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How to Hire Overseas Workers to fill Recruiting Gaps in the UK

The UK is dealing with several issues as it strives to meet the demand for skilled workers. To meet this need, businesses are turning to overseas workers to fill the gaps. However, this development has also led to several problems.

Is your business based in the UK? If yes, before hiring employees from outside the country, you will typically need a sponsor license from UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). Next, to secure overseas workers to fill recruitment gaps in the UK, you must determine what type of worker you need and why. Once you have selected this, you can begin researching companies offering overseas recruitment services. 

They can break down the process and make it more efficient and fast. Dynamic Staffing Services is 45 years old construction recruitment agency in the UK with extensive experience recruiting abroad. 

When it comes to recruitment, many factors influence the workers. Let’s discuss in more depth how you can hire qualified individuals and how DSS can assist you.

Sectors experiencing labor shortages in the UK

The UK’s labor shortage affects all sectors but is most severe in the construction and engineering industry. Companies need help finding employees who can meet their needs.

The BCC reported that 76% of businesses had trouble hiring new employees in July 2022. And out of this construction sector is facing severe challenges in recruiting workers. For this sector, the skilled worker shortage is around 83%.

All industries are experiencing labor shortages and need help to fill positions with qualified employees. Employers are still looking for skilled workers to work for them.

This problem has been a long-standing issue for the UK economy. But it has worsened over time due to an aging workforce and rising inflation rates. Although, in this case, a recruitment agency could be a ray of hope for employers.

Dynamic Staffing Services is an International recruitment agency in India that can provide you with skilled workers for your business. Read more to know how DSS can play a significant role in filling the gaps.

How can overseas recruitment help?

Overseas recruitment is a great way to find new employees and expand your business.

Additionally, it helps you connect with people who support your business and share your vision. It can help you access a wider talent pool and save on costs. 

Overseas recruitment allows you to tap into a larger talent pool. DSS can help you find the perfect talent for your business. DSS has a team of professional recruiters and over four decades of experience recruiting candidates for companies. We understand your requirements thoroughly and will provide you with desired results. 

What kinds of roles can be sponsored?

The role must have RQF level 3 or higher skill levels to qualify for sponsorship. And RQF stands for Regulated Qualifications Framework, in which each unit is assigned a credit number. One credit is comparable to ten hours of learning. At the same time, the standard RQF level for sponsorship is roughly equivalent to an A-level.

Today, a wide range of roles essential to the construction sector can be sponsored. These include those for project managers, real estate developers, supervisors, and directors. The role must also meet the least salary requirement, which will vary depending on the particular role.

What kinds of roles cannot be sponsored?

In other cases, the Home Office has taken further action to modify skill-level standards. It was to support sectors struggling with severe labor shortages, such as the care industry, HGV drivers, and poultry farming.

Pressures inside the various industry sectors were the main factors leading to reforms. Businesses could also consider hiring people with existing visas. Alternatively, apply for one in a non-sponsored manner.

Who is qualified to sponsor a skilled worker? 

To employ overseas workers, companies must obtain a sponsorship license. To become a sponsor, you can pay a non-refundable £536 fee for a small company and £1478 for a big organization. Companies must be registered with the Home Office. They can also apply for exemptions from certain aspects of the sponsorship regime if they meet specific criteria.

Also, a few more things need to be considered to be eligible for a sponsor license:-

  • The company must be reputable and legally able to operate in the UK.
  • To perform sponsor tasks, it should have effective HR and recruitment policies.
  • It needs to provide employment that satisfies any wage or skill requirements.
  • At least one qualified individual who can serve as Authorising officer, Key Contact, and Level 1 User should be available in the firm.

UK: Who can apply for a skilled worker visa?

The UK has changed its laws and requires applicants to have specific qualifications. So, if you don’t have particular skills or qualifications, then it’s likely that you’ll be denied entry into the country. Here’s a list:-

  • A licensed sponsor must give the applicant a certificate of sponsorship.
  • At least be paid the “going rate” for the offered job profile.
  • The candidate should have a sufficient grasp of the English language.
  • Must fulfill a financial obligation.

A candidate can gain permission to enter or remain in the UK for an initial period of up to five years. It depends on the employment with their sponsor, provided that the role and the candidate meet the conditions of this route.

Sponsor license: How long does it take?

An application for a sponsor license is processed within eight to ten weeks. It can take more time in some situations. Thus, before a sponsor license becomes urgent, we, as an established engineering recruitment agency in the UK, advice applying for one before the urgency.

No worker must already be scheduled for sponsorship when applying for a sponsor license. It is possible to use one in advance because the organization is having trouble recruiting employees with the necessary skills and would like to sponsor a worker if a suitable applicant could be discovered.

Businesses can request their sponsor license applications be prioritized for an extra £500 charge. It can imply getting a decision within ten working days. 

How can DSS help in recruiting overseas workers?

Dynamic Staffing Services can help your company recruit overseas workers because we specialize in managing the recruitment process. We do it by finding suitable candidates to ensure they have the training and support they need to succeed.

We are one of the best Engineering recruitment agencies in the UK, with a wide range of experience recruiting from around the world. We have built a professional team with a vast network to recruit candidates worldwide. 

Our consultants have years of experience working with companies in your industry and know how best to match your needs with potential employees based on their skill sets, experience levels, and other criteria.

If you need help knowing where to begin when hiring overseas workers or how much it will cost you, contact us at +91-11-40410000 or email us your query at  enquiry@dss-hr.com

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Why Choose us?

At Dynamic Staffing Services, we have a team of passionate, committed professionals who work closely with you to comprehend your needs, preferences, and requirements for hiring in the UK. DSS can help you with the following:

  • Recruit from all over the world and get the best talent for your project
  • Make sure you’re receiving the highest quality candidates for your project
  • We make sure all of the processes are quick and effective so you can return to concentrating on your company

We’ve been helping clients like you with their recruitment needs since 1977. From start-ups to Fortune 500 firms, we have assisted companies of all sizes in discovering the best employees for their business. We believe in building the life of people by providing them with top-notch services. 

Are you looking for talent? Click here ( Contact us | DSS HR (dss-hr.com)) and Reach us now to get your business’s best construction and engineering recruitments. We’ll make the process efficient and fast for you!

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