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The number of job vacancies in Canada hit another historical high in June

Job vacancies in Canada have increased by 3.2% in the last month (between May and June 2022), with 32,200 additional positions available across the country. This is the third month that Canada’s overall number of job openings has surpassed one million.

With the job vacancy rate in June at 5.9%, up 1% from the previous month and matching a record high set in September 2021, an increasing share of Canada’s overall labor demand (the sum of filled and vacant employment opportunities, which clocked in at 17.7 million in June) is made up of unfilled positions.

Over 6% of jobs are available in the health care and social assistance sectors:

Since June last year, job vacancies in the health care and social assistance sectors have increased by 40.8%. In other words, this employment sector had 149,700 open positions in June and a job vacancy rate of 6.3%, which is 0.4% more than the national average.

Other industries with significant employment opportunities include accommodation and food service, as well as retail trade:

The accommodation and food sector saw 171,700 job vacancies in June, a rise of 6.6% since May update and 38.8% year over year. During this timeframe, the total job vacancy rate in this sector was 12.2.

Since May, the retail trade industry has seen 15,200 job openings, representing a 15.3% increase in available positions. Vacancies in the retail trade industry have increased by 22.5% since June 2021, reaching 114,400 open and available positions, resulting in a 5.4% job vacancy rate.

Quick statistics on job openings in various industries

Here are some quick stats on job vacancies in five other significant Canadian industries for June 2022.

Construction: 89,200 job vacancies

Manufacturing: 82,800 job vacancies

Professional, scientific, and technical services: 72,200 job vacancies

Transportation and warehousing: 49,000 job vacancies

Finance and insurance: 41,200 job vacancies

What is the significance of all of this?

“The conclusion we may draw from Canada’s newest data on job vacancies in Canada is that there was one unemployed person for every vacant position across the country. As a result, qualified people can apply for a Canada PR Visa to live, work, and settle permanently in the country”, says Mr. Varun Khosla, MD, Dynamic Group.

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