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NEOM and MDLBEAST Team Up for an Epic New Beach Club Experience

A new NEOM MDLBEAST beach club is in the works, so grab your sunscreen and beach towels. An ultra-modern beach club is opening on Sindalah, a luxurious seahorse-shaped island in Saudi Arabia’s US$500 metropolis of the future, in association with the massive local entertainment company MDLBEAST.

The first of its type to launch in Saudi Arabia, Sindalah Beach Club will serve as a global center for promoting innovation and cultural diversity through engaging events and immersive experiences. Sindalah Island’s opulent beach club will be run by MDLBEAST, the group known for powering Riyadh’s loudest weekend, the Saudi Grand Prix concerts, and more.

Are you eagerly awaiting the beat to drop? Here are all the details you require regarding the recently announced location. NEOM and MDLBEAST, an entertainment firm that specializes in music culture and is recognized for powering events like the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix concerts, the loudest weekend in Riyadh, and more, have named Sindalah Beach Club as their newest location.

Furthermore, the wealthy beach club will provide year-round access to unique events in a chic and lively environment that celebrates diversity in the arts and culture. Consciously considering the environment, the entertainment hub will maintain both NEOM’s sustainable tourism practices and Sindalah’s dedication to responsible luxury.

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Sindalah Island, the first NEOM destination, will host the beach club, which is expected to open sometime in 2024. The offshore project will cover a little over 840,000 square meters. We don’t yet know the official opening dates.

World-renowned musicians, artists, and DJs are anticipated to perform at the new beach club, promising a loud, sunny experience for music enthusiasts and beachgoers. A contemporary audiovisual exhibit will also be available to visitors.

Apart from providing access to the club’s beach and poolside relaxation with views of the Red Sea, NEOM MDLBEAST beach club will also have waterfront views. A distinctive retail space, food and beverage options, and VIP sections will also be available.

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