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The biggest issue HR experiencing with hiring currently

According to new data, HR leaders’ biggest hiring concern is the skills gap.
According to research by a private equity firm, the lack of technical skills and knowledge is the biggest hiring obstacle they now face. According to nearly a fifth (18.3%) of managers, this is the single biggest challenge, underscoring the rising concern over the skills gap in the UK. These differences appear to have become even wider due to the present labor shortages caused by several causes, including Brexit and COVID-19.

In addition, HR managers noted that salary expectations and a lack of industry experience were the following major hiring problems. Salary expectations will probably present a bigger challenge for HR leaders seeking to keep up with the competition over the next 12 months, given the current inflationary environment.

Despite these difficulties, businesses anticipate that recruitment will be crucial to the expansion of the world’s enterprises during the next five years. Over seventy percent (70%) of HR managers think hiring new employees will be vital to their leadership team’s success in the coming year.

51.5% of HR managers stated that they planned to hire graduates in the upcoming year. In comparison, another 51.0% indicated that they planned to hire apprentices, emphasizing the significance of being able to draw in the best talent possible.

The most successful changes to recruitment practices for HR leaders

HR managers claim that changing their hiring procedures- possibly shortening the time between applications and final interviews or giving candidates more access to current team members—has resulted in the biggest success. Managers are using a variety of techniques and tools in their hiring and onboarding procedures to help them overcome these obstacles.

In addition, managers cite the following strategies as having the greatest success in resolving hiring issues:
HR executives take the following steps to address hiring challenges:
● Raising pay scales
● Purchasing advanced technology
● Employing remote or other flexible working methods
● Working with agencies
● Upgrading their employee benefit programs
● Seeking out talent outside of their regular talent pool

Social media and technology

Recruitment managers indicated they now utilize social media platforms to support their hiring and onboarding efforts, with the use of social media being even more common in smaller businesses.

The range of technology employed by HR leaders does indeed indicate increased investment in technologies. Managers use applicant tracking software, candidate screening or psychometric platforms, and onboarding platforms.


“With all the solutions mentioned above, we believe that hiring recruitment partners across the globe help immensely in getting the best talent available for the job. The cost involved in the hiring process can be reduced upto 40 percent if you outsource a good recruitment agency,” says Mr. Varun Khosla, MD, Dynamic Group.

Founded in 1977, DSS is a part of the 1800 people strong Dynamic Group of companies, a diversified conglomerate with business interests in Oil & Gas, EPC, Manufacturing & Information Technology. Over the last three decades, DSS has earned a strong reputation and built domain expertise in the Human Resources industry. The company has also established a widespread office/testing center network which enhances its ability to source candidates from various parts of the Indian – Subcontinent.

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Headquartered in Dubai, with offices in 13 countries spread across UK, Europe, Middle East and South Asia, Dynamic Staffing Services is an industry leader within its niche space of international recruitment. Over the last 45 years, DSS has successfully places over 450 000 candidates in the engineering, healthcare, hospitality, IT and manufacturing sector. Please visit us as www.dss-hr.com to learn more about us. We pride ourselves in being an ethical recruitment services provider following the most stringiest regulations towards code of conduct. We recruit talent from Eastern Europe, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Africa, Egypt, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia among other nationalities and place them into 24+ countries. Each year we give jobs to about 12 000 candidates.

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