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Indo-Pacific Strategy- Sculpting the Future of Canada Immigration 

According to news released by the IRCC on November 30, 2022, the Indo-Pacific strategy will play a leading role in Canada’s immigration. The Indo-Pacific region is solely responsible for 65% of international students in Canada. Therefore, this area will be shaping Canada’s future.

In the upcoming years, the Indo-Pacific area will remain the major source of immigrants. Thousands of immigrants immigrate to Canada through this region each year. The Indo-Pacific comes out as one of the fastest-growing economic regions in the world. Therefore, investing in the Indo-Pacific region will be a great and lucrative deal. 

Global Affairs Canada stands out as the concerned authority of the Indo-Pacific strategy that supervises all the modification and execution. There are some other departments as well that are overseeing the indo-pacific strategy, such as the IRCC.

The Indo-Pacific strategy would be investing around $2.3 million over the subsequent five years in new projects. Let’s dive into these new strategies and projects-

The New Indo-Pacific Strategies 

Mr. Sean Fraser, immigration minister, described in a conference how investing in the Indo-Pacific region will enable Canada to rise economically and socially at present and in the upcoming future.

The immigration minister, Mr. Sean Fraser, is planning to invest around $74.6 million in the Indo-Pacific region and home to improve application processing strength. Investing such a big amount at home and abroad will definitely bring power to the application processing capacity. The Indo-Pacific area majorly includes New Delhi, Islamabad, Chandigarh, and Manila. The amount will be invested over five years, with the current ongoing investment of $15.7 million.

These new changes and resources will help to process a large number of applications more quickly and efficiently from the Indo-Pacific region. The concerned authorities will be able to process the application in less time for the purposes like visits, studies, permanent immigration, employment, etc. Improving the application processing time will provide the power to add more people to Canada from different countries, especially from the Indo-Pacific region. The Indo-pacific region supports Canada in bringing the highest number of students, immigrants, and employees.

How do Indo-Pacific students contribute to Canada’s economy and social growth? 

Canada has always been a great place to study, settle, and secure a high-paying job. Thousands of students move to Canada for their excellent education. Students get the education equivalent to the US in Canada but at a very reasonable price. After completing their education, students prefer to get settled in Canada for better growth, exposure, and salary in their profession.

Students with in-demand skills with relevant education have greater chances of success in Canada. Some of the in-demand professionals in Canada are software engineers, accountants, HR managers, civil engineers, nurses, doctors, etc. You can readily secure a high-paying job with ultimate perks if you belong to an in-demand occupation. In addition to the above, you can apply for PR through various programs such as CEC under Express Entry.

It might be astonishing to you that the highest number of students in Canada are from the Indo-Pacific region. Two-thirds of the total number of international students in Canada are from the Indo-Pacific region. International students play a vital role in the growth and development of Canada’s economy and social well-being.

Most students, after completing their education, apply for PR through an immigration program to get settled in Canada as permanent residents. Residing in Canada as a permanent resident undoubtedly serves the best perks, such as-

  • Free universal healthcare,
  • Access to social programs,
  • Free excellent education for children
  • Sponsoring family members
  • Exposure to new cultures, food, and people

 On the other hand, many students return to their homes and come back, accompanying their connections. Also, after securing Canadian PR, you can sponsor your connection to come and join you in Canada. Notably, you and your connection must be meeting the eligibility criteria of the program you choose to process with.

Indo-Pacific strategy funding will help Canada to bring more international students from this region. Additionally, it will pump up the regional diversity amongst the students planning to come to Canada for their studies.  

As per the statistics, the Indo-Pacific region is responsible for 65% of international students in Canada out of the total. This justifies that the indo-pacific region plays a significant role in Canada for international students. Canada-ASEAN scholarship and Educational Exchanges for Development Program will provide around $14.2 million in funding over the next five years. This funding will help stimulate meaningful exchanges and the sharing of skills in order to introduce more education and research in common areas of interest.

Providing international students perks like the opportunity to apply for PR and exposure to high-paying jobs will help Canada to retain students. Three countries named, India, China, and the Philippines, were the top countries contributing the highest no. of permanent residents in Canada in 2021. These countries are responsible for 44% of permanent residents in Canada.

Canada has been moving forwards with a serious workforce shortage after the pandemic. Students coming from overseas become skilled workers after completing their education. And Canada needs skilled workers aggressively to meet the workforce shortage and to promote economic growth. Therefore, Canada wants international students to come and join their workforce after completing their education. Qualified students will help to dissolve the current and upcoming economic challenges.

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