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CRS went down to below 500 for the second time-

On November 9, Canada came up with its latest draw wherein the CRS score went down to 494. It stood as the 10th draw since the IRCC began draws on July 26. It was the second time the CRS score went below 500 since the draws were resumed. The last time the CRS hit below 500 was 468 in December 2020.

The IRCC issued ITAs to 4,750 candidates meeting the CRS score of 494. Candidates from all the economy classes received the ITAs. There are mainly four economic classes that come under express entry popular as-

  • Canadian express class
  • Federal skilled worker program
  • Federal skilled trades program

Canadian Immigration

Canada is the only country that invites immigrants substantially every year. After the pandemic, Canada is looking for skilled workers in large numbers to fulfil the labour shortage. In Canada, there are around 1 million positions vacant, and immigration seems the only way to fill this gap. Factors like low birth rate, retirement, and an aging population enable Canada to invite immigrants substantially every year.

Immigrants also opt for Canada as a priority because of several factors, such as-

  • Thousands of job opportunities
  • Free healthcare system
  • Appealing attractions
  • Stable political system

The IRCC stopped conducting the draws for all the programs in December. The pandemic and other travel restrictions led to a backlog of applications. Therefore, the IRCC had to hold conducting draws for over 18 months. However, candidates who applied through PNP and CEC received ITAs during the pause.

By reducing the CRS, the IRCC will be able to offer ITAs to large numbers. There is no other way instead of immigration to fill vacant positions in Canada.

Since IRCC resumed draws, Canadian PR has been offered to 26,250 candidates through express entry. 13,777 candidates under the CEC program, 6154 under the FSWP program, and 6322 express entry candidates through PNP have received Canadian PR since July 6. There is no PR offered to the candidates from FSTP.

What does express entry represent? 

Express entry is an online application management system for all the programs under express entry. The programs that come under express entry are:

  • The Canadian express class.
  • The federal skilled trades program.
  • The federal skilled worker program.

Also, candidates who apply for express entry through PNP are already eligible for any one program. 

The express entry uses the CRS (comprehensive ranking system) to give a score to profiles available in the pool to find potential candidates. Thereafter, IRCC releases a cut-off. Candidates who achieve equal to or more than cut off receive the ITAs. After receiving, ITA, candidates can apply for the Canadian PR. 

Once you submit your application, the authorities verify all the details and documents you provided. If your details and documents are valid and official, you are one more step closer to Canadian PR. 

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