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How do you Immigrate to Canada as an Engineering Manager?

How do you Immigrate to Canada as an Engineering Manager?

Canada has been going through a significant labor shortage problem for a very long time, and this scarcity is expected to go longer in the upcoming years. To tackle this situation, Canada welcomes many professional foreign nationals to fill this employment gap. From healthcare to infrastructure, the ‘Maple Country’ offers a large number of job offers to skilled workers, and Dynamic Group will assist you to meet your immigration goals. We are an experienced global resettlement & immigration service provider with over four decades of excellence.

Thousands of engineering manager positions in Canada are giving foreign nationals a fresh chance to come to Canada and earn permanent residency through the occupation-targeted Express Entry system draw. If you want to stay updated on the latest Express Entry draws, subscribe to the Dynamic Group newsletter.

The federal job-searching and career-planning website Jobbank rated the job prospects for engineering managers in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan as high for the next three years. Engineering managers’ career prospects in British Columbia and Prince Edward Island were both rated as modest.

According to the Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS), demand for engineering managers, which include architectural and scientific managers, will remain robust until at least 2031 as ageing employees retire and demand for these services rises. If you have the required skills to become an engineering manager, Dynamic Group will assist you throughout the process, from application to submission.

According to COPS, “The labour shortage conditions seen in recent years are not expected to clear and are expected to persist throughout the projection period. Job openings are expected to emerge from both employment growth and retirements because workers in this occupational category are predicted to be somewhat older than the national average; the retirement rate is expected to be significantly higher.”

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Category Specific Draws Opens New Doors for Foreign Nationals

When Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced earlier this year that Canada’s Express Entry system would target 82 jobs in healthcare, technology, trades, transportation, and agriculture this summer, including engineering managers, foreign nationals seeking to immigrate to Canada gained a new route.

Previously, the Express Entry selection method solely performed draws based on immigration programs rather than targeting specific vocations. Candidates must have at least six months of continuous work experience in one of these occupations in Canada or abroad within the last three years, which can be gained while working in Canada as temporary foreign workers with work permits or as a student with study visa.

Former IRCC minister Sean Fraser stated, “The modifications to the Express Entry system (bring STEM, category-specific, and French-specific draw) will ensure they (companies and institutions) have the skilled workers they require to grow and succeed. We may also expand our economy and assist businesses with labor shortages while boosting the number of French-proficient applicants to ensure the viability of French-speaking communities.”

According to JobBank, the average hourly income for engineering managers in Canada is $57.69. However, this ranges from $39.50 to $86.54. Based on a regular 37.5-hour work week, engineering managers in Canada may expect to earn up to $168,753 per year.

How will Dynamic Group help you?

If you are looking to work in Canada as an Engineering Manager, then Dynamic Group has your back. From your application process to your post-arrival assistance, we cover everything. At Dynamic Group, we also provide multiple trainings like IELTS to improve your profile. Our experts brief you about the latest Canadian immigration trends so that you can choose your desired Pathway for Immigration.

Dynamic Group will be your ally for Canadian immigration. Contact us at +91-11-41170411 or mail us your query at canadasupport@dss-hr.com. For every Canadian Immigration and Express Entry draw update, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

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