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At Study Abroad we provide you seamless counseling

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Our advisors will help you to fill student visas application.

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Application assistance from inception till visa filling

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We’ll save your time to get you the RIGHT university.

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Professionals Assistance

At Dynamic Group, the diverse and experienced team of over 250+ professionals in more than 15 countries works together to provide you the complete assistance for your immigration needs

Immigration Professionals

Having the finest group of expert Immigration professionals and panel CICC Registered Immigration Representatives

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Dynamic Group is carrying vast knowledge about immigration policies with an excellent record of visa approvals

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Having in-house IELTS academy to provide personalised and well-structured IELTS training

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With globalisation, the education sector has always been the one sphere that has captured a large portion of the worldwide population. In today's world, studying abroad is hardly a novel concept. Students from all over the world are drawn to the universities abroad because of their educational excellence, high employment rate, and huge earning potential in an excellent work environment. However, choosing and pursuing the right job path has gotten more challenging in recent years.

In order to acquire insight into the educational options offered around the world, career planning surely necessitates the assistance of an expert. Students who want to begin their educational journey abroad and advance their professions must contact Dynamic Group, a leading worldwide resettlement solution provider that can assist you with hassle-free student visa services.

At Dynamic Group, we provide an enormous selection of exceptional, high-quality educational universities/colleges from all over the world, as well as excellent professional employment prospects.

The multifaceted career prospects provided by various countries draw students from across the globe to study and stay there.

We will walk you through a simple process that will assist you in selecting, applying for, and obtaining admission to international colleges and universities. Furthermore, compliance with admissions requirements and other formalities is our primary focus at this time. We at Dynamic Group are well suited to assist you in selecting the most appropriate educational option and the country due to our wide association with reputable universities and educational institutions abroad.

What are the benefits of a Canadian immigration visa? +

What are the best ways to immigrate to Canada? +

Who is eligible to get a Canadian Permanent Residence? +

What is Canada's Economic Immigration Category? +

Canada’s economic immigration category is a popular and quick pathway for skilled professionals to get permanent residence in Canada. Under this category, individuals with managerial, technical and other occupational skills and trades can apply for a Canadian Permanent Residence. The immigration programs mentioned below are counted in the economic immigration categories.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

What is CRS in the context of Canadian immigration? +

CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System is a unique and successful point based system to calculate the rank of the applicants in the express entry pool. In CRS, the applicants get points based on their age, qualification, work experience and language expertise. Based on the comprehensive ranking system score of the applicants IRCC issues Invitation to apply (ITA) to the express entry candidates to apply Canadian permanent residence.

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