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Express Entry Breaking: CRS score nose down to the lowest for Healthcare Professionals

BREAKING NEWS for all the healthcare professionals out there as IRCC held its third draw for the week. The department issued 3,600 invites for candidates in healthcare jobs to apply. To get an ITA, candidates needed a minimum CRS score of at least 431. The main attraction of the draw is that it has the lowest CRS score in the Healthcare Category.

As compared to the last two Healthcare occupation specific draws, the ITAs and minimum CRS are becoming better for Healthcare immigrants. The first healthcare occupation specific draw which was held on June 28th, has a minimum CRS of 476 with only 500 issued ITAs. Next following draw in this category took place July 6th with a cut-off CRS of 463 with 1500 ITAs. Following the pattern, it is the best time for Healthcare professionals to apply for Canada immigration with the assistance of Dynamic Group, as CRS is getting low with increasing number of ITAs.

Also read: Canada held two draws in a week

Noting that there were two draws also held this week. The first time was on October 24, where the PNP specific draw took place and 1,548 individuals got an ITA, but they needed a high score of at least 776. Scores for PNP specifically are usually higher because the candidates who got selected by a province get an additional benefit of 600 points.

The second time was on October 25, which was a category specific draw for French Language proficiency. 300 candidates got Invitation to Apply (ITA) with a minimum CRS score of 486 was required.

Summary of Express Entry draws since June 2023

Date Draw Type Number of ITAs Minimum CRS
Oct 26 Healthcare occupations 3,600 431
Oct 25 French language proficiency 300 486
Oct 24 PNP-only 1,548 776
Oct 10 All-program 3,725 500
Sept 28 Agriculture and agri-food occupations 600 354
Sept 27 French language proficiency 500 472
Sept 26 All-program 3,000 504
Sept 20 Transport occupations 1,000 435
Sept 19 All-program 3,200 531
Aug 15 All-program 4,300 496
Aug 3 Trade occupations 1,500 388
Aug 2 French language proficiency 800 435
Aug 1 All-program 2,000 517
July 12 French language proficiency 3,800 375
July 11 All-program 800 505
July 7 French language proficiency 2,300 439
July 6 Healthcare occupations 1500 463
July 5 STEM occupations 500 486
July 4 All-program 700 511
June 28 Healthcare occupations 500 476
June 27 All-program 4,300 486
June 8 All-program 4,800 486

What is category-based selection?

Earlier this year, the IRCC introduced new draw categories. A legislation enacted in June 2022 has empowered the immigration minister to extend invitations to candidates fulfilling Canadaโ€™s economic needs or contributing to the promotion of the French language beyond the conventional criteria.

In alignment with this, the IRCC, in May, revealed six innovative draw categories under the Express Entry such as:

  • Healthcare
  • STEM professions
  • Trades
  • Transport
  • Agriculture and agri-food

Since June, Canada has conducted ten category-specific selection draws, issuing over 10,000 ITAs to candidates who were already part of the Express Entry pool.

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