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Multi-billion Oil and Gas Projects to Create Significant Jobs

Middle East: Multi-billion Oil and Gas Projects to Create Significant Jobs

Middle Eastern oil and gas markets are not exempt from global unpredictability, and external factors frequently decide their future. 2022 was characterised by geopolitical unrest and economic factors following the COVID-19 pandemic when environmental health regulations guided our story. 

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is noteworthy for raising the danger to energy security. An increase in output was required due to this deficit, acting as a catalyst and driving up oil prices. But some difficulties arose due to this apex, necessitating a review of the energy security plan. 

As 2023 begins, this provides an intriguing background. There is still some geopolitical unpredictability and macroeconomic uncertainty, but overall, the prognosis is more encouraging. As the market returns to normal, oil prices are predicted to likely moderate but should still hold firm.

Gulf NOCs perform internationally when navigating challenges. We’ve heard calls for an immediate boost in manufacturing output to compensate for the shortfall. The Middle East has an advantage in its ability to respond quickly. It directly impacts the Middle East employment market.

There are numerous employment possibilities within the OPEX projects. NES Fircroft has resulted in a 20% increase in contractor hires throughout the region in onshore and offshore production, oilfield services, and field automation mid-downstream processing assets over the past year.

New CAPEX spending across the Middle East market is also very exciting and will increase job opportunities from the viewpoint of the industry life cycle. Following the pandemic, it was anticipated that there would be a return boom, so CAPEX development—particularly for gas CAPEX projects—should be hastened to take advantage of the booming market.

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UAE, Saudi Arabia Engineering Jobs

The multibillion-dollar CAPEX investment that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are planning will result in the establishment of jobs.

ADNOC and Aramco are forming global alliances, so local initiatives will benefit US, Europe, and Asia allies by creating jobs. Employment possibilities in new subsectors will also fuel portfolio diversification.

We anticipate a significant increase in hiring activity in large-scale gas projects like Hail and Ghasha. Gas and products derived from it are a key growth market for ADNOC. Market activity in upstream manufacturing is present. International suppliers received a $4 billion drilling framework from ADNOC to support less carbon-intensive output. The ongoing expansion of iconic upstream projects like the current UZ750 and the upcoming UZ1000 creates a constant need for technological know-how and talent.

In the goals for diversification, petrochemicals will also be a key component. To strengthen the UAE’s status as a regional hub for chemical production and specialty chemical manufacturing, Abu Dhabi has introduced TA’ZIZ. This initiative explicitly welcomes foreign investment within the industrial chemicals zones and promotes new business.

Jobs in Renewable Energy

A top concern in the Middle East is renewable energy. In the world’s transition to alternative energy, the area is crucial. Development in the creation of renewable energy is put in motion with the establishment of aggressive investment budgets within each national energy strategy.

Due to its early investment in several significant projects, especially those involving solar energy, the UAE has taken the lead in the region. Also displaying impressive green energy initiatives were Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, and Egypt.

NES Fircroft is pleased to have participated in this adventure from the beginning. We have contributed significantly to several renowned renewable energy initiatives by supplying foreign technical know-how during design, construction, and commissioning. Jobs related to renewable energy have primarily been established in the UAE, then Saudi Arabia.

There is a growing demand for talent throughout the remainder of the Middle East. With the energy transition in full swing and projects feeding into the grid, we see more full lifecycle positions such as FEED, procurement, engineering, operations, maintenance, and research and development. The sector has traditionally seen a high demand for laborers in the construction industry. With several projects creating excellent employment opportunities, particularly for those with transferable skills, hydrogen could rapidly overtake other renewable energy sources as the region’s dominant subsector.

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Top Skills to Begin a Career

The energy and gas industry must transition to a lower carbon footprint. Increasing opportunities in carbon capture technology and digitalization are being created by the industry’s urgently needed strategic efforts to reduce emissions.

Middle Eastern employment policies incorporate localization as a top concern. The government and vendor chain will present enormous possibilities for developing local jobs due to the enormous number of NOCs investing in the vision of clean energy. Employers must be more open-minded about hiring practices and ready to train locals and foreigners. Transferable skills must be emphasised, along with how they can be tailored to the role in question, for those seeking to transition to renewable energy.

For instance, individuals with mechanical engineering experience on offshore jackets in the oil and gas sector may be able to adapt their skills to work in the offshore wind industry by initially focusing on the jackets portion of a project and later changing their skill sets to support the larger offshore wind sector.

The top skills needed to transition are adapting, being open to learning about a new industry, and communicating how previous job experience can be applied to a new industry.

Tips for Employment Seekers in the Oil and Gas Industry

We advise job seekers to network and talk with peers about the state of the business and, more importantly, where it’s going. The Middle East takes a warm and welcoming stance to its networking gatherings. Job seekers can adjust by being informed of where the market is headed.

The second advice is for those still in the business to be confident in the oil and gas sector. Do not think of it as a one-sided sector that favours technical experts. There are a lot of intriguing aspects to the business as a whole.

Undoubtedly, the engineering industry offers a progressive path to management and supports specialisation for those working in technical engineering disciplines. Still, there is also a wide range of non-engineering-related departments, including technology, financial, legal, HSE, communications, and HR. The industry has a career path for everyone, regardless of talent set, education level, or background.

Finally, when considering your next job move, push yourself to break the mould and broaden your perspective. Globally, new initiatives, businesses, and job chances are emerging, frequently in places you may not have previously thought about. Therefore, benefit from job relocations abroad.

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