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SINP: The most recent EOI draw invites 627 applicants

In a new Expression of Interest draw, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) sent out 627 invitations to immigrants for moving to Canada. The province’s Occupations In-Demand and Express Entry streams, which focused on 20 National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes, gave at least 69 points to 625 new immigration applicants. As a direct response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the province also asked for applications from two people in Ukraine.

The SINP draw was held on July 14, 2022

195 candidates with a minimum score of 69 were invited from Occupations In-Demand category.

430 Express Entry invites were granted with a minimum score of 69.

2 Ukrainian candidates with a score of 66 were also invited.

Occupations with NOCs 0621, 0631, 0632, 0711, 2171, 2234, 2263, 2281, 2282, 3212, 3214, 3217, 3219, 3237, 6211, 6221, 6312, 7284, 7305, 8252 were targeted for the Saskatchewan Occupations In-Demand and Express Entry draw. If you wish to live and work in Saskatchewan, consider the PNP program. Cities like Regina are contributing to Saskatchewan’s rapid expansion. Many overseas workers seeking long-term work find Saskatchewan appealing.

SINP Express Entry

The SINP International Skilled Worker Category features an Express Entry Sub-Category for skilled workers who are in the Express Entry candidate pool kept by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The Saskatchewan PNP program has a number of requirements that must be met by a potential immigrant. Candidates meet the requirements if they:

  • After being accepted into the IRCC’s Express Entry Pool, they are given an Express Entry profile number and a job seeker validation code.
  • Score at least 60 points on the Saskatchewan INP point evaluation scale.
  • Cite trustworthy language test results from a reputable testing institution. The results must match what was specified in the Express Entry profile.
  • possess a minimum of one year of post-secondary training, education, or experience that is comparable to the educational system in Canada. The candidate should have earned a diploma, certificate, or degree during this time.
  • possess professional expertise in a highly skilled, in-demand occupation that is classified as NOC o, A, or B.
  • Have a settlement plan and proof of the settlement money that will be paid

SINP Occupations in Demand

There is a subcategory in the PNP Saskatchewan Skilled Worker category for skilled workers who are highly skilled in a profession that is in demand but do not presently have an offer of employment in the province. A candidate cannot apply for this SINP stream unless they meet a number of requirements. These requirements include:

  • Score at least 60 points out of a possible 100 for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.
  • possess a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4 or higher in one of the national languages
  • possess a post-secondary education, training, or apprenticeship equivalent to the Canadian educational system for at least one year. The candidate must have earned a certification, certificate, or degree during this time period.
  • have been employed for ten years with a minimum of one year
  • possess a settlement agreement and proof of the payments that will be made

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