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Beneficial Tips on Finding a Job in 2023

KSA: Beneficial Tips on Finding a Job in 2023

The oil sector in the KSA has always been the sole sector to push the economy upwards. However, the dependence on the oil sector is heading toward an end. In the near future, a drastic transformation is going to take place as multiple Giga-Projects are underway in the KSA. These mega projects will create diversification in the economy with a plethora of jobs. This economic transformation is a part of the KSA’s long-term economic strategy, also popular as “Vision-2030”.

The vision-2023 will create a pool full of business and investment opportunities with plenty of jobs. Therefore, the KSA is becoming one of the popular destinations for investors, people in business, and job-seekers.

People seeking jobs abroad should consider the KSA as their priority. There are multiple mega projects ongoing in the KSA, unleashing massive job opportunities. These projects will create jobs across different sectors. We at Dynamic Staffing Services, have placed over 1000 candidates in multiple projects in KSA in the 2022-23 financial year. If you too are looking for talent for your project, please contact us today.

Undergoing Giga-Projects in the KSA are- 

  • Jeddah Tower
  • Jeddah Metro
  • Sharaan Nature Reserve
  • King Salman Energy Park
  • Modern downtown
  • Riyadh Metro
  • Jabal OmarAmaala
  • Journey Through Time
  • Qiddiya
  • NEOM
  • Red Sea Project
  • Ad Diriyah
  • Al Widyan
  • Makkah Public Transport Programme 

These projects are in progress, unveiling multiple jobs across multiple sectors with competitive salaries. 

Ways to Enhance Your Chances of Getting a Job in the KSA

You can grab a job in the KSA that supports your experience, skill set, and educational background. However, getting a job in the KSA is not straightforward, but following the right path can make it happen for you. Adhere to the below-listed guidelines to find a job in the KSA.

Make your Resume KSA-oriented

The resume you use to find a job in your country may not help you land a job in the KSA. The first step is to create a KSA-oriented resume. There are multiple sites that you can refer to create a resume that supports the KSA job market.

In most countries, including the KSA, recruiters, and employers use AI tools to filter resumes. These AI tools shortlist only those resumes having job description keywords. Therefore, whenever you apply for any job in the KSA, ensure to include keywords from the job description.

Job seekers will have to alter their resumes every time they apply for a new position. Every job position holds a different JD with distinct keywords. Hence, keep your resume up to date with the market trends and required skills.

Using Job-Seeking Platforms Actively

In order to acquire a job in the KSA, you need to use the job-seeking platforms actively. The job-seeking platform that is consistently used by the KSA’s employers and recruiters is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the effective platforms that you can use to find industry leaders and potential jobs.

Before you take the initiative to apply for any job, ensure you have updated your LinkedIn profile thoroughly. You must mention your work experience, along with the accomplishments you have made in your jobs.

With the help of LinkedIn, you can connect with industry leaders and professionals.

Build your Network in the KSA

In order to build your network, you can connect with the professionals, employees, and leaders working in the industry you wish to move into. LinkedIn data reveals that individuals with a mutual connection with a company were hired highly, approximately 70%.

Applicants referred by the employees working for the company were eight times more likely to be selected.

Build a network by sending connection requests to the leaders, employees, employers, and professionals you wish to work for. This activity will make you visible to your connections’ connections.

Start Chasing the Right Jobs

Once you have built your network and updated your LinkedIn profile thoroughly, all you need to do now is to apply for jobs. Click on the job tab to find a job that goes with your interest, experience, skill set, and educational background.

You can customize your job search parameters to get updates on the roles and companies you are interested in.

Be Dedicated and Persistent 

Finding the right job that goes with your expectations is not a piece of cake. You will face rejection as well during the process of finding a job in the KSA. In such times, you must stay positive and calm to continue your journey of finding the right job.

Make sure you apply to multiple companies to get the job. Once you have applied, you must chase and check the status of your application to stay updated.

Continue to check whether they have evaluated your application or not. Demonstrating determination during the job search phase can benefit you once you go to the interview stage.

If you wish to stay updated with the latest market trends and news, get in touch with us through our newsletter and social media handles. Also, if you have any concerns, feel free to contact us at +91-11-40410000 or enquiry@dss-hr.com. Our qualified experts with years of experience will help with your queries.

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