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90,000 Candidates through International Experience Class from 2023

Applicants from the International Experience Class are going to see a few changes in this program in 2023. In the latest press conference in Alberta, the government stipulated increasing the number of applicants in the international experience class. The strength of applicants is supposed to be increased by 20% in the IEC from 2023. In addition, the government also announced this program’s opening date, which is January 9, 2023.

90,000applicants will be permitted in the International Experience Class to work and travel in Canada in 2023. However, applicants between the ages of 18 to 35 years can apply under this program. In addition, applicants must be from 36 partnering countries to be eligible for this program. Accepting applicants in large numbers under this program will help Canadian employers to deal with workforce shortages.

The immigration minister Sean Fraser also said our primary goal is to help the international youth to gain the work experience to grow in their career. Also, this will entitle Canadian employers, especially from the tourism industry, to fill the labor gaps.

IEC candidates will promote economic growth and business success, especially in places like Banff. Places like Banff suffers a lot from workforce shortage due to seasonal factors. So, inviting the youth population from partnering countries will help them to gain work experience while exploring new countries, cultures, and food.

Upcoming changes in the International Experience Class are going to accomplish the two goals simultaneously outlined below-

  • Helping Canadian employers to get employees to grapple with the workforce shortage.
  • Assisting international students in gaining work experience while exploring a new country, culture, and people.

IEC and its Significant Streams

As indicated above, IEC is the acronym for International Experience Class. International Experience Class offers the opportunity to young people aged 18 to 35 years to work and travel across Canada. Applicants who applied through International Experience Class can remain in Canada for up to 2 years.

Notably, you can apply for IEC streams only if you are a citizen of 36 partnering countries. If you are not a citizen of partnering countries, you are still admissible to enroll for IEC via recognized universities.

Three categories (streams) come under the International Experience Class. You can apply for any of the streams that suit you the best. We are listing these three prominent streams of IEC below-

Working Holidays-If you are traveling to Canada or other partnering countries, you can get the open work permit under this stream. By opting for the open work permit under this stream, you can work to sustain the expenditures of your trip easily. It is not mandatory to have a job offer to get a work permit under this category. You can apply for it without a job offer and can work for any employer.

Young Professional- If any IEC applicant applies through this stream, they get an employer-specific work permit. Applicant must have a job offer from a Canadian employer to get the work permit under this stream. However, once you have the work permit under this stream, you will work for the same employer throughout your stay in Canada. You won’t be able to work for any other employer other than who provided you with a job offer.

International Co-op Internship- The kind of work permit you get under this stream is also known as the employer-specific work permit. You will be permitted to work for the same employer at the same place during your time in Canada. This work permit helps international students to get experience within their educational background. You will be paid minimum wages during your internship as per Canadian labor laws.

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