follow them, they may get into further problems, which might lead to a never-ending cycle.

Pro: Cross-Cultural Communication

You will become a better communicator if you have to navigate the working environment in a different language or even be just a member of a different culture. Working overseas improves that brain-mouth filter by making you more cognizant of the various ways an email or chat could be read rather than hastily sending an email or replying to a conference. Excellent communication skills will be helpful wherever you work.

Con: Increased Exhaustion

Getting used to a new routine can be exhausting for many. You may start to realize how many daily actions you ordinarily accomplish without giving them a second thought, as anything from taking the bus to grabbing lunch becomes a possible mistake. The local etiquette must also be learned, of course. You could notice that everything is different from how you are used to, including tipping and how you greet people.

Over time, you will adjust to the new routine and norms, but depending on where you go and how quickly you pick everything up, you might return home before you do.

Pro: Learn more, grow more.

Working in a different work environment than your country could help you improve your skills and, as a result, your career. According to HSBC’s survey, 71% of people who work abroad when they are under 35 acquire new skills.

Be as receptive to new information as a sponge placed into an intriguing new bucket and learn everything you can from experts in your industry.

Con: Rigidity & Restrictions

Do you love the new country but not enjoying your job? Working overseas may mean that your employment and visa are linked: quitting your job can mean returning home, unlike back home, where you can look about if a role is not for you. Language barriers or a lack of local knowledge may further limit your possibilities for escape, even if a visa does not constrain you.

Like they say, “Every coin has two sides,” yet one must look forward and make decisions based on what works best for you! No matter how many drawbacks it has, one must go ahead in life with a positive outlook toward the positives.

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