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Latest Express Entry Draw Sends 3,300 ITAs to FSWP Candidates only

The Latest Express Entry Draw Sends 3,300 ITAs to FSWP Candidates Only

The fourth express entry draw happened on 2nd Feb 2023. The ITAs were sent to only FSWP candidates under the EE in this draw.ย 

The IRCC conducted another program-specific EE draw on 2nd February 2023. This draw was specifically for the FSWP candidates under the Express Entry. In this draw, the immigration authority, the IRCC, sent invitations to apply to 3,300 candidates supporting a minimum CRS score of 489. This is the first time IRCC has conducted a draw mainly for the FSWP candidates since EEโ€™s inception in 2015. However, this stood as the second program-specific draw of 2023. The first program-specific draw was conducted on the 1st Feb 2023, wherein candidates with the PNP nomination were invited.

Expected Moves in the Express Entry in 2023

The Canadian government wants to bring 1.5 million newcomers throughout Canada by the end of 2025. Since the EE launch, the IRCC has been following the same pattern of conducting the draws. However, the IRCC has changed its protocol of conducting the draws once every two weeks. This will help to meet the immigration target and fulfill the labor shortage shortly.

The first draw of 2022 took place on 11 January 2023. In the first draw of the year, the IRCC sent ITAs to 5,500 candidates supporting a minimum CRS of 507. This draw brought the highest number of candidates with the lowest CRS score since IRCC restarted conducting draws in July 2022. This draw took place after a pause of six consecutive weeks. The reason for not operating any draw for six weeks was a glitch in the EE. The execution of the NOC 2021 led to a glitch in the EE system.

The IRCC operated the second draw the next week, on 18th Jan 2023, which was a surprise draw. The number of invited candidates in this draw was the same as in the first. However, the CRS score fell to 490.

Upcoming Categories into the Express Entry Systemย 

Bill C-19 has received royal assent, which means the Canadian government can conduct draws and invite newcomers based on economic needs. This bill enables the IRCC to bring newcomers who can contribute to the Canadian economy and workforce. Implementing this bill will help the government grapple with the workforce shortage in Canada in the most efficient manner. Therefore, the IRCC will be operating the draws based on the sectors that are affected due to workforce shortage.

This year the CRS score will no longer be the significant criterion to assess the potential of the profile. The RCC will be issuing the ITAs to candidates meeting economic needs irrespective of their CRS score.

Also, the new categories will be integrated into the Express Entry System. These categories will help the government to meet the immigration objective efficiently. Before conducting the draws based on the categories, the categories will be announced.

What is the Express Entry System?

The Canadian government brought the Express Entry System to Canada in 2015. This system was made to fulfill and push the growth of the economy. The EE system enables skilled workers to apply for PR through three major economic immigration pathways. Candidates can get a Canada PR visa through any economic immigration pathway, such as FSWP, FSTP, and CEC. Before applying for PR through any program, ensure you meet d in line with the eligibility criteria.

Once the candidate has applied through any particular pathway, they will be added to the pool of candidates. All the candidates get the CRS score based on the potential of the profile. In other words, the profile’s potential is determined by age, work experience, qualifications, etc.

Candidates with ITAs need to submit their application with the mandatory documents to the IRCC within 60 days. The IRCC will look through your application to verify the authenticity of the documents and details. If all the documents are approved, you will get the COPR. Having COPR enables you to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident.

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