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UAE Jobs: At least 10,000 highly skilled Indian professionals to be hired

Through the Training for Emirates Jobs and Skills (Tejas) project, the Indian Consulate hopes to secure employment for at least 10,000 highly skilled individuals by the end of the following year. By collaborating with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), the Consulate hopes to forge a pathway that will help citizens stay clear of dishonest recruiters and provide the skills they need to obtain employment abroad.

In the UAE, NSDC representatives monitor employment demand and train employees in the hospitality, healthcare, and retail industries as needed. As part of Expo 2020, the program debuted in March of this year.

Tejas’ training programs take place in India and Dubai, depending on the nature of the jobs. “In the case of driving, training systems are being developed to replicate the UAE driving model and left-handed cars,” Tadu Mamu, Consul (Press, Information, Culture, and Labour) at the Consulate General, explained. “Once they are trained there, they can get their driving license much more easily here.”

Furthermore, the Indian Consulate is running a series of upskilling programs in the country for blue-collar workers. It is being carried out in collaboration with associations and universities with the goal of improving skill sets such as English language and IT, as well as the employability of Indian workers in the UAE.

Our community’s size is our strength

These announcements were made as part of the celebrations marking two years since the Indian Consulate began offering services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “We started doing this in the midst of the pandemic where we realized that at such a time when the world is facing an unprecedented healthcare crisis, we need to step up,” said Dr. Aman Puri, Consul General of India in Dubai. “It was not an easy task for us; however, this initiative has made our work much more streamlined and efficient. We are grateful to our team for taking on this responsibility on their shoulders.”

The Consul General appreciated Indian associations for assisting in meeting the needs of over 3.3 million Indians living in the UAE. “I believe that the size of our community is our strength,” Dr. Aman Puri said. “They are the reason we are able to provide assistance to people in every part of the UAE at all times literally on our 24*7 basis.”

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