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Massive Construction Underway in Saudi Arabia

An update from the government project delivery organization Neom states that millions of cubic meters of soil and water are being transferred around the clock to construct the massive ’ The Line metropolis project ‘ in Saudi Arabia.

Two 500-meter-tall buildings that create 170-kilometer-long walls surrounding the city are the centerpiece of The Line, a projected linear city being built in northeastern Saudi Arabia. The Neom megaproject is larger than this.

Pursuing the Neom megaproject, which is estimated to cost over $1 trillion (£780 billion), Saudi Arabia is attempting to diversify its economy away from oil and gas exports. A promotional video from Neom features new visuals and a brief conversation with Line’s chief development officer.

According to him, Saudi Arabia is bursting with energy right now. Everyone in the Kingdom has been inspired by His Royal Highness’s really clear plan in the 2030 vision statement. By 2030, the Line’s “first phase” will be finished.

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The film shows almost perfectly mirrored towers that seem to melt into the surrounding desert, giving glimpses of what the project team thinks will be the completed structure. Pictures of the real construction site are sprinkled in, where (over 2 million m3?) of earth” are moved every week and the “world’s largest piling operation” is taking place.

According to an infographic published by Neom, 2,000 vehicles and 260 excavators are reportedly working around the clock to shift the material. The graphic states that “the biggest piling operation in history” is currently in progress.

According to a report published in the Middle East Business magazine last year, 4,500 piles were driven as part of foundation work on the Line. At its height, around sixty piles were being built per day.

A major piling contract was inked, worth approximately £51 million, for the Line project in 2022, prompting the company to state that other companies with comparable expertise and reach might potentially make “hundreds of millions of pounds” by working on it.
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In February of last year, Jacobs and Atkins were named as delivery partners on The Line. Additionally, Aecom and Bechtel were chosen to handle project management for The Line’s initial phase.

Leading Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Saudi Arabian administration has come under fire for the project, especially for how it has treated the indigenous people forced from the building site—including one murder, at least.

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