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How to Make Your Resume Stand Out: Tips from Dynamic Staffing Services

You know the drill. You spend hours crafting your resume, tailoring it to the perfect job you want to land. You submit it with enthusiasm and hope. But then nothing. No call. No email. Just radio silence.

The truth is, in today’s ultra-competitive job market, it can be tough to make your resume actually stand out and get noticed. The good news is that the recruiting pros at Dynamic Staffing Services have put together some insider tips to make your resume rise above the rest. If you adhere to these straightforward tips, you will soon receive calls from the companies of your dreams. 

Use a Professional Format for Your Resume

Use a Clear and Consistent Layout

Having a clean, simple layout makes your resume easy to read quickly. Use clear section heading for “Experience,” “Education,” “Skills,” and “Interests.” List each role, degree, or skill with the dates in reverse chronological order. 

Within each role in the “Experience” section, use concise bullet points to outline your responsibilities and key achievements. Start each bullet with a strong action verb like “Reduced,” “Optimized,” or “Exceeded.”

  • Reduced customer complaints by 25% year over year through improved response times.
  • Exceeded sales targets by an average of 18% each quarter, securing the top salesperson award for two consecutive years.

Keep your content concise – no more than 3 or 4 short sentences for each role. Use bullet points liberally to make the information easy to digest quickly. 

Emphasize Relevant and Transferable Skills

Include a “Skills” Section that highlights abilities relevant to the positions you are applying to. List technical skills, languages, software proficiencies, and soft skills. Back up your claims with examples from your experience section. 

Use this section to emphasize transferable skills that would benefit any employer. Soft skills like communication, critical thinking, and time management are valuable for many roles. 

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Tailor Your Resume to the Job Description

To land that dream job, you need a resume that stands out. The key is customizing your resume for each position. Start by reviewing the job listing and comparing it to your resume. Look for key requirements and priorities that match your experience. 

Tailor Your Work History

Focus on relevant work experience and measurable results. For each role, determine the key responsibilities and major contributions that align with what the new position needs. Provide concrete results and quantify your impact whenever possible. Use active verbs and compelling language to bring your work history to life.

Incorporate Keywords

Carefully analyze the job listing to identify critical keywords and phrases. Then, incorporate relevant keywords into your resume, especially in the experience descriptions. Including these keywords increases the likelihood that the hiring manager will scan your resume and give it a thorough look.

Highlights Relevant Skills

Be sure to feature key skills required for the role prominently. You can include a “Skills” section at the top, mention key skills in your experience descriptions, or include relevant coursework or certifications. Focus on hard and soft skills that match what the employer wants.

Review and Edit

Carefully proofread your customized resume for any errors before applying. Get input from others if possible. Your resume is your first chance to impress, so make it concise, compelling, and error-free.

With some time and effort tailoring your resume to each position, you will have hiring managers eager to learn more. So, do your research, match your experience and skills to their needs, and highlight why you are the perfect candidate for the job. With a compelling resume, you will be getting calls for interviews in no time. 

Focus on Relevant Skills and Achievement

Make sure to highlight accomplishments and abilities that are most pertinent to the position on your resume in order to make it stand out. 


List the hard skills, like software proficiencies, languages, machinery, etc., that you have gained experience with over the years. These are the concrete abilities that you can apply to a new job. Make sure the skills you include match what the employer is looking for. For example, if the job requires project management experience, be sure to emphasize skills such as scheduling, budgeting, risk management, and resource allocation. 


List two or three particular accomplishments under each position you have held that show you can succeed in that particular role. For example, “Reduced customer wait time 25% year over year” or “Streamlined productivity to overseeing migration to a new process that saved over $50K annually.” Provide measurable results and quantifiable outcomes whenever possible. 


Use facts and figures to give the reader context, such as “Managed annual marketing budget of over $2M across 8 product lines” or Supervised team of 25+ direct and indirect reports.” Metrics help to convey your level of responsibility and the scope of your work. 

To make these sections really shine, focus on your most impressive and unique accomplishments. Describe achievements that showcase your ability to go above and beyond. These kinds of results-driven examples will make you stand out as a highly motivated candidate. By highlighting your relevant skills and most significant career achievements, you will give the reader a clear sense of your experience, work ethic, and potential to excel in a new position. 

Review for Spelling and Grammar Errors

Double-check your resume for any errors before sending it out. Even small typos or grammar mistakes can reflect poorly on you as an applicant and hurt your chances. While minor issues won’t necessarily make or break your application, it’s important to proofread thoroughly.


Double-check the spelling of every word. Common mistakes include mixing up homophones like “there,” “their,” and “they’re.” An analysis of over 20,000 UK resumes found that over 90% contained spelling or grammar errors. Make use of your word processing program’s spell check function, but don’t rely only on it. Have a friend or family member review as an extra set of eyes.


Check for proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Some common resume mistakes include:

  • Using inconsistent or incorrect verb tenses
  • Not using parallel sentence structure.
  • Missing commas, apostrophes, or other punctuation
  • Using sentence fragments instead of complete sentences
  • Not varying sentence length


Ensure consistency with formatting, punctuation, capitalization, and verb tense throughout the document. For example, if you use the last name “Smith” in one section, don’t refer to the same person as “Mr. Smith” in another section. Careless inconsistencies reflect poorly on your attention to detail.


Double-check that you have written out numbers under 10 and used numerals for 10 and above. It should be “five years of experience” but “15 years of management experience.”

Carefully reviewing for these types of errors and inconsistencies in spelling, grammar, and punctuation will help ensure your resume is professional and polished. White, it may seem minor, but for many hiring managers, a single typo reflects poorly on your candidacy. Take the time to proofread and put your best foot forward. Your diligence will pay off. 

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Make Your Resume Visually Appealing

Making your resume visually appealing is key to standing out to hiring managers. Your resume can look more polished and professional with a simple style and tasteful color scheme, even though the content and qualifications should take center stage. 

Use color and shading sparingly.

Incorporate a few complementary colors in your section headings or dividers, but don’t go overboard. Subtle shades of blue, green, or orange work well and draw the eye without being distracting. You can also use gray shading behind section headings for a polished look. However, leave the body of your resume black and white. 

Choose a simple, professional font.

Select a simple, clean font like Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman in a size 11 or 12 point. While a stylish font might stand out, it often appears unprofessional and can be difficult to read. Stick with a standard, easy-to-read font for the best results. 

Use formatting to enhance visual appeal.

Bullet points, italics, bolding, and indenting can all improve the visual layout and make your resume easy to skim. For example, you might use:

  • Bullet points to list key qualifications, skills, and accomplishments
  • Italics to emphasize important words or job titles
  • Bold for section headings
  • Indenting to offset bullet points

Leave plenty of white space.

A crowded resume with no white space is unappealing and difficult to read. Use double spacing between sections and limit your resume to one page if possible. Aim for margins of 0.5 to 1 inch on all sides of the page. This gives your resume a clean, uncluttered look that is inviting to readers.

Proofread carefully

Careless typos, spelling errors, or grammar issues can reflect poorly on you and damage an otherwise well-designed resume. Proofread carefully to ensure your resume is visually polished and error-free before sending it to potential employers. 

With a clean layout, subtle use of color, and careful proofreading, you can make your resume visually stand out for all the right reasons. A professional yet eye-catching resume gives you an advantage in today’s competitive job market. 

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, a few tips from our staffing pros to make your resume rise to the top of the stack. Following this advice will help ensure you are putting your best foot forward and highlighting why you are the perfect candidate. Recall that your CV serves as your initial impression, so give it your best. Take the time to review it from an outsider’s perspective and ensure it demonstrates your passion, skills, and enthusiasm. 

You may improve your chances of being noticed by recruiters and getting hired for your ideal job by paying attention to these pointers. Remember to keep your resume concise, relevant, and tailored to the job you are applying for. Emphasize your successes and, if you can, provide numerical values for them.

Use action verbs, avoid cliches and buzzwords, and proofread your resume thoroughly before submitting it. By putting in the effort to create a strong resume, you can demonstrate your professionalism, skills, and value to potential employers. With a stellar resume in hand, you will be well on your way to landing an interview and new opportunities. In case of any further details, you can contact us at +91-11-40410000 or by email at enquiry@dss-hr.com

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