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Alberta Advantage Immigration Program

Alberta, one of the three "Prairie provinces" of Canada, is the most populated and is home to two of the country's largest cities, Calgary and Edmonton. It is also regarded as one of North America's most picturesque regions, home to prestigious national parks like Banff and Jasper. 

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program was replaced by the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP), which is run by the province. Prospective immigrants who meet the province's requirements for qualifications and work experience may be eligible to earn an Alberta Provincial Nomination Certificate through this program.

Alberta Immigration Streams 

You presently have eight alternatives if you want to immigrate to Alberta. You can use this information to determine which immigration stream is best for your circumstances. 

Streams for workers –
For skilled employees who are already employed in a suitable occupation in Alberta, there is the Alberta Opportunity Stream. 

Candidates in the Express Entry (EE) system who are employed in an appropriate occupation and have a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of at least 300 are eligible for the Alberta General Express Entry Stream. 

The province of Alberta has chosen 38 occupations for the Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway, which is open to applicants who are currently employed in the technology sector of Alberta or who have received a job offer from that sector. 

Candidates with a job offer from an Alberta company for work in a rural Alberta community are eligible for the Rural Renewal Stream.

Streams for entrepreneurs –

For people who want to run a farming business in Alberta, there is Farm Stream. 

Graduate Entrepreneur Stream is available to foreign students who have graduated from a certain post-secondary institution in Alberta and intend to launch a business there. 

Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream is available to non-Canadian graduates who want to launch a business in Alberta. 

For entrepreneurs looking to buy a business or launch one in a rural Alberta town, there is Rural Entrepreneur Stream.

Alberta Opportunity Stream 

The Alberta Opportunity Stream accepts applications for provincial nominations from foreign nationals employed in Alberta and international graduates who finished their studies at an accredited Alberta post-secondary institution. 

How it works:

The AAIP online portal is where applicants who are interested in the Alberta Opportunity Stream must finish their applications. Candidates will next be required to provide particular documents based on their unique circumstances and pay the online application fee. 

Minimum Requirements: 

    ●    a legitimate work permit is required; 
    ●    must be employed in a qualifying occupation in Alberta that corresponds to your work experience; 
    ●    depending on the occupation, a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level of 4 or 5 
    ●    at least a high school degree; 
    ●    a minimum of 24 months' worth of job experience in Canada over the previous 30 months, or at least 12 months' worth of work experience in Alberta over the previous 18 months.

Alberta Express Entry Stream

The Express Entry stream allows Alberta to nominate individuals who already have a profile in the federal Express Entry system. Individuals who have demonstrated ties to Alberta and have the necessary skills to contribute to the province’s economic growth may be invited by the province to submit an application.

Express Entry candidates who receive a provincial nomination from Alberta are awarded an additional 600 CRS points. This practically guarantees receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residence in the next Express Entry draw.

How it works:

The Alberta Express Entry Stream works by invitation only. Candidates who have Express Entry profiles may receive a Notification of Interest (NOI) from the Alberta government directly in the federal system. Invited candidates then have a limited amount of time to indicate to the province that they are interested in being considered for selection under this stream.

If selected, candidates will receive a request from the AAIP to apply for provincial nomination by submitting all required documents through the AAIP online portal.

Minimum Requirements:

    ●    Must be in the Express Entry pool;
    ●    Must have expressed interest in immigrating to Alberta permanently;
    ●    Must be working in an occupation that supports Alberta’s economic development and diversification;
    ●    A minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 300

Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway

For tech workers who are eligible for the Alberta Express Entry Stream and have a profile in the federal government's Express Entry system, there is a fast-track immigration program called the Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway. Anyone who believes they meet the stream's eligibility requirements is welcome to submit an online form on the AAIP portal to be evaluated for this stream. The AINP invites the candidate to submit an application for a provincial nomination when the AAIP confirms that the candidate satisfies the minimal eligibility requirements. 

How it works: 

If a candidate meets the qualifications for the Alberta Express Entry stream and is employed or has a job offer from an employer in the Alberta technology sector, they can begin the application process under the expedited pathway. They must do so by submitting an online form on the AAIP website. Candidates that satisfy the stream requirements will be invited by the AAIP to apply for provincial nomination by completing the necessary paperwork via the AAIP online portal. 

Minimum Requirements: 

    ●    must have an Express Entry pool profile; 
    ●    must have declared a desire to settle permanently in Alberta; 
    ●    a CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score of at least 300; 
    ●    Must be employed or have a job offer in a tech occupation that qualifies.

Rural Renewal Stream

Candidates who have a job offer from an Alberta company to work in rural communities in Alberta are eligible for the Rural Renewal Stream. 

This stream is community-driven, therefore applicants must first secure the backing of a participating community in Alberta. Employers make them a job offer, designated communities seek to recruit and keep foreign nationals, and the community is in charge of making sure the applicant satisfies the stream requirements. The foreign national is subsequently given a letter of support. Then he/she submits their application to the AAIP after receiving the endorsement. 

Minimum Conditions: 

    ●    To work in a qualified occupation in a designated community, one must possess a legitimate full-time job offer or employment contract from an Alberta company; 
    ●    In the 18 months prior to applying, you must have at least 12 months of full-time work experience in a profession that is suitable. This employment experience may include time spent in Alberta, other parts of Canada, or internationally; 
    ●    must adhere to minimal linguistic standards; 
    ●    a minimum of a high school diploma meeting Canadian educational requirements; 
    ●    must exhibit that they have the means to support themselves and every member of their family who will be relocating to the selected neighborhood.

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