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Israel Welcoming 10,000 Indian Construction Workers Soon

Ten thousand Indian laborers are scheduled to arrive in Israel to help with the acute shortage of labor in the construction sector brought on by the Hamas battle. Arriving in weekly waves of 700 to 1,000, the Israeli government has raised the cap on foreign laborers allowed to work in the construction sector to 50,000.

Following the fight with Hamas, Israel is experiencing a serious workforce shortage in the construction sector. As of next week, industry sources estimate that 10,000 Indian workers will arrive in Israel. Israel’s Builders Association (IBA) has announced that these laborers will be arriving in groups of 700 to 1,000 per week. Current projects are being delayed and disrupted due to a major crisis in the Israeli construction industry brought on by the recent fight with Hamas, the ban on Palestinian workers, and the withdrawal of other international workers.

Israel has expanded the amount of foreign labor allowed for the construction sector from 30,000 to 50,000 in response to this situation. Israel’s business daily, The Calcalist, claimed last month that 10,000 Indian laborers were permitted to enter the country. According to the IBA source, this report is accurate.

As per the IBA source, the initial group of laborers is anticipated to arrive next week. In order to speed up the hiring process, these personnel will be hired through a private track that the government has approved. Hiring labor from other nations, such as Mexico, Kenya, and Malawi, is another alternative that the IBA is looking at. In India, Sri Lanka, and Uzbekistan, the worker screening procedure has already started.

Indian construction workers, many of whom have worked in Gulf countries in the past, display high professional standards. As a result of their history, they are competent and skilled, and they frequently speak Arabic and English fluently. The Calcalist reported that Izchak Gurvitz, the manager of the association’s workers’ affairs division, and Igal Slovik, the CEO of IBA, are in charge of choosing the employee pool.

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As to the report by The Calcalist, the construction industry now has a quota of 50,000 foreign workers instead of 30,000, and the Israeli government last month authorized the entry of 10,000 workforce members from India.

An extra 10,000 foreign workers would be hired through the private track, bringing the total number of foreign workers in the industry to 60,000. This idea is now being worked on by Israel’s Ministry of Housing and Construction.

Israeli Prime Minister and Indian Prime Minister discussed the potential of importing labor from India over the phone in December. This comes after conversations about recruiting Indians in a variety of industries, including construction, during Israel’s Minister of Economy Nir Barkat’s visit to India in April of last year.

Approximately 18,000 Indians are employed in Israel at the moment, mostly in caregiving positions. Feeling secure and earning a good income were the reasons many Indian laborers chose to remain in Israel during the conflict. A deal aimed at reducing living expenses and satisfying the need for nursing care was struck between Israel and India in May of last year, permitting 42,000 Indian laborers to work in Israel’s construction and nursing sectors.

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