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Invitation to Apply from British Columbia and Manitoba’s PNP

British Columbia and Manitoba recently conducted rounds of provincial nominee programs. In these PNP draws, both provinces released the invitation to apply to various candidates from the different categories. British Columbia released 163 invitations to apply in total. On the other hand, the Manitoba province issued a total of 280 invitations to apply.

In Canada, almost every Canadian territory and province has its provincial nominee programs, excluding Nunavut and Quebec. Provinces and territories can invite candidates to apply for their particular provincial nomination. Receiving the nomination from any territory and province can higher your chances of getting the Canadian PR in 2023.

Quebec’s immigration pathways differ from other provinces’ and territories’ pathways. Quebec stands out as the individual province that holds control over immigrants of all economic programs.

On average, around 105,000 candidates with PR status take admission to Canada every year via PNP. The PNP was started in Canada in 1998. Since its inception, the number of candidates taking entry into Canada through PNP has been increasing steadily. PNP is assumed as one of the effective parameters to promote economic development outside the prominent provinces.

Results of Provincial Immigration (December 31- January 6)

British Columbia

On January 4, British Columbia operated a draw wherein 163 applications were issued. In this draw, tech occupations were also included. British Columbia issued the invitation to apply to the following candidates:

  • Candidates present in the express entry pool
  • Candidates from the Skilled worker category
  • Candidates from international graduates stream
  • Entry-level and semi-skilled candidates

To get the invitation to apply, candidates from the international education and skilled workers stream required the 105 SIRS. On the other hand, candidates, specifically from the entry-level or semi-skilled workers category, required a SIRS score of 82 to get the ITA. Notably, only British Columbia uses the SIRS. Other provinces have their own parameters to evaluate the profiles.

SIRS is a parameter used to evaluate the profiles’ strength. Candidates get the SIRS score based on their profiles’ strengths. SIRS functions similarly to the CRS score of the Express Entry System.

This province conducted many rounds of invitations to pick up the candidates specifically from the below-listed occupation-

  • Twenty-eight early childhood educators and assistants (NOC 4214) having at least 67 SIRS points 
  • Total of 20 candidates, mainly healthcare workers from the express entry, skilled workers, and international graduate groups, with a minimum of 60 SIRS points. 


Manitoba province operates its own PNP stream. This province’s stream name is the Manitoba Provincial Nominee program.In the latest PNP draw, this province sent invitations to apply to 280 candidates on December 28. Notably, if you want to get the invitation to apply under this particular stream, you must be aligning with their eligibility criteria. This province invited only those candidates who stood in line with their requirements. The breakdown of the invited candidates is as follows:

  • 202 candidates were invited via skilled workers in Manitoba, having a minimum score of 750.
  • Manitoba invited 40 candidates via the skilled workers’category holding a minimum score of 711.
  • 38 candidates were invited through the international education stream without releasing any minimum score requirement.

As already indicated above, the province invited 280 candidates. However, out of 280 candidates, 18 had an express entry profile. In other words, this province picked up the candidate from the Express Entry Pool too.

All the Expressions of Interest received before November 16 will be processed against NOC 16. On the contrary, the number of received expressions of interest after November 16 will be processed against the NOC 2021.

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