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400,000 New Jobs Make their Way to Ontario and Saskatchewan

Canada has been going through its worst workforce shortage in history. The workforce shortage is accelerating rapidly across Canada, especially after the pandemic. Every sector, such as Healthcare, IT, Technology, Accounts, Engineering, etc., reports the scarcity of trained professionals.

The Canadian government is opting for several ways to grapple with the workforce shortage. For instance, Canada will invite 5,00,000 newcomers by the end of 2025. In the government’s sight, immigration seems as one of the best options to deal with the existing workforce shortage crisis. Therefore, Canada is increasing the number of immigrants every year.

As per the latest report, job vacancies across all sectors increased by 3% in Canada. There were already 994,800 positions vacant in the Canadian job market, and a sudden hike of 3% only in a month is scary. However, the highest adding of new jobs were in Ontario and Saskatchewan. These two provinces add 400,000 new jobs to the Canadian job market.

A sudden hike in job vacancies by 5% in the current workforce shortage is a serious matter of concern. The increased number depicts the necessity of the workforce throughout Canada. Seasonal factors become the primary reason for making September a month of large vacancies.

Sectors with the Highest Number of Job Vacancies in Ontario and Saskatchewan

Before we move forward, let’s understand first when a job position is considered vacant-

  • If a specific position is currently available.
  • If the work for the vacant position can be started within 30 days.
  • If the employer and the concerned authorities look for an employee outside the organization.

There are several sectors wherein job vacancies are fairly high. However, in this blog, we will be cruising through the sectors holding a high number of job openings in Ontario and Saskatchewan-

Health Care and Social Assistance

The demand for healthcare and social assistance professionals is very high throughout Canada. There were 159,500 vacant positions in September, higher than the number of vacancies in august. In the healthcare and social assistance sector.

The latest statistics show an increase of 25% in job vacancies in this significant sector. The demand at its peak for healthcare professionals after the pandemic, such as-

  • Nurses 
  • Physicians 
  • Surgeons 
  • Doctors 

The government wants the professionals in this sector to immigrate to Canada. Also, the government is luring professionals from across the world by offering endless perks and privileges. According to the government, inviting skilled professionals to Canada seems the only way to tackle the workforce shortage.

Accommodation and Food Services

A 12% surge in 152,400 vacant jobs was seen in the accommodation and food services sector in the month of September. The sudden surge in this sector is likely due to seasonal effects. A constant return to pre-pandemic business and social protocol has assisted this sector in feeling progress in hiring and employment. The demand in this sector has been high throughout the year, which is encouraging for the future.


The demand for skilled workers in the retail sector is also growing gradually. In September, 117,300 vacant positions were recorded. The job vacancy rate grew up by 5% in this sector. The surge in the job vacancy rate indicates that this sector holds the continued necessity of the workers. 

Professional Scientific and Technical Services

The professional scientific and technical service sector is one of the predominant and vast sectors. There are so many occupations that come under this sector, such as-

  • Legal services
  • Accounting
  • Architectural and engineering
  • Computer system design
  • Management consulting
  • Advertising
  • Public relation

This sector has been passing through a shortage of skilled workers after the pandemic. In September, this sector had 61,900 job vacancies. On a scale, this sector has a job vacancy rate of 5%. Continued demand for workers in this sector is an indicator of growth and success.


The manufacturing sector stands out as the only sector that saw a decline in job vacancies. In September, there were 76,000 job vacancies in the manufacturing sector. On the other hand, a month before, i.e., august, there were 92,100 vacant positions in this sector. It is evident that the vacant positions in this sector are getting filled.

Increase in Payroll Employment

The number of employees getting a salary or profits from their employer is referred to as payroll employment. The sudden surge in payroll employment can be due to several factors, including-

  • Recruiting for the old job opening
  • Boosting the workforce
  • Growth of the company

An increase in payroll employment is assumed as a signal of good health of the company, sector, and economy. A surge of 0.5% in payroll employment in September was observed in Canada. However, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta had the most significant addition.

Three sectors saw a significant payroll employment hike in September; Healthcare and Social Assistance, Food and Accommodation Services, and Retail. These sectors saw the following increase respectively in September-

  • 20,700 in Healthcare and Social Assistance
  • 8,400 in Food and Accommodation services
  • 8,200 in Retail Trade

An increase in these sectors is an accurate indicator of the growth and development of these spaces. It is eagerly cheering for the businesses and professionals of these three spaces. Also, it indicates that the economy is moving toward pre-pandemic economic conditions.  

Canada and its Plans to Deal with the Workforce Shortage

Canada has been using immigration as the primary choice to deal with the workforce shortage. The concerned authorities continue to take different actions to grapple with the workforce shortage. Also, the major cause behind the severe workforce shortage is the aging population taking retirement aggressively.

Inviting the newcomers to Canada is the only solution government has to deal with the workforce shortage. The IRCC has been increasing the number greatly for immigrants every year. In the latest immigration plan for 2023 to 2025, the IRCC unveiled to invite 5,00,000 newcomers to Canada. Increasing the number of immigrants greatly indicates Canada’s serious shortage of skilled workers.

Hence, it’s an excellent opportunity for people planning to immigrate to Canada in 2023. There are tons of jobs available in every sector in Canada as the economy is at its boom. Also, there are plenty of ways accessible to immigrate to Canada in 2023, such as the Express Entry System and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Although before you opt for any immigration gateways, you should check their eligibility. Each immigration plan holds different eligibility criteria. For example, if you plan to move to Canada as a skilled worker via the Express Entry System, you will have to secure 67 marks out of 100 to be permitted for the Express Entry System. You get the marks based on age, qualification, work experience, language proficiency, etc. Once qualified for the Express Entry System, you can choose any economic programs that align with your profile.

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