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10 Jobs that will remain in high demand in Canada in 2023-

On November 1, Canada came up with its immigration policy for 2023 to 2025. In the upcoming years, Canada is all set to welcome immigrants in large numbers. As per the statistics, the IRCC will be adding 500,000 new immigrants’ especially skilled workers, by 2025 in Canada. Canada has been going through a labor shortage for a long. The situation has become worst after the pandemic in terms of labor shortage.

Canada has been using immigration as a coping mechanism for the labor shortage. Factors like low birth rate, aging population, and retirement contributions to workforce shortage significantly. As a result, Canada chooses immigration to deal with this serious issue that is continuously affecting the economy.

There are over 1 million vacancies in Canada that need to be filled shortly. These open vacancies are from different sectors, such as healthcare, IT, finance, etc. Canada aims to close these open positions by inviting skilled workers. There are some occupations that are highly in demand. If you fall under any of these occupations, you will be privileged over others.

These occupations will remain high in demand in the year 2023 and the upcoming.

1. Registered Nurse

Canada has been running under a shortage of medical professionals since the pandemic. Although after the pandemic, the shortage of skilled medical professionals, especially nurses, has increased drastically. There are many Canadian provinces that report a shortage of trained nurses. Many provinces are conducting draws mainly for registered nurses to overcome this problem.

As the demand continues to rise, immigrants with a nursing background have higher chances of securing a Canadian PR.

2. Licensed Practical Nurse

Licensed practical nurses are also highly in demand throughout Canada. Factors like the aging population and the coronavirus have increased the demand for licensed practical nurses. If you have the relevant experience, you can choose Canada to pursue your career ahead.

By working as a licensed practical nurse, you get similar perks and benefits given to registered nurses.

3. Pharmacist

If you intend to perform as a pharmacist in Canada, you must have a degree in pharmacy. Also, you will have to clear the pharmacy examining board of Canada test. Once you have passed this test, enroll yourself with the pharmacy regulatory body of the same province or territory you live. The prime job role of the pharmacist is-

  • Distributing the medicines as per the prescription
  • Guiding patients on how to take and prevent medicines
  • Marking precautions and possible side effects

When you are a licensed pharmacist, you can work at a hospital or pharmacy.

4. Veterinarian

In Canada, most families own a pet, such as a dog, cat, or other domestic animals. However, there is a serious shortage of skilled veterinarians in Canada. Therefore, this profession stands out as one of the in-demand careers in Canada. If you have suitable skills and experience, Canada is looking for you.

Besides, you will have to obtain a license from the regulatory body of the province and territory where you are living.

5. Web Developer

This career is booming across the world. Web developers are responsible for creating websites and apps through coding. People who have expertise in this field can immigrate to Canada as there are never-ending opportunities for web developers.

Candidates who want to get a work permit for Canada can opt for Canada’s global stream. Also, many Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) exist for those who excel in this field.

6. Electrical Engineer

If you are willing to pursue your career as an electrical engineer, you must possess the skills like creating, analyzing, and defining electrical systems. Electrical engineers hold a significant job role in the development of any system.

This profession demands a high qualification as it is a technical job. Therefore, before you apply for this job, go through the job description to learn about the recommended qualifications and experience.

7. Electricians

In Canada, the demand for electricians is accelerating greatly. Canada is on the outlook for the people who hold the experience and skills in this field. The need for electricians, especially industrial electricians, is very high throughout Canada.

Thousands of employment opportunities are waiting for you if you are planning to move to Canada as an electrician. Notably, you must have the experience or training to get a job shortly in Canada.

8. Accountant

Accountant leads a significant role in the development and expansion of any company out there. An accountant’s prime function is controlling, managing, and analyzing the company’s funds. After the pandemic, the demand for accountants has accelerated in Canada.

You can earn a handsome salary with several other perks by working as an accountant. Also, Canada unleashes thousands of job opportunities for accountants on a daily basis. You can immigrate to Canada through several pathways, such as express entry and PNP.

9. Truck Drivers

The demand for truck drivers is never-ending, as the production of goods is very high in Canada. The prime job role of a truck driver is to import and export goods from one province to other provinces. If you are a driver with a valid license, you can easily find a good-paying job in Canada.

As per the statistics, the vacancy rate for truck drivers is approximately 8%. As a result, you won’t face any hurdles in finding a job in any province or territory.

10. Welder

The demand for experienced and trained welders has been increasing significantly in Canada. Reports lead Canada will be adding 23,000 new positions for welders by the end of 2028.

The demand for welders in the provinces like British Columbia and Prince Edward Island is consecutively increasing. People with expertise in this field can secure jobs in almost every province.

These are ten jobs that will remain high in demand in 2023 and beyond. Canada is looking for you if your occupation falls under these ten high-demand jobs. There are several opportunities waiting for you to restart your career with this thriving nation. There are several paths that exist by which you can get Canadian PR visas, such as express entry and PNP.

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